Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer


A software that manages incoming and outgoing calls between available agents to optimize the agent’s inputs and simultaneously exterminate loss of prospects.

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Cloud Predictive Dialer
Workforce made efficient

Make workforce more efficient, instantly

Eradicate time lapse on dialing

Eradicate time lapse on dialing

Remotely manage your work

Remotely manage your work

Cloud-based Auto Dialer Trifecta

Purely human interactions

Purely human interactions

Any investment is worthless when half your production time goes in convincing an answering machine. Allow your executives to speak to live humans using the cloud-based auto dialer to filter out humans from machines.

At your service 24/6

At your service 24/6

The “cloud” never sleeps so it can always be there for you. With its uptime of 99.9%, you will never feel the need to shut the campaign due to technical reasons. With a downtime (rarely too) of merely 0.01%, the barriers are next to nothing.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper

Enjoy both, salts and peppers on your sale with a blended campaign. It enables you to run both inbound and outbound calls together. Bear greater fruits just by connecting your prospects using this sales dialer.

Upscale your business with the cloud today!

How it Works

Cloud Predictive dialer makes calls



Not Answer



Answering machine detected






Human voice detected

Segregates calls based on responses

Connects the human detected calls to agents

Tour the Predictive Dialer

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Cloud Predictive Dialer Dashboard
cloud predictive dialer campaign dashboard
cloud predictive dialer report dashboard

The predictive dialer can be highly customized based on your needs. Due to the dashboard’s complex nature, we have designed a special “wizard” feature that includes all that you need to get the campaign started.

The dialer campaign is easy to create and manage. All you have to do is input the necessary details that you want in your campaign and the auto-dialer is good to go.

Here we give you the report of the agents engaged with the campaign. Their current status and their task at hand. The color helps you distinguish between the statuses of the agents.

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I've been using these guys for years! They are simply awesome at what they do! Best dialer in the biz, hands down!

Will s.

Will S.

Leadsrain is one of the most proficient companies providing peculiar cloud-based auto dialers and predictive dialers.

William J.

William J.

We've been using LeadsRain's dialer service for almost two years now, and we're very satisfied.

Sandra Darrin S.

Sandra Darrin S.


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