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Often times, even the most alert people fall victims to their own biases, attributions and assumptions, even the CEOs and the marketing heads. So, most of the times they happen to overestimate their effectivity. The Art Of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli is a wise read on the subject.

It is timelessly preferred to have a keen perception and a sensitive yet unemotional method of making a workforce function.

Here are 9 tips we at LeadsRain have compiled for you from over a decade of experience as an ITES and Cloud Contact Center Service providers to better an important unit of your workforce.

Don’t be myopic it will lead you nowhere but a pitfall let alone generating organic leads. Stay ahead of the curve and think from that point of vision give your clients preemptive support.

For e.g. if you are a Contact Center Service provider like us and a client of yours selects a month of bulk text messaging services, your contact center service delivery manager should provide them with a user’s manual on how to use the features effectively and note them about which tasks other customers have found difficult and ways to solve the same. This will reduce the chances of your customers calling you back frustrated.

Ask for feedback from your precious (regular) clients and solicit them for advice for they have been benefited by you and thus would pitch in frank suggestions.

Also introduce services that beseech for feedback after even the minutest of tasks from every customer, you can introduce them in your Call To Action services. This will help you generate valuable leads and also retain them.

Be malleable to change and inculcate the suggestions made by the people to you. Accept the fact that you can make mistakes and your agents can falter that’s only being human, so render your mistakes correct. Renowned public speaker and CEO of Brian Tracy International, Brian Tracy in his book The Psychology of Achievement created a term psycho-sclerosis which explains the rigidity of the mindset of people. The ones adaptable to change are more likely to succeed, as we all know.

Also, keep the negative feedback and contradictions closer, because they are a catalyst to growth.

Keep a balance between your inbound and outbound calls to create a dynamic word flow. Respond to the relevant customers the way they want to be responded to.

Integrate the inbound calls with CRM to generate or track leads. Most digital marketers make sure all inbound phone leads are integrated with a CRM retargeting tool and to make sure that each lead is retargeted with appropriate marketing strategy.

Keep Tracking important performances using KPI (Key Performance Indicator) so that you can alter your resources the way it benefits you and enhance your ROI. One can use spreadsheets, charts, plots, etc for these matter.

See the shuffle of ideologies brands pitch in emotionally, customers buy rationally, but react emotionally to the failure of product or services. Once your agents recognize this pattern they can stay aware and tackle upset prospects tactfully.

Be human-centric

With contact center agents:  Do not project your insecurities and pessimism on your agents, they are here for success thus there is no need to pressurize them for the same.

With customers: Renowned sociologist Arlie Hochschild coined the term ’emotional labor’ in 1983 describing the intangible duties of a worker, here a contact center agent.

Show genuine concern and just bear and grin to unpleasant customers. Contact Centers are a place where you conduct such emotional labor practices.

Convenience for the customers first According to a source 80% of the public of first world countries are dissatisfied with contact center services, because it isn’t human enough. Make sure not your customers feel the same. Ask yourself these questions to know if you are doing the profitable thing —

How is this particular agent doing at reflecting the ethics of the company to customers?

What can I do to help this agent get better at representing the company to customers?

LeadsRain is an all inclusive cloud contact service solution provider which provides services like hosted call center dialer, hosted IVR, voice broadcasting, and all other related services. We have by far served various industries from Automotive, Collection, Education, Emergency, Entertainment, Finance, Mortgage to Politics.
To know more about us reach us out on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop us an email at and our Customer Satisfaction team will take care of the rest.

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Good communication is valuable because it is rare, and being on the receiving end of thoughtful communications is a delightful experience.

As Kevin J stated in his interview“customer support is what makes your company stand out from your competitors.” So having an outstanding support team is not only important but necessary.

If Customer Support is the topping your worry list, our Leadership has answered two most important questions regarding customer support that will help you.

How should Customer Support handle clients?

For that, you need to treat your clients the way you would like to be treated when you are a client of some business. Talk respectfully and address all of their business related concerns. You should find out the reason for their calls, making sure those queries are addressed correctly by the support team.

How to make your support team stand out?

Honestly, there is no such thing in support that is called outstanding. No matter what you do or to what extent you go for your clients, they always feel something is missing. The only thing that one can do is understand client needs and queries based on its priorities and time sensitivity and resolve them accordingly. In the end, just make sure your client is smiling before hanging up on you. If not, the next thing they will do is find an alternative for you!

Life is stressful, busy and we are all suffering from some amount of information overload.Thoughtful communications are amongst one of the kindest ways to make the lives of your customers a little bit more pleasant.

At the success that LeadsRain has achieved can be attributed to the hard work by the Leadership and excellent services of the Customer Satisfaction team. We have served various industries varying from Automotive, Collection, Education, Emergency, Entertainment, Finance, Mortgage to Politics.

Still not sure that we are a perfect fit for your business? Talk to us on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop us an email at and our Customer Satisfaction team will take care of the rest.


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In today’s sales industry, lead generation is challenging if you don’t have a successful strategy in place. Among all the available sales tool, Voice Broadcasting is considered as one of the best methods for lead generation as well as to improve customer experience and foster a long-term relationship

Voice Broadcasting is now used for almost everything, to name a few – appointment reminders, delivery delay notices and policy changes. Customers always welcome receiving crucial information through voice broadcasts.

It involves a recorded human voice and hence makes the delivery of message natural. It is cost-effective and time-saving too because you can reach out to thousands of people in a few second. How about that?

Despite such compelling benefits, some businesses complain of a low success rate from their Voice Broadcasting Campaigns. Why is it so? Do you have the same problem?

The success of a Voice Broadcasting campaign depends on a number of factors. I will mention some of the best tips to create an effective Voice Broadcasting campaign that can maximize lead generation for your business.

1.Work on the basics

Prepare a roadmap, consider what type of business you have and what are the goals you wish to achieve from the campaign. Design the campaign according to the goals you have set. Decide the amount of money you want to spend and the broadcasting tool that you will use.

2.Define your target audience

Once you set goals for the campaign, decide who is your target audience. Always remember, your aim for creating this campaign is to connect with people who have a high possibility of being interested in your products or services. Selection of your target audience will help you in creating personalized voice message for converting interested people into loyal customers.

3.Create short and personalized voice message

Your voice message should not be more than 30 seconds. Start off by the introduction of your brand to establish the credibility of your message. Be clear while giving information about your products or services in the next line to keep the listener from losing interest and hanging up. Make sure the message sounds interactive and not a sales pitch. It should generate interest so that the listeners start asking questions regarding your deals. You can always include some attractive offers in the message to capture interest and get your leads hooked on with your brand.

4.Make your message actionable

To foster engagement, it is important to instruct the recipients to take action after the message is delivered.

For example, Press-1 to get a free demo or Press-9 to talk to the sales executive directly.

This approach motivates the people to act. Recipients who respond to the message will get more detailed information about your products or services through this action. It is a great way to keep your recipients engaged and more and more leads.

Pro Tip: Getting a response is the key to a successful lead generation. Thus, keep the Call To Action simple to understand. Try and make it as easy as possible for your target audience to act.

5.Focus on quality of voice and recording

Ensure that the message you are recording is crystal clear, strong, friendly and comforting to the ear. Your tone should be positive, inviting and polite. The recording should be of good sound quality and without long pauses. Alternatively, you can even hire an experienced voice talent to record your message. This will help you ensure that your message is powerfully said and well received.

6.Provide an option to opt-out

Give your recipients the opportunity to unsubscribe from future calls. This will save you a lot of time and resources on sending messages to the people who are not interested in your offers and you can focus more on the right prospects and leads for your campaigns.

7.Time your campaign carefully

Your message must be delivered in a certain way to make the desired impact. Choose your delivery hour carefully. Try and avoid making early-morning and late night calls as then your message will be nothing more than a nuisance, no matter how well it is constructed. You can deliver your message from 6:30 to 8:30 PM for live answers and win new customers successfully.

Gone are the days when Voice Broadcasting was considered unsolicited messages. Spam doesn’t work now. That’s why you need to have proper road-map while designing your voice broadcast campaign. If you follow all the rules mentioned above, I assure you that you will be in an advantageous position to make your Voice Broadcasting campaign stand out from the crowd and gain the expected ROI out of it.

Use LeadsRain Voice Broadcasting services to turn your goals into real results and scale your business! Contact us on 844-ON-CLOUD or email us your queries at and our customer satisfaction team will get back to you.


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Telesales scripts


A well written and executed script can make a huge difference between losing a prospective customer and making a sale. But is coming up and preparing a script enough?

Of course not! The way you use it matters a lot.

It is up to the LeadGen company whether they allow their employees to modify and throw in some words of their choice or not.

What is the ideal method? How can you improve customer satisfaction – by improving a strict script technique viz a viz by adopting a personalized and less strict method?

Need not to worry! We at LeadsRain evaluated both the methods and compared them in order to provide you a clear understanding which will help you in making a more informed decision regarding the use of sales scripts.

So let’s get started!

The pros of using strict scripts in your business are:

  • Avoid human error

Agents can use scripts to minimize the chances of drifting to irrelevant topics when dealing with customers. This saves them a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted when they use personalized scripts.

  • Promote consistency

You rest assured that the client will get a similar response when they contact your business, regardless of which agent talks to them. Such consistency is required to ensure that customers have a unique yet similar experience with your brand.

  • Increase agent confidence

With a ready to use guide, agents will spend more time in listening to the customer and exploring the opportunities there, instead of worrying or formulating how to respond to their queries. This will ultimately boost their confidence as well as productive engagement with customers per interaction.

  • Reduce training time

Agents can learn about the company’s policies and procedures through the scripts and spend less time in training or reciting phrases. This will not only save time but also saves money and resources on training expenses.

  • Increase contact center performance and customer satisfaction

A good script is always a work in progress. By constantly reviewing and monitoring how the top performing agents handle calls, you can include some of their best practices into the scripts. In addition to this, you can also use these practices to educate lower performing agents, which can boost customer satisfaction rate.

  • Integrate with your system

Scripts are easier to integrate with systems such as IVR and PBX, which help customers access information about your business at the same time ensuring that you respond to their needs accordingly, this is something that can be foregone when using personalized scripts technique.

“It is to be noted that scripts are a good guide, but what is of importance is that you ensure customers feel like they are heard and understood. In order to achieve this, agents should be in a position to rephrase, rearrange or sometimes even go beyond the write-up if necessary. Is this possible when agents follow strict scripts?”

The cons of using strict phrases instead of personalized ones:

  • May minimize customer retention rate

You need to foster a long-term relationship with your customers. This can be achieved by providing effective assistance. Even though you timely respond to calls but it doesn’t count for much if you cannot solve the client’s issue. According to a study, customers are always willing to pay more and wait longer to have their issues take care of.

Consider a situation where agents just follow scripts word to word with no room to provide effective response and flexibility to individual problems.

This will result in client’s dissatisfaction and in turn, lower customer retention.

  • May dehumanized experienced agents

Scripts minimize agents’ empathy which is required for customer service calls, especially when they have to deal with whatever complaint a customer be having regarding your business. Instructing the agent to read script word to word can possibly hinder the interaction with customers, add dialogues that aren’t necessary or maybe something ever worse. This can negatively affect the customer experience.

  • Require regular updates

If you want your agents to be effective and relevant, you have to keep updating phrases, so you have to use resources like labor and capital constantly for scripting. Scripts need to be changed when you launch a new product or offer which requires more resources, an expenditure that can simply be avoided by adopting personalized scripts.

And that’s it! Now you know the advantage and disadvantages of having strict scripts. But that’s not the end as this topic is debatable. To run a business successfully, you need to keep updating regularly. Measure the relevance of the scripts based on their benefits and the risk associated with both. Be careful, only make a decision after a critical review or find a way to compromise the two methods.

Let us know if you need help writing a sales script for your business. LeadsRain offers you a Cloud-based predictive dialer solution at pay-per-minute pricing. We have an outstanding customer satisfaction team working round the clock for your support. You can call us on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop us an email at and our team will get back to you.

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Top 5 Don't for Contact Center Agents-0

In our previous posts, we have been providing you valuable tips and recommendations for Contact Center Agents, but there are few things they should NEVER do.

In this post, we list the Top 5 things agents should avoid that may lead to bigger problems for your businesses. Read this post and avert such nightmares from happening!

1. Complaining about customer-related issues on social media

Your customer could easily find your agent’s social profile if they really wanted to. Complaining about customers or speaking poorly about them online can affect your business if they take it the wrong way. Encourage your team to practice discretion and leave any customer issue at work off social media. Nothing positive come out of blasting anyone online!

2. Telling a customer that “I can’t help you” or “I have no idea”

Solving problems of the customers is the primary task of Contact Center Agents. It is crucial that they have a good knowledge of products and services offered. Having an answer to every question customer raises may not be possible but in such cases agents should forward the call to a person who is capable of assisting the customer in need. Saying “No” to customers plainly reduces the trust they have in your agents and your business. If I were you, that’s the last thing I want!

 3. Saying “calm down” to an upset prospect

Using empathy is a good way of getting the prospect to calm down without telling them to do so. Telling them to calm down is like stating that the reason they are upset is not acceptable. It may be the fault of your company why they are upset in the first place, so try to learn how to handle upset prospects instead of telling them to “calm down.” Say something positive and show your readiness to solve the problem the caller is facing at the moment. You can start off by saying something like “I apologise for any misunderstanding. Please be patient so that we can discuss this query thoroughly and find you a solution.”

4. Hanging up first

There may be a lag in communication or the customer might be silent on the other side of the phone. Make sure the customer always hangs up first. Doing this will save you the trouble of playing the blame game and the problem stated in point 3 can be averted. Making sure you hear the call end tune from the other side before you end the call and you never have to indulge yourselves with callbacks and annoyed customers.

5. Ignoring customer feedback or constructive criticism

Always be open to customer feedback whether it is product related, customer service focused or anything in general about the business. It is not only important from the company’s perspective, but it will also make the customers feel valuable as their voices are heard and things they point out will be taken care of.

Anything we missed out? Make sure you leave your comments on what mistakes you think the Contact Center Agents should avoid making.

LeadsRain offers you Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions such as Ringless Voicemail, Voice Broadcasting, and Cloud-based Auto Dialer. Low on agents? Not to worry LeadsRain’s Cloud-based Predictive Dialer Service offers you a flexible dial ratio with pay-per-minute pricing model, so you only pay for what you use.

Still not sure? Reach out to us directly on 844-ON-CLOUD or email us at, our Customer Satisfaction Team will be more then happy to clear out all your doubts.

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This is an excerpt from the interview of our Business Development Manager, Kevin J with Vivien Reygan.

Running a Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions Provider company is tough by today’s norms and managing clients is the most crucial task among all other things.  There are numerous things to keep in mind and it is very important to make an informed decision in tight situations.

Today, I (VR) have with me the Business Development Manager of LeadsRain, Kevin J (KJ).

VR : Hello, Kevin and thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule to have a talk. So shall we start?

KJ : Yeah sure. It is always a pleasure to share my experiences and stories with people to help them and guide them.

VR : Starting with the inception of LeadsRain, since when you are providing services to telemarketers and Contact Centers?

KJ : LeadsRain started in 2013, it has been 5 long years to a journey dreamed by Jay and in this time frame the LeadsRain team has achieved several milestones.

VR : So Kevin, what exactly is your role in LeadsRain?

KJ : My business card says I am the Business Development Manager, but as in LeadsRain we say and believe – what’s in the designation. Thus, everyone in LeadsRain works at their full potential every day.

VR : Starting a new business when there is a cut-throat competition must have kept you awake at nights! How difficult was it to get customers initially for your services?

KJ : Definitely. Acquiring customers initially was that big of a task. The reason being as my team and I are from the same industry; we knew each and every aspect of the business and its technicalities. The only challenge ahead of us was developing customer loyalty and sustainability, which we successfully achieved over a period of time.

VR : That sounds great! You must have adopted a unique approach to getting customers. Please share your secret.

KJ : First of all, it cannot be termed as approach instead it was the correct mindset that did the magic for us. I believe no customer is aware of the exact needs until he/she is heard and given suggestions to. Understanding customer’s requirements is 80% of the job and making it happen if possible through LeadsRain’s platform is the remaining 20%.

VR : That’s something others can learn from you. I can think of only one word for it – Impressive! But why should anybody use LeadsRain’s services? There are many other companies out there doing the same thing as you.

KJ : Yes, this is the question asked by most of our prospective clients. Pricing plays a vital role in any decision made by the customers and thus to simplify, we have pay per minute pricing i.e. you only pay for what you use. However, the principle reason stands out to be our (as said by many of our clients) “outstanding support.

VR : Indeed, only coming up with a product is not enough, you need an excellent support team to sustain the competition. Thanks again Kevin for your time and I liked the way you gave honest and precise answers. Hope you have a talk again with you soon!

KJ : Thanks for having me and I will be happy to answer more of your questions next time.

VR : To summarize Kevin’s experience, I would say that only focusing on your product will not get you desired sales, you need to have the correct mindset. You must understand what the customer wants and for that, you need top-class customer satisfaction team, you need smart agents.


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How to handle upset prospects

We have expectations, and when those are not met the way we want them to, we react. We are humans after all. So it is natural for any business to encounter upset prospects on some occasions.

We must learn how to turn bad situations into good opportunities and improve customer experience. Here are few examples of how you can approach such situations.

1. “I will do my best to help you…”

2. “I would suggest you to..”

3. “May I arrange a follow-up call at a time that is convenient for you?”

4. “Thank you very much for having patience and being so understanding…”

5. ” I understand how you feel right now, let me see what I can do for you..”

Let’s now take a detailed look at different approaches you can employ in such situations.

1. Listen to what your prospect has to say

Let them state their problem first. Allow your prospect to say their piece instead of talking over them or arguing with the points that they are trying to make. As you listen, try to foster a relationship with them, and show empathy.

2. Foster a relationship

Show that you understand their situation and the position they are in. Acknowledge their source of frustration. Identify what’s bothering them and approach the situation with a cool head. Staying unaffected by the prospect’s tone or volume will calm them down.

3. Delegate

If you feel a conversation is not going anywhere, don’t waste hours on it. Just keep in mind that you are dealing with exceptions, not the norm. If you feel the necessity, patch the call to your team leader for further assistance.

4. Be detailed

Summarize what to do next. While closing the call, set expectations for the prospect and make sure you follow through and deliver on your promises. Take notes during the call and prepare yourself in advance for the next conversation.

5. Deliver on what you promised

If you promised a callback – make sure you keep it! Just make that call to your prospect at the scheduled time even if you don’t have any update for them. They will appreciate the efforts you put in for rectifying the situation. Sound confident while communicating with them.

6. Stay calm

Keeping a cool head while talking to an upset prospect will encourage them to do the same. Hopefully, this will redirect the whole flow of the conversation. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand their viewpoint. Treat them the way you would like to be treated if you were frustrated by a service you paid for and are now experiencing issues.

Having the knowledge of how to handle such situations can improve the customer experience. Listening to them, staying calm, delivering on your promises, and fostering a relationship are the keys when you have an upset prospect on the other side of the phone. Following these techniques will not only allow you to assist prospects and tackle tough situations but will also help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce agent handle time, and improve brand reputation.



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To all the businesses, marketing agencies and customer support center owners, we have some good news for you!

The Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a public comment supporting a proposal currently awaiting judgment by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You can find the official comment by the RNC here.

This petition filed in March by the marketing firm All About the Message LLC (AATM) would allow private companies and political organizations to drop automated messages directly to customers’ voicemail box without even ringing their cellphones.

If the FCC rules in favor of AATM, the proposal would put “Ringless Voicemail” technology in the driver’s seat, clearing the way for telemarketers and political organizations to drop voicemail messages regarding their products, services, and candidates for office.

RVM uses a technology that permits a voice message to go directly to customers’ voicemail box via a server-to-server communication with customers’ voicemail carrier. This means that the phone owners will not receive a call but a voicemail notification instead.

It will be a game changer for businesses as they will be able to expand the number of customers they can reach out with a lot of ease. Debt collectors and loan agencies are using this technology since 2015.

The RNC asserts that Ringless Voicemail is a “win-win” for callers and their intended recipients by describing the use of Direct-to-Voicemail messages as a way to help organizations “engage in normal, expected and desired communications.”

Last we heard, the FCC has called for public comment on the Ringless Voicemail petition, put forth by the marketing firm AATM, with replies due by June 2, 2017. So all businesses, please feel free to express your views to FCC.

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There is a fine line between idle chit chat and purposeful small talk when speaking to customers. A telemarketer needs to master this art of small talk to engage customers while looking for a solution to their problems.

Small talk allows the telemarketer to find out more about the context of the customer. By gathering more information regarding the customer’s circumstances, the telemarketer can resolve issues much faster, more efficiently while providing the customer with a ‘feel good factor’ that is crucial for delivering better customer experience.


So how can telemarketers prepare themselves for such purposeful talks?

1. Keep conversation focused on the solution

Ask customer questions related to the complaint or the issue at hand and keep the conversation focused on finding a solution for their concerns.

2. Talk in a natural tone

Talk like you do in real life. Consider speaking your customer’s language or vocabulary rather than using fancy industry lingo.

3. Avoid the use of conversation killers

Customer support is about relationship building. Instead of telling your customers ” Let us know if you have further questions,” ask whether the solution you offered solved their problem. Make it your duty to ensure that customer leaves the conversation with every question answered.

4. Try to be human

There are chances that purposeful small talk is not always going to be successful and that is okay. At the end of the day, your customer won’t remember what went wrong as long as they remember how you treated them. Being human is your greatest asset as a telemarketer, so don’t be afraid to show it.


You can no longer put your customer on hold and play the tradition “hold tune” or irritate them with chit chat. With every minute spent on hold or answering pointless questions, your customer will get more frustrated while your call center drains money by keeping the call line open.

Use LeadsRain’s cost-effective Cloud-based Predictive Dialer to maximize agent efficiency and provide top-call customer service.

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As a kid, you might have taken elementary physics classes. But did you think that those lessons can actually teach you a thing or two about marketing? 

physics vs marketing


The majority of you will shake your head signaling a “no”  and believe me neither did I before I saw a video by Dan Cobley. So let’s walk down the memory lane and brush up some fundamental laws of Physics to understand how they apply to today’s marketing.

1) Newton’s First Law of Motion

Heavier the object, the more force is required to speed it up or slow it down.

For example, It will take more of your strength to push a bowling ball one foot than to push a marshmallow one foot.

Similarly, more the bigger brand, more the baggage it has, the more amount of force is needed to change its positioning. This is exactly why companies like P&G keep brands separate, like Ariel and Pringles rather than having one large parent brand. 

The solution is to think about the portfolio of brands or maybe new brands for new ventures.

2) Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle

According to the principle, it is impossible to measure exactly the state (position) and the momentum of the particle, because the act of observing it, changes it.

Dan gave an interesting example of the group of moms who are talking about their wonderful children in a focus group, and how almost none of them buy lots of junk food. And yet, McDonald’s sells millions of burgers every year.

In marketing, the act of observing consumers changes their behavior.

So try to measure what customers actually do, rather than what they say they’ll do or anticipate they’ll do.

3) The Scientific Method

It says that you cannot prove a hypothesis through observation, you can only disprove it.

It means a single contradiction is enough to blow your theory out of the water. For instance, Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident destroyed BP’s hard earned credential as an environmentally friendly brand.

Likewise, you can invest for a long time in a brand, but a single contrary observation is sufficient enough to destroy customers’ belief.

As a precaution, try to be careful and avoid screw-ups that can potentially undermine your brand.

4) The Second Law of Thermodynamics

It says that entropy which is a measure of the disorder of a system always increases.

For example, you can only put forth your message to the customers, how the perceive that message is totally up to them. Once the message reaches your customers, you lose control of where it goes.

Correspondingly, your brand is dispersed, it gets more chaotic. It is out of your control. But, it is actually a good thing. This distribution of brand energy brings your brand closer to the people, which is good for your brand.

You can only embrace the dispersion and find a way to work with it.

Concluding up, isn’t it amazing how nature provides us analogies to understand things in a better way? So take a minute and try to figure out how these marketing lessons fit into your scheme of things. Take all the above points into consideration before devising a marketing strategy for your business.