Rich Text Message (RTM)


It is an in-house developed text messaging platform for sending an image, video, audio, map location etc. Facility of link preview, QR codes etc has also been added to enrich the text message experience.

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Futuristic Feature

Futuristic features

Text worri-lessly, at penny's worth

Text worri-lessly, at penny's worth

Convert leads instantly

Convert leads instantly

Rich SMS Trifecta


High Readership

RTM has 93% open rate within 3 minutes of delivery. Not only will your message be enticing, it will be read by almost all your audience. Make your message viral with the most reliable platforms.

Decorated Texts

Decorated Texts

Decorate your text messages with link sharing and withdraw from any boundaries to SMS marketing. RTM mitigates the limitations of the 160 character limit, allowing you to add images, videos, gifs, QR codes, map snippets, and more.

SMS Retargeting

SMS Retargeting

They’ve opened your message, they’ve liked what you’re saying, now keep them in the loop by keeping a note of their activities. Retargeting is now made possible by RTM, so you can easily reach out to your prospects.

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How it Works

Rich text Message

Media File

RTM Media Feature

Read receipts

RTM Media Feature

Location Sharing

RTM Media Feature

Tour the Rich Text Messaging

Google Chrome
Rich text message dashboard
Rich text message campaign dashborad
Rich text message reports

Check your balance and campaign overview from the Rich Text Message dashboard. Get all the important information right here before you move on with the campaign.

You can set your campaign to run in real-time, depending on the region, so your readers are not disturbed at undesired times. The Rich Text Message requires you to include a text message to your campaign and the Rider content feature can be provided to you on special request.

Get details about your campaign performance instantly in this section. The status of your campaign is explained, telling you exactly how many numbers from the list has the message been delivered to.

Popular Appraisals

This is new. I have never seen such a huge response from a text message campaign. This is brilliant!

Catherine W.

Catherine W.

I tried RTM for a family visiting Rome through my agency. I was able to send images and location so they could visit beautiful places.

Jeremy P.

Dominic M.

Collecting payments is generally a real pain. Here I could systematically receive on RTM and get statistical reports on my campaign.

Jeremy P.

Jeremy P.


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