Telemarketing Compliance Guide


LeadsRain believes in marketing morally and expects the same for all our partners.

Many rules must be followed depending on the type of contact and region of the recipient. Here are things that a marketer should remember

Time of Contact

Many regions have a specified time allotted to business and marketing calls, making marketing calls out of the specified window can lead to harsh penalties and legal action against the marketer.

DNC Lists

TCPA and FCC maintain a Do Not Call Registry of telephone numbers that do not want to receive marketing calls and updates. Failing to comply with them can mean a fine of $500 per violation and other legal action against you.

Robocall Mitigation

The Federal Communications Commission ( FCC) has implemented rules to mitigate unwanted and illegal robocalls. This includes the implementation of call authentication frameworks like STIR/ SHAKEN, which verify the authenticity of caller identification information.


Consent is the key. It is highly recommended to only send out communications to the ones who have expressly given you their permission to contact them.


Respect the personal space of the people who have opted out and make it simple for those who want to opt-out.

New Robocall Mitigation Rules

But what exactly are Robocalls?

Basically, Robocall Mitigation refers to the actions and strategies implemented to prevent or reduce the occurrence of unwanted automated phone calls, commonly known as robocalls.

These calls are typically generated by automated dialing systems and can range from annoying telemarketing calls to fraudulent scams.

According to FCC regulations, a caller must first have your written approval before making a pre-recorded telemarketing call to your home or wireless phone number. This consent can be given verbally over the phone, online through a website form, or on paper. A caller must also get your permission, either verbally or in writing, from the FCC before they may phone or text your wireless number using an autodialer, a prerecorded message, or any other automated system. These guidelines do not apply in some situations, such as those involving life-or-safety emergencies.

According to the FCC, the mitigation includes forcing cellular providers to block text messages that appear to be sent from erroneous, underused or unallocated numbers that are unlikely to deliver text messages.

The Federal Communications Commission has passed new regulations to increase requirements for phone service providers to use the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication framework, as well as to mitigate unlawful robocalls.

Intermediate provider call authentication

To ensure security, the first intermediate provider in the call path, excluding getaways, is required to authenticate any SIP calls received directly from the originating provider that lack authentication.

Robocall Mitigation

It is mandatory for all providers to implement practical measures in order to minimize the occurrence of illegal robocall traffic. Also, it is necessary to prevent traffic from being accepted if it originates directly from a provider that is not certified in the Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD).

Robocall Mitigation Database Filing Obligations

To comply with the requirements, it is necessary to submit a certification in the RMD that includes details about the provider’s STIR/ SHAKEN implementation status, as well as other identifying information. All filers will also need to provide additional requested information.

What is TCPA & FCC?

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are bodies and laws that regulate, mandate, and enforce regulations for telemarketing communications in the United States. (including Telemarketing calls, Auto-dialed calls, Pre-Recorded calls, Rich text messages)

LeadsRain’s Pledge to Compliant Marketing

We strive to make things easier for our users. Our services have features inbuilt in our services and products that make staying compliant very easy.

Custom Call Time

Define the regulated time, and LeadsRain’s smart system will ensure that calling happens only at the specified time by you.

DNC Scrubber

Our services come inbuilt with DNC scrubber that removes leads that are listed in DNC Registry. Our DNC Scrubber works for both National and State DNC lists.

Call Recording, Call Monitoring and Call Hijack

We offer options to monitor your call, record them or hijack and control calls made by the agent to actively look for breaks in compliance and track deviations.

Regulated Drop Time

Our automatic Ringless Voicemail and Rich Text Messaging services are smartly designed to send Ringless Voicemail Drops and Rich Text Messages automatically in the time window defined by you, this allows you to make your communications in the window specified for telemarketing in the region of your recipient.