Web-Based Dialer

The Modern Solution for New Age Contact Centres. Communicate with Prospects and Customers any time, anywhere.

Cloud Predictive Dialer

Say Goodbye to Softphones

LeadsRain’s Auto Dialer is completely web-based, with no softphone required. Setup is fast and easy, and you can start calling in no time! With the predictive dialer, you’ll optimize your agents’ output while minimizing lost leads.

  • Flexible solution

    With the web-based auto dialer, you can create a completely virtual call center. Reach your leads from anywhere in the world, without the overhead.

  • Fast and easy setup

    The auto dialer is ready to make calls in minutes. Minimize downtime and keep your phone lines busy.

  • Real-time communications

    With WebRTC technology, you aren’t bound to any Softphone software. Communicate online, in real-time instantly.

Say Goodbye to Softphones

Scalable Solution for Growing Teams

No matter how many agents you have, the Web-based Auto Dialer scales with you. With unlimited users, you can grow your operations. With LeadsRain, you don’t have to pay per seat — simply pay per minute for what you need. Whether you need 10,000 minutes or over 100,000 minutes, we have plans to meet your needs.

Scalable Solution for Growing Teams
  • Affordable for Teams of all sizes

    Don’t let the fear of increased technology fees stifle your growth. With LeadsRain as your Auto Dialer, you can add as many users as you need without any incremental cost per agent.

  • Control your Workspace

    Designate specific users as administrators with additional permission levels.

  • Fair Pricing

    Only pay for what you use with simple and transparent pay-per-minute pricing. Flexible options make it easy to choose the right plan for your call center.

Seal the Deal with Transfer to Closer Capabilities

Got a hot inbound lead on the line? Make sure the right person on your team can handle the call. With the LeadsRain Auto Dialer, you have the ability to easily transfer the call to your dedicated closers to win the sale and increase conversion rates.

  • Put the Right Team members in place

    For maximum efficiency and performance, identify and set the most effective closers on your sales team.

  • Direct inbound leads to designated closers

    Once you’ve identified the top closers on your team, you can choose to route hot inbound leads to your selected closers to increase your chances of sealing the deal.

  • Internally transfer calls to sales experts

    If an agent has a lead on the line that needs special attention, the Auto Dialer makes it easy to instantly transfer the call internally to your designated closers.

Seal the Deal with Transfer to Closer Capabilities

Manage Inbound and Outbound Calls

The Web-based Auto Dialer empowers your team to make outbound calls and accept inbound calls from a single dashboard. Inbound calls are routed to the first available agent on your team, improving your customer experience while keeping your agents satisfied, effective, and productive.

Manage Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Manage blended campaigns

    LeadsRain provides a complete communications solution with blended campaign capabilities that delights both customers and agents alike.

  • Call from anywhere

    Cloud-based software enables calling from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Local area codes build a local presence for your business and improve answer rates.

  • Connect at the right time

    Schedule weekends and holidays into your custom campaigns so you can avoid reaching out at disruptive times.


How is a Web based Dialer different from a regular Auto dialer?

In an auto dialer, you'll need a third-party application to communicate with the customers , while in a web-based auto dialer, all you need is sound and microphone enabled in your browser.
All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and good headphones, as well as a computer or laptop with Google Chrome enabled.
Pricing works on Pay per minute bases. Base plan starts with 2cents/minute that goes as low as 1.25cents/minute with 6 second incremental billing.
To create local presence you can Purchase Local caller IDs with us with an extra cost of $10 per number per month.
It completely depends on the country you are dialing. You can check the countrywise pricing for Mobile and Landline number in the pricing section
Definitely, you can Listen live agents , Barge and Whisper their calls with Web based Auto Dialer
For the time being, it only works in Chrome, but it will eventually be usable in all browsers. (It will eventually appear in all browsers)
Web based dialer reduces the dependency on third party softphone software and helps to set up the dialer really quick for agents.

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