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Boost roofing sales with LeadsRain's advanced predictive dialer and ringless voicemail service for unparalleled lead generation efficiency.

Why is Outbound Marketing a must for
Roofing Lead Generation?

Homeowners are surrounded by lots of Inbound advertising, outbound lead generation still remains an important aspect of any comprehensive marketing plan for multiple valid reasons, so as for Roofing Lead Generation. Outbound marketing is a complementary element of marketing strategy, with inbound lead generation rather than as a substitute, as it provides advantages that cannot be obtained any other way if ignored.

Reach more Homeowners with Cloud-based Roofing Dialer

LeadsRain’s Cloud-based Dialer Solution for Roofing helps you enhance your productivity with cutting-edge predictive dialing embedded with unique advantages to create effortless ease for your sales dialers.

  • Wait Less - Talk More with AMD Technology

    Our AI-powered predictive dialer is designed from the ground up to allow roofing companies to generate more high intent roofing leads and convert them into roofing sales faster by connecting human answered calls to your sales dialers with AMD technology to wait less and talk more to real people

  • Enriched Database Management with CRM Integration

    Keep your desired Database management tool or CRM around with effortless integration with LeadsRain through Restful APIs to keep your database updated with every single update on prospective leads.

Say Goodbye to Softphones

Other Salient Features of Roofing Outbound Dialer Solution

Automatic Call Distribution

Auto Voicemail Drop on Answering Machine

Time-based Dialing

Transfer to Closer

Customized Lead Filters

Call Barging and Call Hijacking

Convert more Roofing leads with Ringless Voicemail

Converting more roofing leads that are dying to hire you or replace their roof, needs one thing for sure, a fully flooded lead funnel with high intent roofing leads. Send Outreach and Follow-up voicemails in bulk following super-easy steps, get more opt-in leads and get more conversions.

Say Goodbye to Softphones
  • Keep Filling your Funnel effortlessly

    Even if your close rate is high, you'll need to go through a lot of leads to fill your funnel. With Roofing Ringless voicemail Solution, you can fill your funnel with hundreds or even thousands of potential homeowners with a single click. Simply upload your contact list, Upload your recording, and send.

  • Personal Feelings = Higher Rate Of Response

    Don’t let your potential Roofing clients feel like they're being spammed as Ringless voicemail for Roofing isn't a traditional marketing approach. Let them feel a personal and genuine invitation to connect with correct messaging and call to action. This results in a higher conversion rate than most typical outbound marketing methods.

Other Salient Features of Roofing Ringless Voicemail Solution

Schedule your Voicemails

Single Click Re-attempt to Failed once

Inbuilt Cellphone Scrubber

Local presence with Local Caller IDs

Integrate CRM with Restful APIs

Customized Tracking with Reports

Generate Commercial Roofing Leads with
Voice Announcement Solution

Sometimes you need to reach commercial roofing leads which mostly have landline numbers or maybe you have a mix of leads, Mobile, and Landlines. It’s pointless to miss such an important segment. The best way to get roofing leads in such a scenario is to Send announcements and Set up Surveys with Voice Broadcast technology.

  • Carryout Pre-outreach Survey

    Know more about your target prospects before you actually talk to them like cold canvassing. Set up a Pre-outreach survey with “Press-1” set-up and ask the qualifying question to warm up the cold leads.

  • Live Transfer to Closer with Press-1 Set-ups

    Close more roofing leads by connecting qualified leads to your best of the agent or closer, with the highest conversion ratio. With Press-1 Set-up you can reach more homeowners with less effort and talk to those who are interested in your roofing service

Say Goodbye to Softphones

Other Salient Features of Roofing Ringless Voice Announcement Solution

Easy to Set up

Better response with Local Caller IDs

Follow the Sun Dialing

Schedule your Campaign

Track Press-1 events with detailed reports

All calls recorded by Default

Why LeadsRain can be your Ultimate LeadGen Partner
for Roofing Industry?

Manage Outbound + Inbound with any Channel

Lead generation is never about only Outbound and Inbound, it’s always a smooth blend of both. Manage both with any outbound channel of LeadsRain.

Tailor-made Solutions

Every campaign has its own needs. We help you design the solution you are looking for.

Robust Customer Support

Never stuck in between your Campaigns. Rest assured with 24/7 Customer Support to solve your queries.

Stay Updated with Real-time Reports

Improve your sales teams' visibility and measure all Key Performance Metrics — monitor agent productivity and reporting in real-time.

In-depth Report Management

Track and Testify your outbound and inbound activities. Take smart data-driven decisions with In-depth Reports.

Custom Lead Filters

Segment your leads and assign them to dedicated campaigns with Custom Lead filter creation based on multiple criteria.

Commonly Asked Question About Roofing Industry

Any potential client who exhibits interest in your roofing services or products is referred to as a roofing lead. Simply, it is any property owner who intends to use your roofing services.
There are multiple ways to market your Roofing business but when it comes to roofing business marketing with an outbound marketing approach, you can do it by using, SMS Drip campaigns, Email marketing, Ringless Voicemail Voice broadcasting, and more. To know more, connect with our representatives now at 302-397-0096 or send a query to
Definitely. As far as Roofing leads are concerned, it has a very short life span, and what you really need is to immediately get connected with the decision-makers. Calling is the best way to reach them directly and immediately. Connect with us at to know more about how cold calling can be used for Roofing lead generation campaigns.
Data and its quality type are very important for high-quality lead generation for any business. It will be most preferred if you have opt-in data or warm leads which are already known to your business and have shown prior interest in your offerings.

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