Ringless Voicemail - No Ring, Only Notification

A powerful way of reaching out to your existing customers as well as prospects without interrupting them

Blatantly calling customers is not the only way to make a sale. Moreover, almost 50% of calls that you make go through to voicemail so for that you need an additional voicemail strategy. Why go through so much trouble and end up chasing leads all the time. You need an alternative which uses voicemail but is better in every aspect of making sales.

There is a technology that lets you drop voicemail bypassing the traditional routing method directly to your customers' voicemail box. This is a non-intrusive technology that gives the customers flexibility to listen to your voicemail when it is convenient to them without causing any disturbance in their daily lives. All they will see is a notification stating that "you have a new voicemail" without even ringing their phones!

Direct-To-Voicemail App is now available on Android & IOS.

LeadsRain offers you Ringless Voicemail services for fulfilling your sales endeavors.

Instantly record your Voicemail

Easy to use interface

Built-in cell phone scrubber

DNC scrubbing*

Campaign Management

Advanced Reporting

Not convinced yet?

Talk to us on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop us an email at support@leadsrain.com. We will be more than happy to assist you in smoothly transiting from your traditional way of making sales to Ringless Voicemail. We provide excellent support whenever you need; we are just a call away.
* DNC scrubbing is an additional feature provided with an add-on cost of $0.003/record.