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Why Outbound Marketing is a must for
Solar Lead Generation?

Every homeowner is daily listening to a lot from various marketing sources about solar solutions for their property but without well-driven conversation, they will not be able to make up their mind. Although inbound marketing helps you build and notice your brand, outbound lead generation is still a crucial part of any comprehensive marketing strategy to make up prospects' minds and helps them to make the right decision.You're missing out on possible sales if your marketing strategy doesn't incorporate outbound marketing strategies like cold or warm calling, SMS marketing, and ringless voicemail marketing.

Engage more Solar Leads with Cloud-based Solar Dialer Software

Get rid of the clunky telephone system with advanced cloud-based solar dialer software that helps you connect with human answered leads over a bunch of machine calls. Close more solar panel inquiries and win more sales with a dynamic solar dialer solution. With LeadsRain’s Solar Dialer Software, easily scale your contact center, seize every possible sales opportunity, and maximize productivity.

  • Dynamic Calling with Local Caller IDs

    Use Local Caller IDs based on your prospect's location to make them put trust in the number calling to enhance the probability to get answered. Stay Dynamic with every local caller ID to geographically dynamic prospects and 2X your response rate.

  • On-Call Tag and Survey Management

    Allow your sales dialers to tag contacts and update solar panel surveys on a live call to increase segmentation and outreach. With Cloud-based Solar Dialer Software, generate more detailed and accurate leads for your sales team to enrich their sales pitch with spot-on lead information.

Say Goodbye to Softphones

Other Salient Features of Solar Outbound Dialer Solution

No more Softphones

Data at your Fingertips

Build Super Solar Scripts

Agile Agent Management

No Untapped Contact with Voicemails

Send Instant Follow-up Emails

Nurture your Solar Leads with Ringless Voicemail

It can be difficult and time-consuming to find new consumers for your solar energy company with marketing methods that have low open rates, and establishing referral agreements takes effort. With a single click, Ringless Voicemail Marketing allows you to contact and nurture thousands of potential solar energy leads into warm solar leads for your sales team.

Say Goodbye to Softphones
  • Faster and Simple to Set-up

    Don’t put much of your energy before your actual solar lead generation campaign start. With a Faster and Simple campaign set-up on LeadsRain’s Ringless Voicemail solution for solar panel marketing, save your time and energy and spend it when it actually needed with a potential solar prospect.

  • Excellent Lead Management with CRM Integration

    Manage and Update your Leads with impeccable integration functionality. Push in or Push out your Lead with an accurate update from LeadsRain’s Ringless voicemail marketing platform through effortless CRM integration.

Other Salient Features of Solar Ringless Voicemail Solution

Manage Immediate Response with Dialer Integration

Manage your Absence with Scheduled Campaigns

Click-easy Re-engagement with Failed Attempts

One Campaign-Multiple Lists

Manage Smart Opt-outs

Smart Analytics with Smart Reporting

Win More Solar Leads with SMS Marketing

Solar energy firms have long had a tight relationship with SMS, owing to the fact that it allows them to produce quality sales leads as well as monitor clients after the sale. LeadsRain’s SMS Marketing Solution helps you connect and identify more intense solar prospects with its ability to scale the outreach and push traffic to your website or helpline numbers.

  • Reach more to Reap more

    Contact more to Close more is the simple rule to keep in mind when you are planning an outreach. With the high scalability of SMS marketing, reach more leads at a time and drain out unwilling leads and segment productive leads with warm transfer and closing.

  • Automate Communication with Auto Responders

    No more FOMOs with Auto Responders. The best thing you want to do is keep an interesting solar prospect live with a spontaneous reply mechanism to make sure you don’t lose them out. Set up Keyword-based Auto-Responders with LeadsRain’s SMS Marketing solution and stay connected with your solar leads.

Say Goodbye to Softphones

Why LeadsRain can be your Ultimate LeadGen Partner
for Solar Lead Generation??

Cover the Full Circle with Blended Campaigns

Depending only on Inbound or outbound calls with keeping you at half of the way. Cover the full Circle with LeadsRain’s blended campaign approach.

Holding your Back with 24X7 Customer Support

Never found yourself left alone with issues. We hold your backs with our dedicated 24X7 Customer Support.

Customized Outbound Solutions

Every Business has their own needs and hence need customized solutions. We help you build the customized outbound solutions you look for

Effortless CRM Management with Restful APIs

Practice accurate lead management with easy-to-use CRM integration with restful APIs

Smart Analytics with Smart Reports

A smart decision needs smart data. Make smart decisions with our Smart analytical reports.

Geographical Lead Management with Geo-Lead Filter

Practice segmented lead outreach approach for differently located leads with customized Geo-lead filters

Commonly Asked Question About Solar Industry

There are multiple ways to generate Solar leads but the best approach is to use the right blend of outbound marketing channels with inbound advertising.
Solar Dialer Software, SMS Marketing, and Ringless voicemail marketing are one of the best outbound marketing options that help you generate leads and keep you in direct touch with your leads with promptness.
At LeadsRain, we charge with pay-as-you-go pricing for all our Cloud-based Outbound Marketing Solutions. To know more about the cost of LeadsRain’s Solar Dialer Software, connect with us at support@leadsrain.com
Target customers can be Homeowners as well as Business houses both but in most cases, homeowners are the decision-makers whereas in business houses it is divided into multi-layers. So we can say the ideal customers for Solar energy are Homeowners who are looking to reduce their energy expenses.

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