Record & Broadcast Voice Messages To Outreach Millions Of Customers

Keep Your Customers Updated In Real-time With Voice Broadcasting Services

Do you wish to deliver multiple messages to your customer with service sleeved with contemporary features suiting your small, medium or large business?

Voice Broadcasting Service of LeadsRain is a state-of-the-art Voice Transmission System that simplifies multifarious tasks that a call center would otherwise have to perform. If you opt for these easy to integrate and use voice broadcasting you can shoot your messages successfully to your large client base just in a jiffy! By choosing digital voice broadcasting service platform you save upto 60% – 70% of operational expenditure of your company which incurs on infrastructure & hiring of voice agents.

Now, reaching thousands of customers at the same time with the same message without any human intervention is a cakewalk. You can consider it as the best medium to connect your customers with or without internet access, since this technology supports you to effectively sending reminders for appointments, service notifications, invitation for events and more through recorded voice messages in multiple languages.

This intelligent service meets several requisites of various business model and industry verticals such as Automobile, Telemarketing, Educational Institutes, Medical Practitioners & Health Care Departments, Political campaigns, Government Body, Tours & Travels, Banking & Financial companies and more without huge investments.

LeadsRain's Voice Broadcasting Services is also acknowledged as smart service that is permeated with dynamic features & benefits such as:

  • Greatly Versatile and User Friendly
  • Voice attracts more attention than e-mail
  • Apposite solution to broaden your company's reaches
  • Uncomplicated to use and integrate
  • Brings personal touch in your voice communiques
  • Get across to your audiences globally
  • Easily broadcast messages on any landline or mobile
  • Handles voice messages of any length
  • Facility to detect answering machines & separate it from human responses
  • Dials as many numbers as pre-configured
  • Generate all the analytical and statistical information necessary for performance evaluation

Moreover, with our voice broadcasting systems, you can also take advantage of interactive voice response systems wherein your customers can be prompted for options and they can interact live on the broadcast with the voice broadcasting service. This is a beyond price asset to have when you wish to record feedback or review of customer, conduct an inspection or generate leads as a presale initiative.

Genuinely, a voice broadcasting solution can be a dynamic game changer for your business in more ways than one as it is useful to circulate messages for Appointment Reminder Services, Fund Raising Projects, Third Party Telephonic Verification, Customer Surveys and Polls, Sweepstakes and Contests, Credit Card Activation, Severe Weather Warnings, Product Promotional Campaigns, Payment Reminder Services, Automated Virtual Assistant Desks and more.

For any queries regarding Voice Broadcasting services, contact us right away. Request a free quote!