Best Marketing Channels to Outperform Your Recruitment Campaign

Channels to Outperform Your Recruitment Campaign

The previous year was tough for every Industry so as for recruitment. Lots’ things changed and still, people are working out how to get things on track. If you are a recruiter or human resource manager wondering how to outperform recruitment campaigns, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we have tried to review the challenges faced by recruitment campaigns. Moreover, you will also get an idea about which channels you should focus more on in the upcoming year for your recruitment campaign and especially how Cloud-based Solutions can be your trustworthy aid.

4 Key Challenges faced by Recruitment Industry in the previous year

Here are four challenges that the recruitment industry faced on a global scale.

Meeting High Demand in Certain Sectors

While the previous year rattled the corporate sector, it also opened up a new door of opportunities for specific industries. Some businesses are in dire need of additional manpower to support their growing labor needs.

For example, jobs for the cleaners shot through the roof. Did you know the pandemic caused a 75 percent spike in demand to hire in the cleaning sector? Other sectors where recruitment campaigns struggled to meet the requirements were:

  • Delivery services
  • Grocery stores
  • Shipping companies
  • Communication companies
  • Childcare providers etc.

Struggling to Get Applicants

Recruiters found it challenging to get applications in 2020 due to economic uncertainty and lockdowns. Companies that decided to work relatively normally and did not impose any hiring freeze struggled to fill the new position.

The crisis’s unstable economic conditions and uncertainty were the main culprit because people were reluctant to make any career moves. Like businesses, candidates proceeded with precaution and lay low to wait and watch how things would pan out.
Lack of Digitization of Recruitment Processes

Those companies who struggled in 2020 for recruitment were following the old school recruitment processes. This was only because it all worked fine till the pandemic outburst. However, as carrying out conventional recruitment campaigns and protocols was next to impossible, companies struggled to find new channels to exceed their recruitment campaigns.

Hiring Costs

The recruitment departments faced budget cuts as businesses closed their doors or trimmed down their operations and productions. Some even had to rely on in-house recruitment to make the most of the talent they already have.

Way Forward for the Recruitment Industry

The previous year has changed the way we live or work, and it will most likely define how we do things in the changing world with who alarmed everyone to get out of traditional and comfortable working methods.

Yes, the world has become cautious and contactless; neither you prefer to go out there for headhunting nor a candidate prefers to walk in through your doors. However, if you can find ways to circumvent this digitally, it will allow you to connect with potential candidates.

Channels to Target to Gear up Recruitment Campaigns

You can prefer multiple channels for your Recruitment campaign; some HR professionals successfully use them and get their desired results.

Let’s take a look at the options:

Social Media:

Many Recruiters are publishing their Recruitment ads on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., Some of them are using one-to-one communication with Whatsapp too. LinkedIn has become a good and trusted source of sourcing candidates over the last few years.

Direct Emails:

If you have the data of the preferred candidates whom you want to reach out or the data you have either purchased or sourced out from Social Media you can run an Email Campaign on them, but the response rate can be a roadblock with this option

Job Portals:

Getting registered with Job Portals as a Recruiter is a good option, but the headache is screening out the candidates and getting their contact information. Here you have to communicate with candidates through Job portal communication channels only. That creates a dependency.

SMS/MMS campaigns:

Reaching out to candidates through an SMS/MMS campaign can be a good option where you can get Opt-in leads to supercharge your campaign and then use those Opt-in leads on other channels like Auto dialer to talk to them directly.

Call Candidates with Auto Dialers:

Calling the candidates will be the best option ever worked and still working. From other channels, you can source candidates and reach them with your message, but you will not be able to judge them unless you interact with them. Calling them will give you that advantage. But here we are not talking about reaching 1 or 2 candidates, it will be a large number daily. Here a Cloud-based Dialer can be your savior and helps you get the desired results.

Cloud Predictive Dialer software is the best solution to outperform your recruitment campaigns if you are looking for ways to digitize your recruitment process. But let us check out what it is first.

It is a software solution that allows your business to manage all incoming and outgoing calls between available agents. This lets you optimize your recruitment agent’s inputs and weed out unwanted calls.

Some of the features of a cloud-based auto dialer are as follows.

  • You can connect with prospective applicants and talent through outbound and inbound call facilities. You can blend your own recruitment campaign based on your needs.
  • The smart-pitch cloud-based auto dialer works as an excellent method of direct marketing. It allows you to reach out to the right talent using pre-recorded messages with local accents. This is far better than cold calling.
  • The time-zone-based dialing feature of the cloud-based auto dialer allows you to target the audience based on their specific time zones in order to communicate without any mix-ups.
  • You can use the web-based dialer in a personalized way to get in touch with local candidates. It will allow you to use local area codes caller IDs to drive outstanding communication and connectivity.
  • Why not record calls for future recruitment campaigns to train new staff. You can use these recordings for quality optimization.
    Talking about cold calling v/s cold email, the latter is better. You can send emails via a cloud-based predictive dialer. You can now send a pre-set email to the applicants after your interaction with them.
  • Suppose you rang a potential candidate, but they did not answer the call; what do you do? Now you can use the web-based predictive dialer to leave pre-set voice messages on their answering machine.

Why Calling is the Best Way to Attract the Best Talent

Calling is the winning communication channel to outperform your recruitment campaign. When you are phone screening, it is important to create an excellent first impression of your company in front of the candidate. This is critical to make them perceive you as an exciting company to work with.

Therefore, you must treat your candidates like your customers and try to impress them with what you have to offer. For that, you must do the following.

  • Be Considerate of their time – whether you are calling or meeting them in person, always ensure you ring them on time. If you will be calling them late, let the candidate know in advance.
  • Be Hospitable – Be respectful to the candidate over the phone and make them feel excited to talk to them about joining your organization. It would help if you had them as much as they need your job offer.
  • Follow up – Always be available for the candidate. Once you have made initial contact, it is always best to follow up. You can also provide your contact information so they can reach you for any concerns and questions during the entire recruitment process.

Final Thoughts

If you are a business owner or a recruiter looking for the best channel to digitize your recruitment campaign, choosing the right communication channel to reach a candidate is a game-changing decision. To know more about how you can maximize your Recruitment campaign performance, Contact our team of experts at now or call us on 844-ON CLOUD.