Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer


An outbound dialer software that manages incoming and outgoing calls between available agents to
optimize the agent’s inputs and simultaneously exterminate loss of prospects.

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Cloud Predictive Dialer

Cloud-based Predictive Dialer Software Features

Blended Campaign

Blended Campaign

Connect the prospects with a combination of inbound and outbound call facility

Smart-Pitch Auto-dial

Smart-Pitch Auto-dial

Direct marketing method to reach out the crowd with local accent via pre-recorded messages

Time-Zone wise dialing

Time-Zone wise dialing

Precisely targeting the audiences according to their time-zones for direct communication

Local Presence

Local Presence

Personalised way of outreaching customers by using area-codewise Caller ID to drive outstanding connectivity

Call Recording

Call Recording

A tool to record all the calls for future training and optimised quality purposes

Whisper and Hijack Calls

Whisper and Hijack calls

Take over the command of calls from the agent as per the need of the hour

Whisper and Hijack Calls

Sending Email from Dialer

It’s an amazing idea to send an email to your recipients before or after the call. Isn’t it?

Whisper and Hijack Calls

Transfer to Closer

You definitely want to close the deal efficiently. Use our internal call transfer feature to hand it over to experts.

Leaving Voicemail on Answering Machine

Leaving Voicemail on Answering Machine

The recipient couldn’t attend your call? No worries, you can leave a pre-set voicemail on the answering machine.

Web-based outbound calling Software

Web Based Dialer

Embrace the lightness of the cloud! Float free like a cloud with our Web-based predictive dialer service. Our cloud-based service allows you to work with less hardware and software resources and scale up quickly. Now enjoy seamless integrations with leading services with Zapier. LeadsRain's web-based Phone dialer works with all the leading browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
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How Cloud Based Predictive Dialer Works?

Cloud Predictive dialer makes calls


Not Answer


Answering machine detected




Human voice detected

Segregates calls based on responses

Connects the human detected calls to agents

Tour the Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer software can be highly customized based on your needs. Due to the dashboard’s complex nature, we have designed a special “wizard” feature that includes all that you need to get the campaign started.

The dialer campaign is easy to create and manage. All you have to do is input the necessary details that you want in your campaign and the Cloud Predictive-dialer is good to go.

Here we give you the report of the agents engaged with the campaign. Their current status and their task at hand. The color helps you distinguish between the statuses of the agents.

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I've been using these guys for years! They are simply awesome at what they do! Best dialer in the biz, hands down!

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Will S.

Leadsrain is one of the most proficient companies providing peculiar cloud-based predictive dialers.

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William J.

We've been using LeadsRain's dialer service for almost two years now, and we're very satisfied.

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Sandra Darrin S.


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QUESTIONS ABOUT Cloud Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer name itself suggests that it predicts when to transfer a call to an agent and to which of them based on specific algorithms. Before the agent is free to handle the next call, a predictive dialer makes outbound calls based on a predefined dialing ratio. A progressive dialer, on the other hand, sends outbound calls only when the agent has indicated his or her availability to handle the next call.
Predictive dialers instruct agents to take only those calls that are answered by Humans only. It keeps the agents from listening to busy signals, missed calls, disconnected lines, fax machines, or other automated devices. Predictive dialers use mathematical formulae and algorithms to anticipate typical call answer time and agent availability, and then adjust the dialing rate as needed. Unsuccessful calls will be analyzed by a predictive dialer to see if the number needs to be called back.
A Predictive Dialer software majorly has two types of pricing plans Pay as you go pricing and Unlimited Pricing plan with a monthly fixed subscription. At LeadsRain we work on the Pay as you go pricing that keeps you away from wasting unnecessary money on Fixed monthly rental for those agents who may or may not use the dialer for all the days of the month at full capacity. Pay as you go pricing charges you only when you actually use it. To know more about it read this article, Pay per use v/s Unlimited Pricing
In order to create the Campaign and make calls, You need to Create users, Campaign call time, Add your Caller ID, Create a List package and Upload Leads into it, and make the Campaign and List package active. Once it’s done, you need to log in as an Agent on the Agent dashboard and make calls. To know more about how to set up a campaign and get more assistance reach us at
Cloud-based Predictive Dialer has many benefits differs case to case, but if we talk about some common benefits of using a Predictive Dialer, it can be as below:
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Maintain and organize the client database.
  • Efficiently managing Blended Campaigns
  • Boost Agent Efficiency
  • Real-time Monitoring and Control
  • Cost-cutting
The Ultimate purpose of Predictive Dialer is to improve the efficiency of your agents and the effectiveness of their work by reducing repetitive and unwanted tasks. By avoiding repetitive duties, a predictive dialer increases the efficiency of your call center's agents. In absence of a Predictive dialer, Your agents will have to spend a lot of time looking up phone numbers, phoning them, and reading information about their leads in order to pitch to potential customers.
Yes, LeadsRain’s Predictive Dialer has a dedicated Agent Dashboard with many features that can help agents to increase their efficiency and make their work easy and faster.
Yes, At LeadsRain we do offer Local Caller IDs at an extra monthly cost for the are codes you need to create the local presence and set up them to route as per the lead’s area code. To know more about how that works, get in touch with our experts at


User Experience

User friendly interface for easy execution of the successful lead generation campaigns


Comprehensive approach with Zapier and restful API for quick and enhanced CRM integration


Every dime of yours is important, thus, pay only for what you use

Cloud-based Infrastructure

A Cloud Based robust infrastructure integrated with Scalability, Reliability & Security

Tailor-made Solutions

Customised solutions for all the personalised requirements of the direct marketing campaigns

DNC filter

Facilitating the users to scrub and filter the leads with National DNC list


An automated inbound system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls accordingly

Collaborative Campaign Strategy

Designing the unique campaign strategy for each user by using our industrial expertise

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With our no-frills plans, you get the texts and minutes you need — without any commitments

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