LeadsRain provides you many tools to help comply with regulations,such as Time Zone Call Filter and DNC Filters. Your organization is completely responsible for the calls that are made. Telemarketing fines are very high so be careful.

DNC List

A DNC List provide numbers that are DNC Enabled. Phone Numbers can be added to DNC List by Admin directly to DNC List or a call dispositioned as DNC. These numbers will not dial during dialing.

Check Invalid Number

LeadsRain can automatically check invalid area codes and prefixes from your phone number list.

Time Zone Call Filter

Based on destination time zone, outbound calls can be filtred using Time Zone Call Filter.

Mobile Number Identification at Real-Time

A mobile phone type can be checked in real-time when leads are loaded into the system.

Assign Time Zone

Using the area code and prefix LeadsRain can determine a customer's time zone.

Lead Contact Schedule

It allows you to define outbound dialing based on customers' local time.It also use as time condition for inbound calls.

Lead Dial Limit

It allows you to set the maximum number of allowed daily call attempts for lead.

User Permissions

LeadsRain has three different roles based on user permission: Admin, Client Quality, and Agent. Additional permissions can be assigned to each user.

Duplicate Lead Check

A list can be filtered for duplicates during uploading within that list or within all the lists in the same campaign.

Compliance Reference Websites