Marketing Morally


We believe in a moral marketing and we expect our clients to follow the same. We believe that the telemarketing world is pretty much black and white. If you have the consent to send messages, you are marketing, but if you do not, you are soliciting. The latter is misuse of our services and LeadsRain has the liberty to block your account if they find out that the service is not being used morally.

We expect our clients to abide by the TCPA compliances and other country-wise compliances respective to the country you are running the campaign in.

If you are not aware of these compliances, we request you to visit the websites provided below to get yourself to familiarize with them before you begin with our services. our organization is completely responsible for the calls that are made. Telemarketing fines are very high so we suggest that you be careful.

For telemarketing, your campaigns will necessarily run on cell phones and landlines devices. So here is how our clients will be able to use the services legally:

  • Client must understand any additional International, Federal, State, or local laws governing their campaign.
  • Client agrees to identify themself with legal contact information for any of their outbound campaigns within their initial message.
  • Client must provide their own recorded message for any outbound campaigns.
  • Client needs to enlist their own data for the outgoing campaigns.
  • Client must dial only after receiving the consent (doubt opt-in) from the recipient about the message being delivered.
  • Client must ensure that the campaign run-time is scheduled effectively without breaking any laws.
  • Client must refrain from delivering the message to the audience who do not consent to be contacted with such messages.
  • We insist that if you do not have a clear understanding of the compliances, use our services only after consulting your attorney.
  • Client must not use dead numbers or numbers belonging to someone else as their caller ID that they use during their campaign.

However, this is not all. We request you to go through the respective websites to get a clearer understanding about the compliances.

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