Use Cases: Automotive Industry

use voice broadcast for your automotive industry

Voice your message clearly through to your audience with Voice Broadcast

This service has the loudest presence among other services for this industry.

  1. The press-1 campaign is the core of notifying your customers in the automotive industry.

    You can identify your hot leads when they respond to the message by pressing #1 after the recorded message. The actions following the press-1 campaign vary from registering them to the deal, to allowing you to notify them about upcoming deals that you may have to offer.

    This form of a campaign can also connect the leads to your agents for further inquiries or registration. Try our press-1 campaign module from the pricing section on our website.

  2. Simple voice broadcast service can also be used for a campaign including a list of existing customers for notification purposes.

Rich text message service for automotive industry

Try the homegrown Rich Text Message service, a must for Automotives

You can showcase the models and services through our rich text message (RTM) service.

  1. The game changer, RTM will let you display your automotive models in the form of videos and images to give a better essence to your message. There is a high potential for upselling with RTM’s numerous features.

  2. QR codes can broaden the scope of a campaign by allowing your audience to carry out several actions like registering for a particular deal.

  3. SMS retargeting, yet another feature can assist your business to stay in touch with your clients

Use predictive dialer service for automotive industry

Stay connected with your customers with the cloud-based predictive dialer.

Every business requires a software like the predictive dialer, and let your customers know that you are there for them.

  1. The biggest achievement of your business is when you are able to tend to all your customers. With the predictive dialer, you will not only make that happen, you will be able to cut down on a huge chunk of your expenditure at the same time. With our inbound/outbound campaign option, you will empower your customers to reach out to you whenever they require your assistance.

  2. The dialer is again used to run a campaign to understand your customer’s response towards your models. You may also go on to tell them about an upcoming deal or a message about your company through this service, all at a very affordable rate.