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What is Sales Dialer Software?

Sales Dialer Software is an Outbound Sales Calling Solution using which outbound BDRs can improve their outcomes to create more productive and successful phone conversations. It also helps the sales reps to avoid non-productive tasks like manual dialing, manual voicemail drops, and managing the call list on their own with a head-scratching excel sheet. Sales Dialer Software can help outbound sales reps to use their time more and more on productive calls and lead conversions.

Sales Dialer Software

Why Do you need Sales Dialer Software?

More Growth needs More Sales, And More Sales need More Prospects. But what keeps your Sales flowing? It’s your Sales Pipeline. Full-flooded sales pipeline with prospects can ramp up your sales and redefine your growth. Reaching too many leads manually can be time taking and unproductive. A Sales Dialer Software can help you expedite the number of calls, automate the calls and let your Sales Reps focus on dedicated conversation than dialing leads.

Expedite Your Dialing Speed
  • Expedite Your Dialing Speed

    Call more to Close More. The more leads you contact, the more prospects you qualify and the more clients you will close. To speed up your calling process, use sales dialer software and avoid unproductive dialing and ringing time.

  • Ramp up your Conversion Rate

    Manage Local Presence with multiple caller IDs and strategic lead management approach to avoid stereotype follow-ups. Reach prospects at the best time and the best person converting more leads with less effort.

Ramp up your Conversion Rate
Scalable Solution for Growing Teams
  • Eliminate the Human Errors

    Accuracy is directly connected to productivity. If you are eyeing better productivity, you must have a high level of accuracy. The best way to achieve it, is to reduce the level of human errors by introducing automation in your calling practices with sales dialer software, from dialing calls to skill-based routing. Sales dialer software will let you cut down the human error.

Easy to Set up and Simple to Scale

The Sales Dialer Software from LeadsRain has a simple, contemporary design and offers extensive customization.
Without any specialized equipment, teams can begin calling from anywhere in as little as one day.
Anytime, with minimal additional setup, add new users.

Seal the Deal with Transfer to Closer Capabilities
  • Create Unlimited Users with No Extra Cost
  • Give Campaign Access to Selected Users
  • Create Team to Manage Campaign wise Users
  • Higher Call Answering Ratio with Local Caller-IDs
  • Get more Conversion with Call Transfer to Closer
  • No More Softphone - Experience the WebRTC

Centralized Agent Desktop

Your CRM and our Sales Dialer solution work together seamlessly. In the same window where they place and receive calls,
your agents may read prospect information and make notes.
Your teams have it simpler than ever and are up to 30% more productive.

  • Keep Your Sales Scripts on Screen
  • Take and Save Call Notes for Futures
  • See Scheduled Calls and Call Logs
  • Send Email from the Agent Screen
  • Transfer To Closer for More Conversions
  • Record Call On Demand With a Click
Manage Inbound and Outbound Calls

Systematic Sales Approach

Systematically design your sales process flawless and automated to make it more productive and profitable with
advanced dialing features that help your agents to save time on non-productive tasks.

Manage Inbound and Outbound Calls
  • Avoid Machine calls with AMD Technology
  • Leave Automated Voicemail on Machine Calls
  • Get the Best Agent on Call with Skill-based Routing
  • Supersize the Segmentation with Dynamic Lead Filters
  • Edit or Add Lead Information for Future
  • Send On Call or Post Call SMS for Better Communication

Why Choose LeadsRain?

QUESTIONS ABOUT Sales Dialer Software

There is no such limit on the Creation of agents or Logging in them on the agent dashboard.
It Completely depends on how you manage your campaign dial level. Generally, you don’t have any limit to making calls per hour.
Yes, It is. Our Sales Dialer integrates with all the platforms and CRM you need to keep around while making calls. To know how you can integrate your CRM, contact us at or Contact our call support team.
We charge on the Pay-per-call pricing. The Pricing starts at 2¢ per minute and goes as low as 1.25¢
You can find multiple reports and analyses under the Report sections on Admin Dashboard.

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