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There are fishermen, and then there is the Predictive Dialer. How are the two sailing on the same boat? Here’s how.


Fisherman Dialer


There are 4 kinds of fishes when you’re fishing.

Ones who are alive

Ones who don’t want to get caught

Ones who are not available

And the ones where their voicemails are detected

If the predictive dialer was a fishing rod, and all you have to do is sit with a plate, the dialer will bring to you only the fishes that are alive.

Ok, that was horribly explained.
Basically, the predictive dialer connects agents to humans only.


Full disclosure, Predictive Dialer (PD) is not a fishing rod, it is a software that makes your job easier than imagined. So if you’re a fisherman, and you’ve come here to find some answers, this is the right time for you to change the tab.

This dialer is witty and it can be found also on a cloud. Literally, it’s floating. The greatest benefit of a cloud-based predictive dialer is that you can scale out your executives at no additional cost. So keep your workforce mobile on a cloud server; allowing you to float along with it across the globe. 

What a PD does is it connects those highly extroverts making millions of calls per day, with the right kind of fishes. Isn’t that helpful? Maybe not to the fishermen readers who changed the tab a few minutes ago.

How big is your plate?

There are 4 kinds of plates.

Kidding, I’m not going to put you through that again.

By plate, I mean the strength of your executives. Obviously that makes sense now, bigger the plate, more the fishes, more the executives, more the targetted leads. So I ask again, how big is your plate? Well, whatever your answer is, it doesn’t matter.

Imagine again that you have a plate big enough only for 3 fishes, and your elder brother, who has always belittled, comes along with a bigger plate with 30 fishes. Do not worry, you have the predictive dialer. It can let you fit hundreds of fishes with the size of plate you have.

So what do you do if you DONT have a predictive dialer? Well, go get one, and remember to get the BEST ONE

Know more about this software at Getting a bigger plate is not the only solution. Think about fitting more on what you have.




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Hope you don’t have to go through this disaster. LeadsRain has made sure that Predictive Dialer services are easier available to you than sex. Now it is easier to stay virgin than to not use predictive dialer, and it is in your best intentions. While this is just an adaptation of a trending meme, this is also true. It is certainly more effective to go door-to-door personally to get people to listen to your offers than to run a call-center without the predictive dialer software.


Over the years, the technology has installed various facilities to ignore the corporate callers, and ironically, installed software that somehow makes these calls possible too. This is the extent of corporate diplomacy. So what does this age leave us with? It leaves us with a call center that can not function without some additions. It is just like Apple products that, in order to provide some additional functions, require added modifications in the hardware, such as Apple Pencil or the Apple Watch. Similarly, Cloud Predictive Dialer is a necessity for businesses to reach as many leads effectively, as possible with the current technology.


How Necessary Is The Cloud Predictive Dialer?


Certainly, people respect privacy, and when the caller is in the DNC list, it is your responsibility to maintain some distance. A well organized CRM, with a software that reads your lists well, and acts accordingly, will help you through your toughest challenges. So how necessary is the Predictive Dialer in the times when people would ignore corporate calls readily, one needs assistance from automation technology. Predictive Dialer is just the solution. There is a growing need for Predictive Dialer services across the United States, with retargeting becoming difficult with time. Moreover, questions have been raised about the call center efficiency, and the capability for them to grow the business as they once were.


Today calls end up in the spam and block list quicker than ever. In this atmosphere, a majority of phone calls made are either rejected or end up in voicemail. In these incidents, the call center agents seem to be wasting more time waiting for the calls to ring, or even dialing the hundreds of numbers on the list allotted to them. Assuming that the agent takes 30 seconds to dial a number, you are missing out on 4 hours of productivity from your agents in an 8 hours’ shift. Those are big numbers, and when you can solve them with just one modification to your call centers, it is a step worth taking.


The technological age has left us no choice but to find a way around the limitations of mankind. With Predictive Dialer, you can reduce the idle time of the agents waiting for leads to pick up the calls. Not just this, Predictive Dialer is an advanced technology, a set ahead of other call center dialers in managing calls between the agents. This is a smart technology that has the capacity to distinguish human voice from the answering machine and will identify which contact number should be connected to the agents, thus, reducing the idle time, and simultaneously, increasing their work efficiency. Certainly, with these characteristics, Predictive Dialer has achieved the status of most productive call center dialers, making them a necessity for businesses that need to make calls regularly.


What Makes Cloud Predictive Dialer So Different?


The Cloud Predictive Dialer gives a fluid impression to your call centers, owing to its cloud attributes. In other words, the agent simply requires to log into the server of the Predictive Dialer, and he will be off with his communications. This can be done from anywhere in the world! Isn’t THAT cool? Now give a new identity to your call center with our Cloud Predictive Dialer with easy installation.


The Predictive Dialer is also different through its algorithm of transferring calls, figuring out the difference between humans and machine, and most importantly, assigning a call ratio for each agent. This call ratio understands the speed of each conversation, and with that being studied, will decide how many calls to make per agent. This is what makes the software impressive.



Predictive Dialer, in the world of call centers, has hence achieved the mark of the best software among all. Predictive Dialer is the fastest of the dialers in the market with its smart algorithms. As compared to Preview Dialer, which gives times to the agent to study the lead before deciding whether to call and in turn, wasting a huge chunk of their time, Predictive Dialer keeps 5 calls prepared for the agent to receive while he is active. This puts Predictive Dialer at a higher advantage when talking about call ration. A similar advantage is held against Progressive Dialer, where again, the call ratio is 1:1.


Predictive Dialer looks to achieve agent efficiency through leads targeted. The process more complicated than mere calls made, but rather, the process that looks to allocate the leads effectively among the agents available. Moreover, the system negates from the list, the contacts that are not answering, busy or end up in voicemail, so the agents only have to deal with real humans for their interaction.


With call-center facility, comes the need to enhance the caller list and method of calling. Predictive Dialer will solve all your issues with one simple installation that is a call away. Come to LeadsRain for call center modifications to make your communication better. Find solace in our services here. You may also find solutions in some of our other services that look to find call center solutions, in Ringless Voicemail and Voice Broadcasting. Do reach us at for further questions.

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When brands look to adopt direct marketing technique, they look for the platform, not the quality of service. Representatives have remained adamant about the kind of direct marketing platform they would like to use, rather than study which one would bring them a better ROI. This is one of the growing problems in the marketing sector for industries. Sometimes, the experienced personnel can drive your campaign to better returns. Questions that we ask on a regular basis to our clients is about the philosophy that drove them to make these decisions about the direct marketing platform, and if they were open to considering some changes in this approach.


Direct marketing is not about one platform and it is not about either of the platforms bringing the same results. This is a common misconception. There is a pattern that each direct marketing technique follows in targeting the leads. To identify which technique best matches your requirements, you need to understand what kind of a market you are wishing to capture.


When it comes to Voice Broadcasting, the direct marketing field sees a set of uses for this facility. However, businesses fail to understand the kind of impact it has on the customers, and hence, fail to reap the right benefits of it. Voice broadcast platform has uses in certain specific scenarios where they can bring the best returns. Here are the five things to consider for an effective voice broadcasting messages.



To construct a message, the first consideration is towards the nature of the listener. The attributes of the audience play the most dominant role in crafting the message for voice broadcasting. Businesses find their customers at the apex of business priorities, giving these customers the power to guide the business to success, or sink them to the lowest of lows. Hence, the audience that the message is being delivered to, are at the center of the discussion when it comes to designing a marketing message.



In this aspect, the considerations undertake questions such as the kind of audience that the businesses are looking at. Their age, the language they use to communicate, the cultural essence of that community that could be leveraged in return for their interest in the message. The question also looks at the importance, the product that is being talked about, holds in the audience’s life.


Message Length

After identifying the audience, it is now time to consider what lengths you are ready to go, to spread your word. By lengths here, we mean the length of your message. Nobody enjoys listening to a corporate message that is trying to sell them a product. The scenario is quite different when it comes to disaster awareness campaign run through voice broadcasting message. In that case, the length of the message does not really matter. Moreover, that is not a corporate message. However, when the audience recognizes that this is a corporate message, they grow skeptical about it almost 80% of the time, making your task that much more difficult.



In our professional opinion, a voice broadcasting message must be limited to 30-40 seconds that includes the necessary information you have to deliver. A smaller message could be better, provided that it does not compromise on selling point. The crispness of your message will drive your audience towards you, simultaneously driving authenticity in your business. Remember, you are not running this campaign to harass them, but inform them of the product you are selling, and how it is useful to them.


Humour and Facts

It is seen that an icebreaker session is not the only key to building relations. Most of the time, humor seems to reap better results. A voice broadcasting message may ask for entertainment before you fire your suggestions about which product to buy. Not only are we trying to build a connection, through a voice recording with an unknown person, but through this medium, we are also trying to sell them something.It requires you to be honest to a flaw. Trying to be too impressive with your message can again harm your “company.” In all honesty, some amount of humor, guided in the right direction, can make your task much easier. Businesses must picture what their audience is going to feel and express, listening to their message. Needless to say, the originality of your business is what you should portray, since on doing otherwise, it will put a huge burden on your shoulders (and stomach) simply to convert one lead.


Let us recall the point of voice broadcasting. It is to inform the leads about your product and the essence of it in their lifestyle. What better than some factual information to drive their pockets empty? It has been observed that when the product is justified into their life, the customers will think less before buying it. When the details are drawn out for them to analyze, the customers feel secure about the product. Be it any situation, facts are the real reason why sales go up. Hence, it is advised that there be included a series of rare factual information in your message for your customers to feel secure about the product, which will drive your sales positively.


Lure Them In

As already talked about the importance of factual information, the art of luring your customers in, to purchase your product is no different. However, it is a bit different from the CTA (the next section covers that). In order to lure your customers in, yes, you need to make them feel secure, but you need to give them an incentive. Nothing in the world today can be achieved without an incentive. These incentives can involve offers, something that can make your audience feel like they are in an exclusive relationship with you.



It is not difficult to lure your customers in, when you cut down the cost for them, or find reasons that make your product special. Of course, every product has its drawbacks, but then, the customers should feel that the pros outweigh the cons. So the question is, how will you incentivize your message for your audience?


Call to Action

Every message must have an introduction and a call to action (CTA). The introduction is not for them to feel familiar but if they are not, they can look you up, and find out more about you. Certainly, this plays a role in the authenticity, but surprisingly, this also makes your CTA stronger. When the customer is being introduced to you, he will not only be questioning your brand first, but the capitalist instinct would urge him to try your product out. This works with a number of potential customers. All you gotta do is introduce yourself.



CTA is one of the tricky parts of the message being delivered because that is when the corporates reveal themselves. This is where all the ice-breakers, humor and incentives are revealed as a marketing scheme, which could damage your campaign if not done right. But you have to ask your customers to take some action in your favor. Talking about the CTA and how to make it stronger, one could leave behind as much information about reaching them, as possible. One could maintain the tone they have, throughout the message. The answer is in consistency, and confidence, nothing more. There is no technological superlative that guides your customers towards you, than you yourself. So get started, craft your message and make it rain!


As mentioned in the introduction of this post about the confusion corporates have about adopting a particular direct marketing platform. Here at LeadsRain, we have structured our services and support in a fashion that is able to understand your needs and is able to deliver the results that are asked for. We have designed several tips for a successful voice broadcast campaign and the industries that can use voice broadcasting. Find out more in detail on our website here so we can help you with any queries that you may have. You may also reach us at


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You must have heard of Google’s active role in developing a standard for messaging services. So much that their recent messaging app Allo has been put on hold to direct their staff in achieving a much bigger goal. So what is Google aiming for by developing these standards?



It is an established fact that Google has been trying to compete with iMessages. In the recent past, the fruitless attempts in Allo and Duo has led Google to take this monumental stand, the “one last attempt”, to take over the market against its competitors. With Rich Communication Service (RCS) being talked about since over a decade, it had remained a mystery right until now, regarding what the services were going to offer. With the launch of this Universal Profile by GSMA we can now know what to expect from RCS technology.


GSMA – The body of servitude


Talking about the body of servitude, GSMA, truly the advocate of “future networks” stands at the highest rank on this stage. This section will not address questions about GSMA but consider the body as a provision for the advancements being made in the communication segment. GSMA’s philosophy of bringing the future as soon as possible, and making it available worldwide has consistently brought futuristic engagements with the cell phone technology.


Following their efforts to synchronize the technological advancements, GSMA has brought to us, Rich Communication Services. Taking the next step towards the future, GSMA has launched the Universal Profile that the partners need to abide by to be able to deliver the RCS standards. So what is the Universal Profile, and what idea does it give about the RCS standards? Take a look.


What is Universal Profile – An explanation to the layman


When GSMA came to launch RCS technology to the world, it had to make sure that this is supported by the devices that are going to project the messages.With this technology breaking the roof of imagination, GSMA designed a set of specifications that the devices need to have enabled, in order to make them RCS-friendly. Universal Profile, is what they ended up calling it.


Defining the specifications in the words of GSMA:

What does the service entail?


The question now is, what does RCS provide to have this high functioning platform supporting it. We see that the Universal Profile has pretty overwhelming demands from its operators and it is a question about how they would go forth with providing the service. What GSMA has come to call the provision of Advanced messaging and calling, will be achieved through the UP.



The Advanced messaging features allow one to transfer images, videos, locations and much more in their messages. This futuristic technology has made communication much better and perhaps, given it the potential to be opted above other messaging platforms. Along with this, RCS has opened majority of avenues for marketing practices; certainly a gift to the corporate world. RCS will now make targeting and retargeting, easier for businesses. A2P messaging is the thing to look forward to, by businesses, since it has been made structured enough to be able to convert a lead. What more could one require from a messaging platform?


Technological backing to make it a success


GSMA has called upon the industry giants to push forward this technology. The stronger the backed, the smoother the acceptance of RCS. Universal Profile has been adopted by a number of telecom provides, clubbed with OEMs and 2 massive game-changers, Google and Microsoft. With these names in the picture, communication is sure to be of quality.



RCS’s technological backing will allow it to be accepted swiftly, and moreover, in my opinion, it’s presence will be a lasting one. One can be certain that RCS has many uses for the growing text message users worldwide. But the broadening of its availability daily is what is going to make RCS the position it deserves. RCS is sure to be an instant hit among the users, with the quality of service that we are talking about.


Rich Communication is truly from the next world. But the real challenge is in its execution. Who better than GSMA to work on this project? The path ahead gives way to success, showing that we have, in its all true sense, reached the future, and the other to failure, showing limitations to our most powerful identities of the industrial era, which could conclude that any alien can come and conquer us tomorrow and we can not do anything about it. So hoping for the best, RCS does have the potential to take over the world of textual communication. With some enhancements over the next few years it can even surpass the facilities of iMessage and the Earthlings will be off and running in the new age of futurism. Fingers crossed, may GSMA prosper in their endeavours and bring home the glory of the future networks.


LeadsRain takes pride is sharing that we provide Rich Text Messaging services along with many other direct marketing facility. Now stand out among your competition, with the new marketing standards of the future. For further details, connect with us on


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Technology is welcomed with open arms today. Bring innovations to it, and it will kickoff instantly. Ringless Voicemail is certainly a mind-boggling technological advancement in the direct marketing segment. With its versatile utility, RVM not only becomes favourable in a variety of industrial segments, the features of our RVM makes its use possible on the personal level as well. So what really makes RVM such a widely acclaimed model of direct marketing?


Adaptive To Any Business Environment



One could argue about this but the fact is that Ringless Voicemail, owing to its “notification-over-ringing” philosophy can be put to several uses. Making the audio messaging, less of a pain, this ringless feature is what helps the model serve the society better. Society is the right word here because this service finds its place among both professional and personal uses.


Imagine, just one platform to encapsulate all the requirements, necessary for the message you are looking to transmit. RVM personates that platform for those looking for one. Be it for captivating leads with your products or running a promotional campaign during a holiday season, ringless voicemail connects to the listeners immediately. This provision effectively makes the service a go-to assistance platform.


Unique Supportive Features



The users will admit that it is no ordinary transformation of a standard communication platform. Ringless voicemail involves scrubbing and advanced reporting that aids the user in defining the response towards the campaign being run. Here, LeadsRain gives a deeper meaning to the facility being provided and in turn, acknowledges the privileges of the age of technology.


Accessorize your campaign effectively to receive a greater ROI. Accompanied by quality campaign management apparatus and experience staff, stand a higher chance of responses. LeadsRain is more than just a provider of this service. We thrive to deliver quality to your message. Find value in your campaign with LeadsRain, and establish a connection with your leads so as to reap desired boons from it.


A Voice Always Makes A Difference



I didn’t really understand Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics at first. It took me exact 27 attempts to perfectly sing his Humble in the shower. This is the impact of playing a song on repeat. While I don’t promise that the receiver will listen to the voicemail 27 times, but the voicemail facility carries with it the accessibility to the receiver. The receiver can listen to the voicemail as many times as he chooses to but of course, the voicemail (and hence, you) can make this happen.


LeadsRain staff has devised a set of tips to produce an effective “replay-able” voicemail that can deliver the right message with, but it is on you to ooze the zest in it. These tips have seen to work on giving the message the right note, and your campaign the right pitch.



  1. Make the voicemail, not more than 30 seconds
  2. Categorize the message in 3 segments
  3. First 10 seconds being introduction of course. Inform the customer about you
  4. Second 10 seconds, sell the idea, not the product or service. A method adopted by our George Washington.
  5. Lastly, a CTA, instigating them to follow up for further details to what you are offering.
  6. Design the message with humour so they can giggle while you convince them.


Find Solace in Silence



Ringing into your customer’s phones is against the humility of business practices. Adopt ringless-ness to promote privacy, and surface when called for. The most essential feature of ringless voicemail is that it provides the receiver, the convenience of listening to your message. Find true solace in silent marketing technique so you can build confidence in your customers towards your brand.


Ringless voicemail services have been playing a major role in the direct marketing world since years now. Certainly the most desired option, ringless voicemail has been questioned over the quality of the service. LeadsRain takes pride in announcing that our clients have displayed nothing but satisfaction in our glitch-less, quality service with outstanding support. Find out more on our website or email us at

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July4th - The Dream of a Salesman


America, and the American Dream came alive today. But had it not been for the brilliance of our first president, would it be possible? So what makes, salesman of the year 1776, George Washington, an iconic hero from a gentleman farmer? Only the great salesmen skills, that’s what. The greatest philosophy, the man bestowed upon us is to adopt the salesmanship he portrayed, and called it “The American Dream.” Here are a few tips from him that we could use as salesmen:

Get it done with sub-par resources

Planned execution does not question the resources and our part-time commander-in-chief, George Washington, followed the same. Surrounded by enemies, fighting the odds, with less than efficient staff and resources, our salesman walked the land with vigour to achieve his goal. When the odds are against you, there is a higher chance for you to win.

A salesman will never complain, he will get it done with whatever he has got. One of the greatest lessons taught by the president. The salesman entered the battleground with barely any ammunition, stability and resources. It was the staunch philosophy that led the Americans to victory. The philosophy of a free country. What Washington is trying to preach here is, that if the idea is clear in your head, you can achieve it.

Sell the idea, not the product

Our dear farmer was smart enough in convincing the 13 colonies to join hands with him. Who doesn’t like the idea of freedom? Especially a British colony. No offence UK, but you’re the reason more than half the world celebrates independence day. It was the constant oppression that Washington faced with the ranking that annoyed him. And you should never hurt a salesman’s ego, it can shatter you.

Washington was an ideal leader, at least in that moment, to have commanded over some really difficult battalions. But it was the capability of the president in promoting the idea of freedom and independence among the Americans, who then, only asked for equality under the British rule. Isn’t that ridiculous? At least a farmer felt that way.

Always be ready with motivational quotes

It isn’t easy to command over a hesitant army. Our president taught us how to provide constant motivation to the team. Being a salesperson is never easy. Your team must possess the same philosophy as you in order to achieve the desired goal. He was a constant motivation to the team with his dialogues that echoed the battlefield throughout the war. “Focus on the war, not the battle,” one of his popular quotes. He seems to have believed in it, because he lost more battles than he won. But that doesn’t matter when you free an entire country.

Act like it’s no biggie

The greatest lesson however, is to show indifference. After leading the country to victory, and demolishing 170 years of oppression, who would want to become a farmer? Our gentleman did. After achieving independence, the salesman went back to his birthplace to practice farming once again. Soon after, though, he was made the president of the United States.

Show that you don’t want it that bad. There were several contestants for the post, and the one who wanted it the least, sat there soon after. This is clearly the best salesplay ever. So next time you are trying to close a deal, remember how Washington did it.

Stay American by following the commandments of our first president. Truly a salesman, our gentleman farmer is an identity to live by. Let alone the salesmanship, the president stayed connected with his followers constantly in order to communicate his philosophy. Not only is it important to learn salesmanship and leadership from the figure, but the belief he held in the land of opportunity. LeadsRain provides exactly that, with its numerous services that can accommodate any business you can think of.

Here is the exciting part, this week, enjoy 13% additional credits on purchases to acknowledge the 13 colonies that led us to freedom. Offer lasts till Saturday! May the American spirit dwell within you today. Happy 4th of July to all you Americans on the brink of conquering your dreams.

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Ecstatic Revolution in Textual Communication


Awaited? Anticipated? No, a Boisterous Innovation

Did you hear? We’ve changed it. Almost entirely. Because #WhoReadsTheCaptionAnyway. Texting is a flamboyant culture made gapingly vociferous through expressive tools like emojis. This was only the first evolution to this medium. Evolution in text message has not imagined itself surpass the existing boundaries since. Until now.



With Rich Text Message in the picture, branding enterprises just can’t get enough of it, and for the leads, it’s a hell of a ride. The numerous Rider content (this is what we have come to call the embedded features) have captivated audiences of all stature into the spiral of advertisement marvels. Take a look:


Visual representation is the key to digital marketing excellence. When an image is riding with the text message, the textual information, more often than not, dissolves into the void of ignorance. With the gargantuan of a replica to your campaign, Rich Text Message shows what needs to be seen. This provision is perhaps the most used Rider content among all.

Use Case

Simply put, image is a complementing addition to your text message campaign and can be used creatively to pursue your leads. Aspirants have figured the use of memes or humour to work wonders. Commodity industry can have a go at it with expectations greater than Dickens.

  1. Comic
  2. Illustrations
  3. Temptations
  4. Presentations

These are only the few ideas of plenty more, that you can device in your message.


Substitute the text entirely with a high definition video in your Rider when talking about your services. Videos and clips now ride your message to the leads with this innovation. The unfamiliar identity of the Rich Text Message is sure to excite the leads with a video incorporation to the text message campaign.

Use Case

Mostly to surprise, the videos land as a single image, click on which, plays the videos. This is more like a “boo-ya!” expression with motives of surfacing a delight towards the modern marvels and your brand of course. One of the greatest uses of this facility is for the NGOs and donation based corporates that function for the welfare of the society.

  1. Advertises
  2. Campaign shoutouts
  3. Documentation

These justify only a selective needs of the market. One can put the video facility to several other uses.

QR Codes

QR code is perhaps the best Riders that promotes endless facilities from quick payment options to ticket maneuvering as its current functions. Possibilities need to be explored, however, this provision has seen its utility in the airline industry prominently. With Rich communication services the essence of both direct and digital marketing amalgam is served effectively.

Use Case

Airline industry has programmed an ideal use for the QR facility in their ticketing provision. Clubbed with prompt action, Rich SMS marketing has become an instant hit among such industries.

  1. Ticketing
  2. Link targeting
  3. Instant payments

Get creative when it comes to this, it has endless possibilities.

Prompt Response

With a two-way communication, strengthen your data accuracy through prompt response feature. Rich communication focuses on a truly rich experience, empowering your customers to respond to your message so you may understand their requirements better. With RTM, build a rapport like nothing you’ve imagined. Best part? This finds its essence in every industrial sphere.

Use Case


A one-on-one communication is made possible here giving your customers a say in your marketing strategy. What could be more beneficial for you than this? This facility finds its place anywhere you feel your customer’s say can optimize your brand.

  1. DNC instantization
  2. Active communication
  3. Database accuracy

Short URL

Short URL facility is one of the most essential features of RTM. Rich text message service is made rich through this provision. LeadsRain provides a short substitute URL for the link you opt to add to the text message. They are made readable and save up more room for other “fancy” Rider content.

Use Case

Short URL provision finds its key purpose in tracking the source through which the leads are being generated. Each campaign can use a different URL linked to the relevant webpage, helping you identify the targets appropriately. One may also practice their creativity here. For instance,

  2. cup.cake
  3. hang.over.kyor

Usurper At Large


RTM is most definitely a usurper, out there to conquer the digital space. The only illegal aspect of its conquest is that it is going to make texting a thing of the past, and with it, the employment it supports. Rich texting will probably take over sooner than anticipated because again, #WhoReadsTheCaptionAnyway. There are endless possibilities to Rich Text provision in the marketing campaigns and mentioned above will turn up into the generic segment not more than a year from now. The technological advancements envisioned through this innovation has the potential to change the way people use devices. Not only is this the right time to adopt this medium owing to its innovative techniques, the platform is sure to entice the leads, helping you stand out quite instantly.

Rich Text Message has already started its conquest. The question is, are you ready to be conquered? Let us know about your decision at Kudos to the new age of communication, Rich Text Message.






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A Due Call For Rich Communication Service Standards In Direct Marketing

Vocalization of Rich Communication Service

Since the advent of text messaging on the digital communication segment, it has revealed to the users a number of its limitations. Despite of that today the traffic on text messaging platforms undergoes consistent increment daily. Global leaders in technology have taken upon themselves to overcome these limitations and determine a fluent user interface for texting population. “Give them what they need,” is the call of these giants, seeing a potential for development on this medium. This gave rise to the popularly recognized, Rich Communication Service.



The facility did face initial setbacks, though backed by GSMA. It was only about a decade later from its generation in 2007 that it received the popularity it deserved. In 2016, GSMA propagated a Universal Profile for software providers, operators and mobile manufacturers in RCS, furthermore popularizing the interface. Thus started the viralization of this technology.


Welcoming The New Hunk



Though it took longer than expected, RCS has been welcomed wholeheartedly by giants worldwide. RCS’s inception in the popular culture was advanced by T-Mobile first in 2015, following which, now we see Google launching their own chatting platform called “Chat.” The limitations of mere text messaging are made overtly visible by this service. With provision to image, location, gif sharing, not only the scope of text messaging is raised, but simultaneously the aging Android message can now compete with iMessage as well. Perhaps why we see Google’s active role in the same. GSMA has now collaborated with providers and operators worldwide and at present, RCS facility is adopted by 55 mobile operators, 11 OEMs and 2 OS providers.

RCS has opened wide ranging avenues for the prevalent extensive use of text message. In the next dimension of text messaging (as it is already being addressed as) the direct marketing industry is sure to flourish. With the statistics suggesting a massive use of RCS technology (30 million users transcribing 250 million messages daily says T-Mobile) is a highly favourable ground for direct marketing service. Moreover the statistics points to the positive attitude of users towards the facility. Indeed it is the new hunk in town and iMessage better beware.


Digital Standards Optimized



Online sources describing RCS have continually portrayed flawed knowledge in representing the facility. While many address RCS as a service or an app, for instance, in its actual sense, RCS is none of these. The role of GSMA in the propagation of RCS could not suggest any clearly, the nature of it being a set of standards in the mobile operating interface. Renowned agencies have mistaken it to be an app, or a service in itself whereas it is a number of characteristics recommended for inclusion in the upcoming cell phone features.

T-Mobile’s name for the RCS standards in their latest models is Advanced Messaging while Vodafone Spain and Telefónic released Joyn service after the announcement of RCS. Recent perplexity amassed upon Google’s Chat is yet another example for the same where Google is formulating a platform for providing their own version of features classified as RCS.

LeadsRain enables its own set of services in Rich Text Message (RTM) alongside its other services towards direct marketing enterprise. Embarking upon the age of technology, direct marketing agencies have joined hands with this facility to explore the new avenues it has to provide. On the direct marketing front this new service has a high potential for diverting the leads in your direction through its interactive interface.


Comments To Stand By



“We expect it (RCS) will be a standard feature on new smartphones sold.” Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile.







We like to call it the next evolution of SMS. It’s richer messaging content with features like read receipts that are great to have.” Andy Shirley, Senior Product Manager, Open Market.






“Today marks an important step forward in bringing a better messaging experience for Android users everywhere, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with our partners across the industry to make this happen.” Nick Fox, Vice President of Communications Products, Google.




“This initiative will greatly simplify and accelerate adoption of the technology, and points to the future of how mobile users will communicate with one another. This is an incredibly positive development for the industry.” Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer, GSMA.



RCS has been the call for major companies today, to emphasise on the next generation messaging platform. Companies are turning towards this facility and directing their marketing agendas considering its features in mind. LeadsRain provides Direct Marketing facility on this platform today, acknowledging the current trends in text messaging culture. For details about this service for your business, kindly forward your queries at and visit the website here.


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Align To The Market Demands, Proceed With Rich Text Messaging
How would you like to Chat with your customers? LeadsRain provides (and recommends) just that. We introduce RTM in the wake of modernised premise of digital marketing. The realms of reaching out to your customers have expanded and so have we. If you are wondering what RTM really is, you’re at the right place. Rich Text Message service is LeadsRain’s optimised version of text message marketing; the predecessor that is gradually wearing off the marketing broadway. It is new, it is welcomed, it is approved by your customers, and it is sure to engage them to take the next step you want them to. In its simplicity, RTM is an embedded text message that glorifies your services and is staunchly visible to your leads. While this may be a generalised description of the service, there is a deep-seated functioning that enables the leads to authenticate your position in their daily activities.


How Does It Work?
Rich Text Message services are currently used with images, videos, graphical designs, QR codes but the possibilities are vast, to say the least. The RTMs are embedded with any digital file you can think of that can probably persuade your leads. Howdo they work? I, as a customer, am just infuriated by the constant texts buzzing my cell phone, often about a product I hardly seem to care about.To me, when Dominos sends its coupons, I would hardly care to copy the text, then go to the link provided, place an order,only to redeem a 20% discount.It doesn’t cut it for me. With RTM, I will be provided with a link with an image of their pizza that is assured to make me drool at 12 in the afternoon, when I am nearing my lunch time. I will, purely with the intentions of trying it out, go to the link provided. With RTM, the link will take the customer (me), directly to the cart with his favourite order, and the discount coupon already applied. Assuming there are only 2% of leads that share my mentality, it is already about a 1000% increment in conversion for Dominos (assuming the standard 0.2% text message conversion applies to Dominos).
I’m sure I have your attention now, with an assured 1000% increment in your conversion. RTM reduces the customers’ efforts to reach you, and correspondingly delightfully allures them to you. In other words, RTM is the bagpiper, without the long walk of course.
The real question however, is which platforms can support this form of texting. The answer is simple. Stay updated, stay current, stay classy, because to house this technology in your phones, it MUST be the latest update of Android or iOS.

What’s Left Behind?
By moving forward we have discarded some of the concretions accumulating over time. Say goodbye to:

  • Mundane texts formed over intense brainstorming. Here you can easily subscribe a link, nay, SHORT link to draw your customers directly.  
  • Narrow possibilities drawn towards engaging your audience through text, assuming they will read it. Assign  an image, clip, or whatever file you wish to share through RTM. 
  • Slow buffering of your pages dependent on internet connectivity. Through RTM your customers can access  the    pages even when offline. Worrying about the file size that can raise your investment costs. RTM with its small-  size character will never  raise this concern again.
Align To The Market Demands, Proceed With Rich Text Messaging

What’s New?
Align To The Market Demands, Proceed With Rich Text Messaging
As mentioned, your message will support personalized links, desired images and videos, QR codes, and so you must not be surprised the next time you receive your airline tickets via RTM. You can send a PDF file through this facility directly into their phones at marginal tariffs. Furthermore, RTM services are 
enabled with a group text facility creative stickers, interactive message to multiple recipients to and fro. How is it different from iMessage and other popularly used mediums of texting? Well it isn’t. We understand that the popular text messaging platforms provide more than mere texting. Here, LeadsRain propagates its services to adhere to those demands.

Proceed With RTM

RTM is backed by an intense study and is initiated keeping the trending methodical practices in mind. Boring and cliche as it may sound, the assurance LeadsRain persists on is backed by this statistical analysis drawn by leading agents. If you aim for instant growth parameters for your business and align your philosophy to retain optimized returns on your investments, RTM will deliver exactly that. We synchronize your needs with our renowned service and support, you are assured to lead the market with outstanding results.
If your business requires other corresponding services, we also provide Ringless Voicemail services, Voice Broadcasting services among others. For more information on our services you can visit our website here or email us at

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Interesting Bulk SMS Marketing tricks to help your business

The mobile occupies a huge presence in our daily lives. Right from the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, our eyes are glued to the cell phone screen. With such a kind of omnipresence, it is only logical that marketers and advertisers will leverage it to augment their marketing goals.

At the present time, majority people have mobile phones and use it to send or receive messages for various purposes. Many organisations are now hiring Bulk SMS services to reach potential customers. Such service providers are helpful in enhancing the marketing avenues of the company.

With the high opening rate of SMS, the quick response from customers makes Bulk SMS strategies beneficial and effective.

There are some tactics which you can employ to increase the response from your customers. Let’s take a look at what they are-

Develop precise, clustered customer profile groups

Most organisations fail to deliver on their promise when it comes to SMS marketing because they build a highly promising audience profile, but only in their imagination. They target any audience , without taking into account whether they are suited for that message or not, their social background or economic stability.

This leads to a wide gap in communication. The more detailed and accurate data they have about their audience, and the better they know about their preferences, the better they can develop their consumer profile groups.

Once you learn whom to send your messages to, you need to know how to maintain a long-standing relationship with them. For example, whenever a transaction is made always send a thank you note. This shows that you are in the know of their activities and appreciate them

Refer your prospects to your websites

Having a website and putting all necessary information on it which will be helpful to your users can greatly assist you in improving your income.

Also when you promote your website on search engines like Google you can gain more traffic organically.

Take an example. If you send text messages to your customers, then you require them to come to a place where they can actually make a purchase for a product or service. This is where your website comes into play. Even if you don’t have a website, your consumers can still purchase your product (offline) but a website gives positive vibes to your customers about your brand.

Keep a flexible approach

In such a disciplined world, everyone is running after something with a specific deadline or at a particular time. This has created high competition and as a result people are searching for alternative ways to relieve their stress. This is where you can come in by modifying the language, tone and format of your text messages. You can bring a fresh vibe of rejuvenation, break away from the conventional text message jargon and try to connect with your audience informally. You should try to reach out to them the way they want.

Title your campaign cleverly

Clearly make sure you define your terms

Try to add the word ‘free’ as uniquely and as liberally as you can

Refer to the benefits available solely to the subscribers

Give great giveaways for enterprise customers

Ask people to talk about you and thereby make you more known.

SMS marketing is fast gaining ground as one of the most lucrative method for marketing and advertising. It provides consumers the ease of reading it in their own time as well as the benefit of getting content that is clear, short and to-the-point.

LeadsRain’s Text messaging service provides you with unique and simple infrastructure for your Bulk SMS marketing needs. And we are also happy to tell you that two of our most sought-after services Ringless Voicemail and Bulk text Messaging along with Phone validation are natively integrated with Salesforce. To know more about us and our services you can shoot an email to or visit our website here.