Cloud-Based Auto Dialer

The Ultimate Call Center Solution for Productive & Efficient Sales and Support Teams. Easy, Fast Setup.

Note : Cloud-Based Auto Dialer are regulated, it's user liability. Stay compliant & submit evidence. Your cooperation is appreciated!

Choose the Best Dialing Mode for Your Campaign

Different campaigns require different dialing modes, depending on your campaign’s goals, your internal resources, and other factors. With LeadsRain, you can take advantage of flexible dialing capabilities that fit your needs. Whether you need your agents to see client information before dialing, or maximize outbound call volume, there’s a solution for you.

  • Quadruple agent productivity

    With the automated predictive dialer, one agent can work as efficiently as multiple agents. Increase live call connections by automatically predicting agent availability.

  • Maximize control

    If you have a high-value or hot lead you need to reach out now, use the manual dialing option at any time to take complete control of your calls.

  • Tailor your outreach

    Convert the auto-dialer to preview mode so your agents can see leads’ information before dialing for an informed and personalized customer experience.

Choose the Best Dialing Mode for Your Campaign

Execute Blended Calling Campaigns

Keep your technology stack light and lean with the cloud-based dialer’s blended campaign capabilities. With blended campaigns, your agents can accommodate both inbound and outbound calls to maximize their output and efficiency, while decreasing lost prospects. Manage and prioritize all calls from a single service with LeadsRain.

Execute Blended Calling Campaigns
  • Choose the best dialing mode for your outbound campaign

    Automate outbound calls with multiple dialing modes, including predictive, manual, and preview modes.

  • Manage inbound and outbound calls at the same time

    LeadsRain routes inbound calls to available agents, so you never miss a prospect or lead inquiry. Blended campaigns make your operations smooth and efficient.

  • Set up your own virtual call center

    LeadsRain’s cloud-based system lets you build your own call center from anywhere, at any time. Our cloud-based infrastructure is built for maximum scalability, reliability, and security.

Establish a Local Presence from Anywhere in the World

Reduce costs by building a local presence from anywhere in the world with your own virtual call center. Your team can make local calls, even from the other side of the world. Outbound calls with local area codes and caller IDs help you increase response rates and personalize your outreach.

  • Build a local presence

    Purchase local caller IDs so your prospects are greeted with a familiar area code — even if you’re connecting from another part of the country (or the world!).

  • Reach out at the right time

    With timezone-based dialing, you’ll reach your prospects at the right time, based on where they live. No after-hours surprises means a better experience for your customers and leads.

  • Work from anywhere

    Your agents can live and work from any location when you use LeadsRain’s cloud-based auto dialer in your virtual call center. Serve clients around the globe while reducing expenses and increasing flexibility.

Establish a Local Presence from Anywhere in the World

Friction-Free Setup Connects You in No Time!

LeadsRain’s cloud-based auto dialer software requires no hardware and is ready to use in minutes. Its flexible integrations bring your tools together for seamless performance, helping you scale operations quickly and easily. Our software works with all leading browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Friction-Free Setup Connects You in No Time!
  • Immediate onboarding

    LeadsRain’s easy, hardware-free setup will have you ready to make calls in no time. Seamless setup means less downtime and lost profits for your business.

  • CRM integration

    Our API-based integration works with your preferred CRM. This makes it easy for your agents to see all prospect details in one place, while reducing the need for manual data entry between the dialer and CRM.

  • Monitor performance

    Realtime tracking lets you see exactly what’s working and what’s not, so you can make adjustments as needed.

QUESTIONS ABOUT Cloud based Auto Dialer Software

Yes, LeadsRain’s Cloud based dialer helps you run both Outbound and Inbound campaigns.
Yes, you can do internal transfer to closer to handle hot leads by some highly skilled agents for better closing ratio.
There is no limit on user creation. You can create as many users as you need.
You can send us the voicemail recording to our support team with all needed information and we can set that up for you. For further details contact our team on
It’s very easy to set up. You just need to set up users, campaigns and upload leads and make your users login as agents on their dashboard and they can make calls.
No, It works on Pay per call pricing. There is no Fixed monthly cost associated. For more details visit the pricing section.
Definitely, you can create teams and they will see only those campaigns that are assigned to that team.
No, You should use this dialer on either Desktop or Laptop only. If you use it on Mobile some of features may not work hence we don’t suggest.

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