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Remember Will Smith’s “I Robot”? Imagine the same thing, without the robots going so horribly rogue. That is marketing automation for you. In the B2B world, this method has a huge potential of increasing your ROI.

Marketing automation is a method of assigning repetitive tasks from your lead generation model to a software, that you can manage and monitor easily.

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Now that the concept of marketing automation is clear to you, let us focus on how SMS marketing platform can be used to achieve a marketing automation-friendly campaign.

Let me make this clear for the nth time that an SMS has the highest open rate of all with 92% of people reading the SMS within 5 minutes of receiving them.

This makes SMS marketing a widely used, and perhaps even reliable mode of direct marketing.

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DreamForce 18 What's new in Marketing Automation!

Two thousand and eighteen years since Jesus, and it’s quite evident that mankind is created to keep innovating something new, and Salesforce thoroughly understands that.

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How Ringless Voicemail Can Help a Salesman Close on a Rainy Day


Are you fed up with your leads finding a way out of your marketing funnel? Who even brought DNC and Ad Blockers anyway, right? Well, you’re wrong if you think of it that way.

Honestly, if your leads DNC your calls, its because your ads are worth not looking at. Sorry to be harsh, but since when has the truth been an easy pill to swallow?

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This Labor Day, let us focus on answering some important questions. Since there is no clear suggestion as to who proposed the idea of Labor Day, we leave the task to the Americans. We have prepared a poll that lets you decide who the true father of Labor Day is.  Continue reading “Who is it, Peter McGuire or Matthew Maguire? Let Democracy Settle It.” »

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There are fishermen, and then there is the Predictive Dialer. How are the two sailing on the same boat? Here’s how.


Fisherman Dialer

There are 4 kinds of fishes when you’re fishing.

Ones who are alive

Ones who don’t want to get caught

Ones who are not available

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Hope you don’t have to go through this disaster. LeadsRain has made sure that Predictive Dialer services are easier available to you than sex. Now it is easier to stay virgin than to not use predictive dialer, and it is in your best intentions. While this is just an adaptation of a trending meme, this is also true. It is certainly more effective to go door-to-door personally to get people to listen to your offers than to run a call-center without the predictive dialer software.

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When brands look to adopt direct marketing technique, they look for the platform, not the quality of service. Representatives have remained adamant about the kind of direct marketing platform they would like to use, rather than study which one would bring them a better ROI. This is one of the growing problems in the marketing sector for industries. Sometimes, the experienced personnel can drive your campaign to better returns. Questions that we ask on a regular basis to our clients is about the philosophy that drove them to make these decisions about the direct marketing platform, and if they were open to considering some changes in this approach.

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You must have heard of Google’s active role in developing a standard for messaging services. So much that their recent messaging app Allo has been put on hold to direct their staff in achieving a much bigger goal. So what is Google aiming for by developing these standards?

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Technology is welcomed with open arms today. Bring innovations to it, and it will kickoff instantly. Ringless Voicemail is certainly a mind-boggling technological advancement in the direct marketing segment. With its versatile utility, RVM not only becomes favourable in a variety of industrial segments, the features of our RVM makes its use possible on the personal level as well. So what really makes RVM such a widely acclaimed model of direct marketing? Continue reading “What Makes Ringless Voicemail The Apex Direct Marketing Technique?” »