About Us


A lean company that puts only a win-win deal on the table. It believes in honest sharing and a healthy partnership.

Leadsrain Trifecta

Win win Deal

win-win deal

We are not just another vendor
but a lean company in your endeavors.

Multi Channel Platform

Multi-channel platform

All Direct marketing solutions
on one platform

Leadsrain priority

LeadsRainian priority

All our partners are of equal
priority to us.

We assist the lead generation industry with our numerous direct marketing services combined under the Umbrella Approach for an efficient campaign. The Umbrella approach helps decide a service or a combination of services for our clients to achieve their end-goal. Our development team’s combined experience of over 30 years gives us the edge to innovate and discover sophisticated, result-driven technology for the market.

our Philosophy

LeadsRain is the brainchild of Jay who believes that the service he looks to provide, can be successfully delivered if he looks at his customers as “growth partners.” He has stood by his belief since day one.

“LeadsRain wants to be a figure of growth partner for its clients and rise together through mutual benefits.”

- Jay Thakkar (CEO)

A word from our support

Rising from this idea is LeadsRain’s fantastic team of support. Filled with energy, they come up with creative ways to help you derive the best out of our services. The “service suggestion” page is solely their effort to optimize the client’s experience of LeadsRain.

“We’re fully equipped to provide any kind of assistance on your desired channel, throughout the campaign.”

- Kevin J. (Head of Support)

Development and Growth

Development and growth

Not only this, our development team is invested in discovering new methods of direct marketing so your ultimate goal is rightfully achieved. The development team believes in maintaining your brand’s identity and they have been successful at it so far.

“Your goal is to get the maximum returns, and our goal is to craft a campaign that best fits your needs.”

- Michael B. (Head of Development)