Connect more people and get their attention by using SMS service. SMS service has high reach ratio than other telecommunication services so it is very useful in emergencies situations.

  • High contact ratio.
  • Connect to more people.
  • Announce evacuations.

LeadsRain is a completely managed telecommunication service provider for any kind of social and commercial areas. We deliver robust and secure system with easy to use user friendly environment. Following are some situations where it is useful as an emergency notification system.

  • Give emergency instructions.
  • Utility interruption notices.
  • Evacuation Notices.

LeadsRain IVR system offer you to create navigational, customized phone trees as simple or as complicated as you need. Simply create recorded message or select our text-to-speech service to build your IVR.

  • Emergency notifications.
  • Auto attends calls.
  • Disaster management instructions.

Reach thousand of people directly in any kind of emergency situation. Leadsrain predictive dialing allows your agnets to connect more efficiently over manual dialing.

  • Answering machine detection.
  • Increase agent productivity.
  • Connect only live people.