How to draft an effective Voicemail Script in just 5 steps? (With Examples)

write voicemail script in just 5 steps

Dropping good voicemails for your business is a marketing practice every marketer must be proficient with. Voicemails today are swiss-knife of telecommunications tools and if appropriately leveraged can mean incredible ROI and low Cost per Acquisition

A good voicemail is a piece of art and takes a fair deal of artistry and creativity to draft. And like every art, it’s possible to excel at it. Here’s our 5 step method to get you started on how to write a powerful Voicemail.

But before you do keep the 3 essential qualities of a good Voicemail in mind.

Length – Long-winded voicemails turn off the prospects, and you pay more too!
Tone – It should be delightful and good to hear.
Simplicity – No wordplay, gimmics, or technical jargon.

LeadsRain Pro Tip for creating Ringless Voicemails – Keep your Voicemail shorter than 40 seconds.

It should be allocated roughly as given below.
First 10 seconds – The start or the greeting
Second 10-15 seconds – Core message.
Last 10-15 seconds – Endnote and callback details.

Step 1 – Define the Purpose of Sending Voicemail

The aim of the voicemail is crucial since it defines what you will talk about in your voicemail. The things you talk about in a follow up voicemail and lead warming voicemail are drastically different.

Step 2 – Add Greeting

This is the moment you reel them in, make sure it is appropriately toned.
A cheerful good morning or hello, followed by your introduction, always works wonders.

Step 3 – Write the core of your Message

This is the core of your voicemail and should not take more than two sentences. The more simple you make these two lines, the more effectively you will communicate with your lead.

For example, a policy renewal follows up voicemail’s core would look like this.
“Your policy is about to expire on __/__/____, renew before it expires.”

Step 4 – Add Callback Details

The person trying to call you back is the warm lead you want to convert don’t be lazy and skip these details. Even if you have overshot your time, never trim your callback details. Give your leads all the details to contact you here in a clear easy to understand language.

LeadsRain Pro Tip – Mention your call back details twice in a voicemail at suitable points.

Step 5 – Record and Test, If needed Reframe and Re-Record

When you are done recording your voicemail, run it through our quick test checklist below.
Test it for,
– Sound Clarity
– Confirmation
– Silence at the end and beginning
– Correct callback details

After testing, if you find anything that should be changed then Reframe your Voicemail script and Re-Record it.

Here are a few Sample Voicemail Scripts to inspire you.

Ringless Voicemail Example 1:

Hey (Customer’s Name).
This is [Your Name], from [Company Name].
We’re [your Product pitch in a line]. I think it would be mutually beneficial if can talk. So please call me back on [Your Number] if you are interested. Again, the is [Your Number].
Thanks! And Have a Great Day!

Ringless Voicemail Example 2:

Hi [Prospect’s Name],
Hope you are doing well!

This is [Your Name], I’m calling from [Your Company]. I’ve been working with some [Your Industry] businesses in [the area] and was wondering if you would be interested to hear more about [Your Company’s Product/Service].

If you could give me a call back at [Your Number], I’d love to learn more about your business and how we might be able to work together. I will be available at [Your Number], feel free to call me back.

Thanks and Have a Blessed day!

Ringless Voicemail Example 3:

Hey [Prospect’s Name]

This is [Your Name], I think you would love to hear more about our [Your Product/Service]. You can call us back on [Your Number] to know more. I think it would be great if we can speak and work together to grow more. Again, you can reach me on [Your Number]

Thanks and Have a Lovely day!

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