Skyrocket your sales with our Ringless Voicemail API

Now available for free through Zapier

We have been providing Ringless Voicemail service for over 2 years now. During this period, we helped clients from various industries in fulfilling their sales endeavors and achieving a callback ratio between 8 to 12% using our RVM services.

Direct-to-Voicemail is a non-intrusive technology that allows telemarketers to drop message directly to customer's voicemail box without ringing their phones. Just a notification will be displayed reading "you have a new voicemail" and customers have a real choice here as they can listen to the voice when it is convenient for them.

We are offering a golden chance to businesses by providing access to our Ringless Voicemail API with "no strings attached." Fix the leakage in your leads pipeline with the API of our revolutionary and game changing service. So many businesses have done and now you can too.

You can access our Ringless Voicemail API through Zapier. Here is how:
  • Create or login to your existing Zapier account
  • Go ahead and create a 'Zap'
  • Choose "TRIGGER" app you want to integrate with our Ringless Voicemail API
  • Choose Leadsrain as your "ACTION" app
  • Now connect your account using the API key that we will provide you

You are all set to use our Ringless Voicemail API according to your requirements.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Ringless Voicemail or how to use our RVM API.
Call us on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop us an email at We have an excellent support team that is available round the clock to address your issues.