Use Cases: Emergency Industry

Use voice broadcast for emergency

Guide your audience through the danger by a simple Voice Broadcast

Easy to integrate and run, now you can broadcast your warning before the disaster can strike.

  1. Our voice broadcast service is best used for disaster awareness campaigns. Often the message is not effectively communicated to the people at the right time during the times of disaster. LeadsRain has programmed a way to make your campaign live in a matter of minutes so as to make your audience aware of the scenario. Since the voice broadcast service is available on both cell phones and the landline connection, the reachability is vast through this medium.

  2. The voice broadcast service can be made to take inbound calls and press #1 prompt in cases where there might be a case of people being abandoned during an emergency. You can continue the voice broadcast service with a press #1 prompt so they can connect with the agents on the line and let them know their exact location. This module has worked during floods and helped during the evacuation procedures.

Send text using RTM in Emergency

Textual communication is a reliable medium when you need your audience to get the message immediately.

During the time of emergency, time is a crucial factor. The Rich Text Message service is the right choice to tackle the time factor.

  1. You can use the text message service and be assured that your audience will get the message sooner rather than later. You can inform them about the further protocols to follow. The rich text message service can allow your audience to access these protocols when required, meaning that they will be very handy during the time of emergency.

  2. The rich features of the service will allow you to give the details of the emergency and the necessary measures without you worrying about crossing the 160 character limit. Explain through images, videos or any other convenient ways. Share files or links even to communicate better.

  3. During emergencies, raising funds is the biggest challenge. LeadsRain has solved this problem with their RTM featuring QR codes with instant fund transfer facility. Now just share a QR code to avoid the hassles of online payment options and make fundraising easier.