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Voice broadcasting as a medium of mass communication began to be used extensively in the 1990s, and it broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology is limitless in its use and applications, and it can be used for both commercial and community purposes.

Let us take a look at some of the various ways in which you can incorporate this versatile technology to your business and reduce costs and increase revenue.


Voice broadcasting has become a valuable tool in the repertoire of businesses who want to send automated messages to existing customers to upsell their products and services and increase same customer sales.


For manufacturers Voice broadcasting offers an easy way to keep customers on the loop for important product details.

A scripted message with a personal touch leaves recipients with a certain sense of recall that further helps to build customer relationships that are more promising and meaningful.

Reminders and confirmations

Voice broadcasting can be an efficient tool to remind clients of appointments and even let them confirm them through your automated system. This will drastically reduce labor costs and avoid wasted time reserved for appointments that are a no-show.


Voice broadcasting can be an excellent way to get your message across whether you are fundraising for political purposes, charities or raising capital. It can spread the word out to a broad and targeted audience.

Dissemination of Information

Voice broadcasting is ideal for disseminating information within an organisation. It can be used to inform remote teams and employees about new product developments, policies and more.


Customer surveys are important not only for analysing how your business is doing, where your business is at now, but also to know what your audience feels about you, your products and services. It helps in constant improvement and catching trends before your competition.

Emergency warnings

Voice broadcasting is touted as one of the best ways to issue emergency warnings during a disaster situation. Governments, businesses, can incorporate it to issue important information to people in a swift and efficient manner.

In conclusion

Voice broadcasting is a very versatile method when it comes to reaching a large group of people effectively. Many renowned brands and businesses are using voice broadcasting for greater business success.

Use LeadsRain Voice Broadcasting services to turn your goals into real results and scale your business! Email us your queries at and our customer satisfaction team will get back to you. You can also visit our website here to know about the services that we have to offer.


It is mandatory that businesses use opt-in data where they have consent from customers to send them broadcasts. If they send broadcasts to numbers without consent then any legal action will be businesses’ liability and not ours.

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RVM: The Power Tool for Lead Generation

Nobody likes to be interrupted. Being interrupted by constant telemarketing calls can be one of the worst things to happen in a person’s day. And continuous calling can hike up the irritation level of customers to such an extent that they might even choose to forget about you altogether.

In this age where consumers need advertising that is not only relevant but also according to their convenience, methods like ringless voicemail come to the rescue. They do not disrupt consumers since they don’t ring their phones and recipients have the option of listening to it whenever they have time.

Taking in view efficiency, if you have a business that involves calling a large number of leads and you feel that your sales team is spending a lot of time calling, and leaving messages instead of closing deals, then Ringless Voicemail is a tool that you must have in your repertoire.

For more efficient lead gen, for both marketing and sales, ringless voicemail is a strong contributor for increasing engagement and conversion rates.

We’ve talked about ringless voicemail before, and why it makes sense for businesses to implement. It is newer to the market, it has not been entirely adopted by companies yet, and it yields higher ROI than most other traditional marketing methods.

RVM has a staggeringly high open rate. So what gives RVM an edge over other marketing services?

  • No charge to recipient
  • Fewer opt-in requirements
  • Begins a human conversation

While many communication channels offer an automated experience, it is also true that a fair share of prospects still want human interaction throughout the sales process. RVM starts that interaction because of its high listen and response rates.

For instance, drop RVMs to your contact list to simplify your cold call prospecting. You won’t have to worry about calling them at the right time or remembering the best parts of your pitch. All you have to do is record a targeted message, complete with a call-to-action to incentivize a response, and save on the plenty of time lost leaving voicemails one at a time. And since those leads haven’t really missed intrusive and poorly timed calls, there is no negative association with your voicemails. Their curiosity and the power of your sales message getting across are the only things that stand in the way of getting a call back.

The single, most obvious way your contacts can learn more about the voicemail is by listening to your RVM. If they call back, you can safely assume that the lead wants to talk shop, otherwise they wouldn’t have been wasting their time. By forwarding interested lead calls directly to your sales team, they are spending more time closing deals than warming them.

RVM is a competent medium for lead generation, lead nurturing and brand engagement. It proffers the marketing and other internal teams with a new channel to:

  • Provide product or service updates and alerts
  • Communicate with employees in the field without interrupting their work
  • Remind contact of useful product/service tips and tricks
  • Confirm appointments for scheduling
  • Drop messages with new CTAs to trigger further engagement

An average marketer spends a good chunk each day of their week on repetitive tasks that boost low converting marketing channels like email, web pages, and social media. Implementing a ringless voicemail strategy into a traditional marketing strategy will save resources, time, and increase ROI.

We at LeadsRain offer seamless Ringless voicemail services to help you connect with your audience. To get free demos and know more about the how, why and what of us write to us at

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Why choose a cloud-based predictive dialer

Owing to the huge number of data involved, a seemingly insignificant amount of inefficiency by a sales rep could result in enormous losses for a contact center. So it is important to get your workforce regulated in terms of technical adequacy and soft-skilled efficiency, for the latter we have written a series of blogs for which you can check out our workforce enablement series here.

But those are the nontechnical part of the scaling that is supposed to be done, along with that one needs to have the best technical support and marketing tools too. No business can keep thriving without the balance of both of these tools.

Back in the 90s, several companies suffered from low efficiency even though their agents were constantly on calls; there was also a lot of wastage of time and resources due to call waiting and manual dialing. Predictive dialers were solely responsible for revolutionising the industry. Even though it came with its good share of technical glitches; nonetheless, it produced results – scalable and significant results. With the 2nd millennium, predictive dialers stole the market share, and companies were able to go miles ahead.

On a particular day, the amount of time spent by each sales rep on calls, divided by their respective downtimes, will give you their performance trajectory, the mean of all these trajectories can give you the efficiency of the contact centre, predictive dialer calculates and optimises functionality accordingly.

Given under are the reasons why you should have a predictive dialer in your marketing suite

1.It is cost effective and hassle-free, it plugs in all the troughs that occur in a contact centre. It cuts down the downtime and lets companies invest their time and resources elsewhere. A predictive dialer is an all-inclusive outbound solution that suffices every marketing need and makes the outbound solutions more result oriented. Predictive dialer makes sure that no customer base remains untapped and no marketing resources are wasted in reaching for no-answers, busy signals, voicemail, and disconnected numbers.

2.To elaborate the above point further, predictive dialer uses algorithms to summarise the exact time an agent should take finishing up with a call and then dial another. Thus predictive dialers supply agents with a steady stream of calls with little-to-no downtime.

E.g., manually dialing a number can take 30 seconds. And only one 1/4th of all the calls made might get answered. But predictive dialers can calculate the median length of a call and the median number of calls it takes to make a connection and then enhances dialing to enable agents to move from one call to the next seamlessly.

3.It has a hassle-free setup, and after being set up, costs zero to very less dollar on the business side. Several maintenance issues including security, implementation of ass-on, agent flexibility, accommodating the changing customer data, in a nutshell, both the potential hardware and software problems are taken care of by the service provider.

4.Predictive dialer can be tailored according to the needs of the institution. A start-up or SMB could start with the basic call distribution and dailing functions. As the company grows, one can incorporate upgrades, without changing the existing technological elements. Businesses may choose to blend applications like IVR, campaign management, call interceptors, advanced recording and computer telephony integration, to name a few.

We at LeadsRain proffer you with Cloud Predictive Dialer services that will help you contact your leads effortlessly, saving you precious time and money. To know about the what , how and why of us you can visit our website here.

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How to Amplify Lead Generation with a blend of Voice Broadcasting & Ringless Voicemail

I won’t be entirely wrong in saying that the current market is saturated with various kinds of tech and tools, making it nearly impossible to pick out the best method for lead generation.

Today I’m sharing two technologies in the domain of direct marketing- Ringless Voicemail and Voice Broadcasting.

Ringless Voicemail and Voice broadcasting can really amp up your outreach efforts without spending much time and money.

They are two of the most plausible channels for marketing products and services and creating greater brand awareness.

Voice Broadcasts are recorded messages that help you keep your customer updated in real-time. They are pre-recorded messages with no actual agent on the line. Voice Broadcasting is also commonly referred to as the “press one” method. The voice broadcasting system calls the individual, plays a message, for example weather update in case of turbulent weather or an emergency alert for evacuation for the same. An example could be, “This is the California Weather Department. A storm is approaching the southern coast of California and is expected to make landfall at around 1700 hours. All residents and commuters are requested to find shelter immediately. For further updates press “1” or press “2” to connect with a live agent.”

This method for communication is very favoured. It saves you the trouble of dialling a long list of contacts.

Not having to make so many cold calls to all those people will save you and your employees a lot of time and money in the long run. And in case of emergency services such as the example given above, Voice Broadcasting can be a more quicker and effective way of getting the message across to a large number of people.

Now moving on to Ringless Voicemail. This service drops a voicemail directly into the consumer’s voicemail without ringing their phones. They can listen to the message whenever they get the time.

Talking about all those leads that never answer your phone. With Ringless Voicemail, your messages can reach them now. The high listen rate, ensures that your message is being heard. Not to mention that this technology is also fairly inexpensive, much more affordable than traditional and web advertising. This service also prevents you from being “that” harassing tele-caller which puts off consumers and the resultant irritation is one of the major reasons why so many leads go unproductive.

Imagine you have a healthy database of lists, leads that are just waiting to be reached. By using a blend of Voice broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail, you can reach out to more prospects and have greater chances of converting them to buyers. Both of these technologies are an excellent way to amplify your leads, get more callbacks, ultimately creating more value for your company and filling in your coffers.

To know more about our Voice Broadcasting and Ringless voicemail services, check our website here.


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Get new leads added to your Salesforce account easily

Good news for businesses using Salesforce. You can now get your leads stored in Salesforce directly. So now after you attach your LinkedIn account to Salesforce and run lead generation ads in your lead gen campaign, it automatically adds leads to Salesforce from LinkedIn Lead Gen advertisements.
So when prospective customers fill out a form on your LinkedIn ad, that data is directly converted data as new Salesforce leads. This new feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

It is important to note that Salesforce allows you to add up to 500 leads from LinkedIn per day and if the number of leads extends beyond that Salesforce mails them to your default lead creator that you have designated in Setup.
So now how do you get started with this new source of leads?

1. From Setup, enter LinkedIn Lead Gen in the Quick Find box. Then click LinkedIn Account

2. Connect a LinkedIn account to your Salesforce org.

3. Salesforce connects the ad accounts associated with this member account to your org. All forms associated with these ad accounts generate leads in Salesforce. We recommend using a LinkedIn account that is associated with your company rather than an account that’s owned by a single employee.

4. Set up default values for leads to be gotten from LinkedIn. From Setup, enter LinkedIn Lead Gen in the Quick Find box. Then click Lead Gen Fields.
5. Under Set Lead Defaults, enter values for the Default Lead Creator, Record Type, and Lead Source for leads generated from LinkedIn.

Under Map Form Data, choose lead fields to receive the data from LinkedIn about the form each lead comes from. Under Map Lead Fields, choose lead fields to receive the data from LinkedIn about each lead.

6.LinkedIn Lead Gen forms let you ask up to 3 custom questions of your leads. For example, you might ask what their occupation is. When LinkedIn sends leads to Salesforce, it includes the text of each question and answer. Use a lead field to store each question and another field for the answer provided by the lead. That way you can report on questions and answers by filtering leads to questions asked, using the fields you choose for the questions.

The above information is taken from Salesforce Help documents.

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RevShare is the buzzword at LeadsCon 2018!
Hey folks, we are coming to LeadsCon March of 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited to be in Las Vegas for it. We’ve been attending LeadsCon for three years now, and it never fails to enlighten us with inspiring path-breaking ideas.

Every LeadsCon has been a milestone for us, we have attended it to showcase serious developments in our cloud-based marketing suite, in the year 2017 of LeadsCon we showcased our newly made cookieless retargeting platform: Targeto for the first time.

We come to this LeadsCon this year with a new thought in a visceral sense rather than anything directly related to our products and services. To talk about a better way to do business in the current market economy.

With major online retailers like eBay, Amazon and ShareASale profusely using and growing with revenue sharing. We can rightly say that RevShare has revolutionized the digital market. Along with that major websites like Infobarrel, Hubpages, Squidoo practicing revenue sharing with writers, advertisers and designers has been an inspiring force for us and also a very articulated affirmation.

Rev share model transcends the current traditional relationship and gives people the value they deserve it is just and makes the most sense to any sane mind. Using revenue sharing as a business strategy can prove to be much more cost-effective and provide more leads as compared to other traditional marketing efforts as it brings along experts from varied fields under one umbrella. Rev share creates a stronger incentive for affiliates and associates to pour more business into the enterprise since everyone partakes in a portion of the revenue that is generated by the business.

As a cloud-based marketing suite provider, we are all in to have the best in their respective fields to come along and grow with us. We believe that revenue sharing with freelancers, data vendors, marketers, etc. can result in a mutually nurturing relationship that could not be possible otherwise, isn’t that what performance marketing all about? To keep the people driven and gain them profits and incentives just the kind they deserve.

Whether one owns stock in a company or works hard to make a brand of his product or service, revenue sharing is a benefit for all parties involved. Sharing revenue is essential to the growth of freelance bloggers, freelance graphic designers, professional ad agencies, independent sales organizations and leadgen companies and even the governments with interest in their nation’s stock exchange(s). In whatever form generated revenue is invested, paid out or shared, the profits are shared equally, just the way it should be. Profit is important in measuring success, and sharing that profit in the right way and at the right time helps to create and perpetuate a cycle of benefits for marketers and businesses alike, thus creating a win-win situation for all.

So that’s our point of view, and we think rev share is rightly the buzzword for this year’s LeadsCon and we would surely like to know what you think about it too, see you at LeadsCon.

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Reach out to your customer being TCPA compliant

Do you know that you need written consent of customers to send them commercial text messages or a call? In a nutshell anything that rings and notifies the person it is sent to comes under TCPA Compliance. But Ringless Voicemail is an information service that  doesn’t ring so and is thus exempted from TCPA.

The CTIA’s Best Practices Guide for SMS Marketing and Communications, released on January 19, 2017, emphasizes more on TCPA compliance and consensually obtained data or opt-in data.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was set to effect in 1991. Basically, TCPA compliance limits automatic telecalls, telemarketers, robocalls and commercial SMSes.

Simply put, the TCPA clearly states that businesses and/or organizations must receive express written consent from individuals prior to sending any SMS/text messages to them.

TCPA compliance aims towards maintaining the integrity of the privacy of the people. According to TCPA compliance it is not enough for businesses and organizations to market to people through SMS or call, even if the people marketed to are prospects, potential leads, or existing customers.

They need to have the written consent of the customer now and not just obtaining the phone number, you can read in detail about getting the written consent here under “Written Authorization”.  

Not keeping your policies aligned with TCPA regulations can cost you heavy fines and class action lawsuits. Damages start at $500 and go up to $1,500 per recipient for each text message sent. To get more in depth knowledge on compliance guidelines you can visit here.

TCPA compliance is not as ominous as it seems to marketers. Marketing to this opt-in data can ramp up your marketing game to the fullest and help you generate better ROIs. Our state-of-the-art bulk sms text can help you achieve your direct marketing goals. You just upload your data, make sure you have written consent of all the users and we will shoot them to the respective addresses.  

But what if you just don’t have the consent yet and want to reach out to your prospects and leads and customers without any hassle? I have just the right solution for you. You know what is better than texting? Listening to someone talk. That just adds on to the stimulus and also passes on the messages more powerfully.

Our Ringless Voicemail services are just the right tool for you. Ringless Voicemails come under Information Services and are thus FCC and TCPA complaint. Ringless voicemails, as the name suggests are no rings and only notifications, and thus they do not cause any inconvenience or annoyance to whomsoever they are sent to.

On a slightly different but relative note, Ringless Voicemail and Bulk Text Messaging services have been integrated natively with salesforce this year! You can thus enjoy TCPA compliant services and maximum outreach through both of our services with the least amount of hassle.

To get free demos and know more about the how, why and what of us write to us at


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How can financial service use Mass Texting Tactics

Cost Effective

Bulk SMS Texting is a very suitable marketing technique for financial sectors because of its reachability and that mostly everyone has a smartphone. Another popular marketing method is Email Marketing but it has lower open rates than SMS Marketing and also requires more amount of resources to give out the desired results.

First ask them

Mass Texting Services can be used by financial services to lend out options to their customers and clients. Marketers of financial services can give people options regarding any new policy, regulation or any major or minor change. Letting customers take part in such micro decisions can increase seller-customer relationship exponentially.

Then tailor accordingly

Now since mass texting service has helped you ask a certain number of questions to all your customers, put their feedback to good use. Tailor your services accordingly this will increase the trust between you and your customers.

Aids customer support

Bulk SMS gives you the best platform to reach out to your customers time and again at different points of a sales funnel. It doesn’t matter if they are a customer or a prospect your right text messages at the right time can aid them with a lot of closure.


Almost all of US population have a mobile phone, and 75% of them receive text messages.  Also, 95% of the youth between the age of 18 and 29 have frequent use of text messaging, making it one of the most future-proof marketing channel. This marketing method doesn’t require any internet and this makes reaching out to customers easier at any point in time.

Removes Barriers

Bulk SMS helps to remove the barriers in communication, making them more personal. These barriers could be, organizational, personal, physical, perceptual etc. These barriers create obstacles in marketing conversations, and they can be surpassed by SMS marketing strategies.


Best way to keep notifying them about due dates of their payments or new updates in policies, or any rewards to claim, bulk sms texting is the way to do it.


Though Mass texting services is one of the most sought after services to market and reach out to customers directly and create one to one relationships but it is to keep in mind that the audience that you upload to target with text messages should have opted in for the same. New CTIA, FTC and FCC guidelines has now made it compulsory for marketers to get written consent of the people. Furthermore we would like to stress on the fact that you go through the below given links to check weather the data they have is opt-in data and thus compliant to all policies. The service providers will not be liable to any of the damages caused otherwise.

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Make your customers your brand spokesperson

It is an indelible feeling when our customers offer to recommend our products and services to other businesses.

It makes us feel that they believe our products are worthy of being referred to other people.

We are very glad for the inspiring response we have received from our customers and we encourage all businesses to achieve such a significant milestone in their tenure as well.

It is not very often that a company is able to convert its customers to loyal brand advocates. Your customers can be your brand ambassadors if you provide them with products or services that fulfill their needs to the optimum level.

Satisfaction with products and services is the key element that will lead your customers to be loyal towards your brand and keep them coming back for more.

In marketing terms, this simply means when the product or service that you offer exceeds the expectation of your customers, then they will be motivated to be associated with your brand even more. It is an excellent means to understand the needs of the customer in order to improve your business.

Customer satisfaction doesn’t just mean that your customers would be willing to make a repurchase. It could also lead to, your client recommending or refering your product or service to others who may have the same requirements.

Such an act of reselling or referral of your product by your customer exhibits the true nature of your brand’s performance and presence in the life of your customer.

For Brian Tracy, no matter what the title of your position is in the company, you will always be a salesperson for yourself and your company. He says, “-A referral to a new customer is worth ten times more than a cold call.  And it is 16 times easier to sell a satisfied customer something new than it is to sell something to a brand new prospect.-”

Your customers could be willing to resell your product only if it meets their requirements. It is also important to ensure they have had a positive experience with the product or service, your brand’s reputation as a whole, its design, features and after-sales services.

Customer referrals are proved to be one of the most effective marketing and selling techniques to increase business and client base.

When consumers are willing to resell your products, they become an affiliate or spokesperson of your product or service.

Being an affiliate or referrer of your product or service usually entails some form of partnership or benefit for the customers who have recommended it to others in their business circle.

At LeadsRain too, we offer products and services that can cater to all your business requirements. Our clients have been so satisfied with our products that we have established a long-standing relationship with them as affiliate partners. In addition, we offer white label services for businesses who are in search of a platform and want to make it their own. You can use our products and services and rebrand them to match your style.

We also provide rewarding benefits and partnerships that make working with us a win-win situation. For more details on that, you can check our website here.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Conferences to attend in 2018


Here are Top 10 Digital Marketing Conferences happening around the world to attend in 2018.

LeadsCon – Las Vegas – USA – March 5-7

LeadsCon is a specific performance marketing conference held annually, with core motive of direct marketing and lead generation. This performance marketing agency gathers digital marketers from around the world to upgrade, update and network. It gathers around a median number of 3000 marketers, that attend, exhibit and network.

Alaska inbound Marketing Summit – Anchorage – April 4

Alaska Inbound Marketing Summit promises to give SMBs, NGOs, retailers or anyone looking to be brand a very robust platform. According to AIMS, 89% of last year’s attendees said they’d recommend AIMS to a friend AND attend again.

Digital Summit – Phoenix, Arizona – Feb 21-22

This definitive summit fills your brain and arms your professional tool-kit with unscalable and scalable techniques and concepts to boost all your business strategies. This Digital Summit Phoenix is happening for the fifth year expecting more than 1200 people with a common goal to get insights into the most effective digital marketing trends of the current time.

Digital Strategy Innovation Summit – Feb 27 – 28

This two-day event promises to enlighten visitors about how to establish trust between your customer and, how to put to good use the technologies set to disrupt your business strategies, prepare omni-channel platform and robust data strategies. Attendees are benefited by the majority of senior-level marketers in the attendance.

Pubcon Florida – Lauderdale, Florida – April 10 – 12

This three-day conference is focusing on effective strategies in SEO, PPC, social media, content development, social media advertising, local search, Google Analytics, mobile, video and more. This expo will include Masters Training Workshops, an exhibition hall, nightly events, and the US Interactive Awards.

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference – St. Louis, Missouri – March 27 – 28

The first State of Digital Media Marketing Conference was born at the campus of the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 2013. The first time was a half day event featuring prominent speakers mostly via Google Hangout. In 2017, MDMC grew to a two-day event and set attendance records with a remarkable 2,000 marketers and friends. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference has been rated a Top Marketing Conference to Check Out in 2018 by Forbes.

Content Marketing Conference – May 2-4, 2018

In 2017, 3,600 marketers from over 50 countries joined us – we expect even more in 2018! More brands, more breakouts, more hands-on labs, more networking (yes, it’s possible!) and more CONTENT!  This three-day conference will have 120 sessions and workshops presented by the leading brand marketers from around the world covering strategy, integration, measurement and everything else digital.

MnSearch Summit – June 22, 2018 – Minnesota

MNSearch Summit was voted as one of the top 19 ‘can’t-miss marketing conferences of 2017’ according to Larry Kim, writing for The 2018 MnSearch Summit is a one-day marketing conference that brings together marketing and business professionals from around Minnesota and the greater Midwest to cover all digital marketing subsets.

Mozcon – July 9 – 11 Seattle, WA

MozCon – The SEO & Digital Marketing Conference in Seattle on July 9-11. Three days of next-level tactics on everything from ranking higher in today’s evolving search results to making data-driven decisions in your marketing. This year’s speakers include Oli Gardner and Rand Fishkin.

Turing Fest – 1-2 August – Edinburgh, UK

Turing fest, promises to bring over 40 of the smartest minds in the global tech business to Edinburgh to share key tactical and strategic insight in a relaxed setting. Over 1,250 founders, CEOs, engineers, product managers, designers, and marketers came together to learn, share and connect.