Use Cases: Holiday & Travels Industry

Rich text messaging for holiday and travel

Nudge your customers in the right direction with Rich Text Message.

The text messaging platform has an intense use in the tourism business. Sharing of relevant information on this tangible platform makes the industry more user-friendly. Here is how we make it happen for you.

  1. The Rich Text Message adopts the millennial messaging features, making the user experience the center of it all. The QR code lets you share travel tickets, changing the landscapes of check-in hassles. Moreover, your customers would really appreciate the provision. There is a very simple way of providing this. When your customers purchase a vacation package, all their travel tickets can be converted into a QR code which you can then forward them for a hassle-free experience.

  2. Text messages are a great form of reminders in this industry. Travel timings and site seeing details can be shared through the text message platform. RTM goes a step ahead in allowing you to share images and videos to give a better understanding of the destination. You can also share the location of specific places that you’d like your customers to see, in your message.

Voice broadcast service for holiday and travel

Schedule reminders with the Voice Broadcast service so your customers don’t miss out on the fun.

Make sure that your customers are not disappointed. Keep them informed at the right time, about the right this by a simple voice broadcast message.

  1. A voice broadcast campaign can be run at particular times depending on your customers’ bookings. Run a pre-recorded message to the registered contact number so they are present before time. Timing is a very important factor here, and you must make sure that the information is shared at the right time. You can schedule the campaign, while your list and the message is uploaded. We make sure you have little to worry about.

Predictive dialer service for holiday and travel

Prep up your sales team with the Cloud-based Predictive Dialer

How would you reap the best out of your high selling season? The Predictive Dialer of course.

  1. Keep your presence known especially during high selling seasons, and remind your customers about the wonderful time they can have during holidays. Reach out to your multiple customers and offer what you have to offer clearly. Upload the contacts of your potential customers and existing customers, and prep up your agents to deliver your message.

  2. When you’re managing a family vacation, you need to be reachable at all times. The inbound-outbound campaign option for the Predictive Dialer will enable your customers to connect with you, with a toll-free number. Leave room for no hassle in a vacation our glitch-free smart software.