Ringless Voicemail API

The Apex Direct Marketing Technique

The Apex Direct Marketing Technique

LeadsRain’s ringless voicemail service is a sound-less, non-intrusive technology that has proven to be a game changer in the direct marketing industry. Over the years, the voicemail drops have become the top notch marketing technology for businesses across a variety of landscapes.

This straight-to-voicemail technology sends a voicemail message without ringing the phone of the recipient. This gives them a choice over when to listen to the message. Take a good look at how the service works on our Ringless voicemail service page

Ringless Voicemail API Integration with Zapier

Smooth Integration With Zapier

You can now connect with us using our open Ringless Voicemail API so your campaign can reap the benefits of our service thoroughly. LeadsRain’s ringless voicemail API can help you use the service from various CRM platforms, giving a real push to your campaigns.

LeadsRain offers Zapier integration that in turn offers a number of features to make your campaigning experience smooth and hassle-free. Integrate your ringless voicemail account with Zapier using our open API. You can get the ringless voicemail API from our LeadsRain API page

Integrating LeadsRain to your Zapier account is easy now.

Follow the steps to connect the two platforms:

Go to connected accounts tab in the Zapier dashbaord. select the leadsrain app in the dropdown and connect using the API key available in your Leadsrain account.

Select the trigger app based on your requirements, and allot the action for the same.

Select the “Upload Lead” option. Now all your leads will automatically be uploaded to your LeadsRain’s account. After this, you’ll get an option to select the campaign and the lead list, that you want the leads to be uploaded to.

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