Use Cases: Real Estate & Mortgage Industry

Use rich text messging for mortgage

Don’t just stop at reminders. Make it an actionable message with Rich Text Message .

RTM’s Rider content is the right assistant for you when you want to go beyond a reminder. Take a look.

  1. The RTM has a number of features that come in handy all the time. Give your campaigns a strength with the most appropriate feature for this industry, the QR code. This QR code will allow your client to pay you through the SMS platform.

  2. The location and images sharing can help your purpose even more. Now let your clients know what they are getting into, and the locality over the phone. As soon as there is a new house for sale on the block, you as a broker can draft your message, add the location and images, and run your campaign with your potential buyers’ list.

  3. Conduct surveys easily with the RTM. Prompt response feature will let you interact with your customers, and our platform will get you the report in no time. Study your customer base, and client preferences to provide service better.

Use Ringless voicemail for mortgage

Notify gently with the Ringless Voicemail for an “all-ears” response.

Make sure your potential clients know what you want to talk about with the Ringless voicemail. It will speak only when it’s asked to speak.

  1. Notify without showing urgency. When your customers need to be told about an opening or about payments, all you have to do is, upload your audio file, and shoot your message to the uploaded customer lists.

  2. Follow up on the customers, maybe they are busy with something else. It is your responsibility to remind them about the last dates and the necessary procedures. However, when your potential clients are more than a hundred, you’re in trouble. With LeadsRain’s Ringless Voicemail app, you can instantly upload the lists, and the message, and run the campaign. You can also set up the campaign to run at a particular time that you feel is when your customers will be responsive.

use predictive dialer for mortgage

Need a personal touch to build confidence? We have the Predictive Dialer for just that.

Let your customers feel comfortable around you by being available whenever they need you. Connecting humans to humans will make a business grow stronger.

  1. In every business, the customer must be able to connect to a human representative and not a bot. The Predictive Dialer service is nothing but a remote, cloud contact center that will help you be present wherever required. Often there is a need to notify on a personal level, and build bonds with the clients. Simply upload a contact list, and let the dialer take care of the rest.

  2. You can also add a recorded message and if your customers need further information, they can connect with your agents with a press #1 prompt.