Things you should know

General Inquiries

You will find that our direct marketing services use state-of-the-art technology to offer a seamless user experience. Our services have no hidden costs and the plans are completely flexible. Neither do we charge for any kind of additional support, irrespective of the plan you have purchased. In the end, we are a lean company, so we put our customers ahead of us. We are known to create win-win situation so every deal starts off with a smile.
LeadsRain only provides the services to connect with your leads. We promise that you will get a better quality than what exists in the market. This is why many of our clients have experience a growth of 300%-400% within the year. However, It is upon our clients to use the service correctly to reap such benefits from them. In order to assist you, we have launched a “service suggestions” model. Here we understand your requirements and recommend a service that can best fit your criteria.
Yes. Cloud computing is much more safer, with a higher level of security than the traditional hardware, if the right steps are taken. Here at LeadsRain, we have an IP authorised infrastructure to ensure that only authorised personnel can access the setup. This helps maintaining the data security.
We offers full support without any additional charges to all our clients. You can also email us at or call +1 844-ONCLOUD for any kind of support.
It completely depends on the service you opt for. Regardles, within max. 30-40 minutes you can start working on our platform.
Yes, Your credits will expire within 90 days of purchase.
LeadsRain is a direct marketing service provider and we do not provide leads. However, if you are in need, we can connect you with the data vendors in our contact who can provide you with your data needs.
Yes, you can experience our platform for free. We provide 100 credits for free on all our services so you can test it out.
Yes of course. All you have to do is provide us with the IPs you’d like to use.
LeadsRain provides DNC filtering/scrubbing at $0.003/No.
For RTM service you need to purchase caller ID from us. This will give you a complete LeadsRain experience since the caller ID will allow us to give you a detailed report of your campaign. We charge $1 for each caller ID, which you can use for a period of one month.


Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer platform is very easy to operate both, for the admin and the agent. For the admins, they can make changes to the campaign easily with a simple one-click solution. Moreover, all the necessary reports are available upfront so they can know about the campaign performance while it is being run.For the agents, all they have to do is sign-in and start answering the calls.
The LeadsRain dialer requires a Web browser, Internet access and working headset. The platform is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux (Desktops and Laptops only).
Our dialer services are available for USA, Canada, UK and Australia. This being said, you can use our services from anywhere in the world, provided that the leads you are looking to connect with, are from these countries.
Unlike many in this industry, we do not charge per agent/seat. We charge only on calls that are answered. We have a 6 seconds billing cycle, so you need not pay for 1 min if your call disconnects in 33 seconds. We will charge you only for 36 seconds.
If you do not wish to disclose your business number, or in other cases, if you wish to keep the incoming traffic from the dialer separate from your business number, our caller ID will help you achieve this. Moreover, on using our caller ID we can set up an IVR for you as well.
This depends on the country you want the services for. We charge landline and cell phones differently only for the numbers in the UK and Australia. You can get more details on our pricing page.
Predictive Dialer has the potential to make a 1000 calls within a second. You can use its smart algorithm that determines the number of agents logged in it will set the caller ratio accordingly.
LeadsRain gives you a caller ID for inbound calls. Here is how we charge you for them:
  • local number at the cost of $10/number/month and it will be charged 1¢/minute
  • Toll free number at the cost of $40/number/month and it will be charged 2.5¢/minutes

Ringless Voicemail

Our Ringless Voicemail platform supports only an mp3 file.
You can record it using our app that you can download from android playstore or iOS app store. You may also record it using your system’s sound recorder.
We see that the most effective messages span up to 30-40 seconds, and not more. The campaigns with a longer message have seen an observable fall in callback ratio. Hence, this is considered an ideal message length.
No, ringless voicemail service is available only on mobile phones.
Yes, our platform has an in-built cell phone scrubber which will scrub out all non-mobile records and only upload mobile numbers in your campaign. All of this, without any additional cost.
Charges completely depend on the country as well as the volume that you wish to deliver. You can find the rates on our pricing page.
Charges are only applied if the voicemails are successfully delivered. If voicemail box is full or not configured then no charges are applied.
Its 4 steps easy process,
  • Signup with us
  • Login to your account
  • Setup your campaign
  • Go LIVE
Yes, we do support API integration and our team will happily assist you in order to set it up. We support Zapier integrations and provide Restful API as well. You can find our API Docs here.

Rich Text Messaging

Message template is a 160 character predefined message body, which is sent to all the uploaded numbers.
The maximum limit is 160 character per RTM. If the characters exceed, the message will be delivered in 2 parts and the charges will be applied for 2 messages.
With RTM, you can now embed your text message with a variety of content such as images, videos, QR codes, short URLs, etc. These additions to the textual message are what we have come to call the Rider content.
Yes we do offer a free demo of 100 SMS to test out our RTM platform.
Yes, LeadsRain does not let you compromise on your messages. We allow a simple way to personalize your text for each recipient. The provision is available on our message template.
All the replies to your RTM campaign will be seen in the report section. We provide a thorough reporting of the campaigns.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting service can be provided in 2 manner depending on the need. One is for “press #1” campaign where all the calls will be redirected to the agent if the customers show interest. The other is a transmission of a recorded message which can be delivered even to an answering machine.
We accept mp3 format in voice broadcast platform.
Yes, you can record a message of your own for the campaign. However, each campaign can have only one recording played to the entire list.
You can record it using your system’s sound recorder.