Omni Channel Pricing

No hidden costs, get what you spend for

Affordable Omnichannel Marketing Price to Fit Any Campaign Budget

We value every feature, eliminating plan-based discrimination

Customized Workflows

Design your customized workflow automation and achieve seamless communication.

Email marketing

Navigate higher email open rates with customized email designs to improve channel engagement.

Text messaging

Reach remarkable engagement rates through text messaging as an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Voice announcement

Improve outreach with pre-recorded voice announcements for effective communication.

Contact management

Get a panoramic view of each lead’s contact journey with centralized management.

Strategic Sales Bridge

Amplify your omnichannel outreach by seamlessly connecting live leads to sales for conversion.

Lead segmentation

Maximize outreach impact through strategic live lead segmentation in omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Local & Toll-free numbers

Empower your omnichannel strategy with local and toll-free numbers for effective outreach.

Real-time analytics

Maximize ROI on your campaigns and drive personalized engagement across channels with dynamic real-time analytics.

Pricing FAQs

Your credits will expire within 90 days of purchase
We request you to always take consent from your customers and follow the TCPA and other legal compliances for a smooth campaign.
LeadsRain provides DNC filtering/scrubbing at $0.002/No.
We only follow the “Minute” model of pricing and do not charge per seat.