Use Cases: Political Industry

Use voice broadcast for political and nonprofit

Build the confidence and trust among the mass with the strength of voice broadcasting.

It takes little to communicate on a personal level. But we strive to make it happen for you.

  1. Voice Broadcast’s biggest advantage is that it can notify all your followers about the whereabouts of your campaign. Use this service so your supporters can truly, and physically support your idea and stand by your side.

  2. Know the strength of your audience using the press #1 prompt as they opt-in to support your stand. This medium can also be used to allow your supporters to get in touch with your team when. Talk about a personal touch.

Use Rich text message for political and nonprofit

Build your knowledge center with our Rich Text Message features.

The best practice in politics is to know who is with you and to know them as well as you can. LeadsRain’s very own RTM services will assist you with that perfectly.

  1. The best form of information is a visual representation. We let you add images, or videos to communicate your message better to your audience. Let you agenda be the center of your message with the rich text features.

  2. Running polls and conducting a survey is now made easier by embedding QR codes to your message. You can redirect your audience to a respective page to conduct a survey.

Use Ringless voicemail for political and nonprofit

There is always a humble way of communicating, for LeadsRain, Ringless Voicemail is the choice.

Show that you care about them, by using a gentle approach in delivering your message to your valuable audience.

  1. Notifying your listeners is only a minute away. Recorded a message, upload on our dashboard, and make your campaign live, all through your phone. You can use our mobile application to make a campaign live on the run.

  2. Your followers would appreciate if you respected their time. With Ringless Voicemail, your message will go straight to voicemail so your audience can be notified about your timings or your agendas whenever they can find the time.