Cloud Contact Center Solution

Adopt the Strinkingly Modish Contact Center Technology

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

Cloud Contact Center is a smart technology to move all your customer engagement activity on cloud-based software. It empowers your users to communicate with the prospects through the Outbound and Inbound call processes from anywhere anytime over the most secured system. A Cloud Contact Center is a cutting-edge solution that enables marketers to reach their target audience with multiple channels like Voicemail, SMS, and Email in addition to Inbound and Outbound calls. A Cloud-based Contact Center is a perfect solution that any business can dream of to upgrade their communication process with their valuable customer.

What is cloud contact center

Why do you need a Cloud Contact Center?

With a cut-throat competitive environment, marketers need a solution that does not limit them to expand and still keep their cost-optimized. Cloud-based call Center software is the perfect combo of features and benefits marketers are looking for and helps to achieve the objective they are aiming at.

Why Cloud Contact Center
  • No limit on Scalability

    No limit on the maximum number of users to create. Scale up your Contact Center with a simple two-step easy process anytime.

  • Optimized Cost Structure

    Keep your Contact Center cost-optimized with the most effective Pay-as-you-go Pricing Policy. No Fixed monthly Burden for those users who are not available or working.

  • Easy access to Agents

    Hassle-free Set-up your User account and Easy access to the dialer with a simple User ID and Password. Stay away from annoying Softphone setups, with WebRTC technology.

  • Instant Set up at Zero Cost

    No need to pay even a cent to set up your System with a Cloud-based platform. Experience the world-class support that makes your initializing process flawless.

Cloud Contact Center Software v/s On-Premise Call Center Set up


LeadsRain’s Cloud Contact Center Solution

Setup Process: Faster & Easy

Easy and Faster Setup

Quality: High-level Voice Quality with a sound Internet connection

High Level Quality

Transferability: No need to Transfer as on Cloud


Cost: Very less as no Hardware dependency

Very Less Cost

Scalability: Quick & Unlimited

Quick and unlimited Scalability

Call Center Set up

Easy and Faster Setup

Setup Process: Complex & Time-consuming

High Level Quality

Quality: Low-level Voice Quality, Need better technology


Transferability: Costly & Time-consuming

Very Less Cost

Cost: Higher as needing specific Hardware and set up

Quick and unlimited Scalability

Scalability: Slow and Limited

Cloud Contact Center vs on primises

How to Get Started

Getting started with LeadsRain’s Cloud Contact Center Solution is just a Five-step easy process. It’s all about setting up your Users and Campaign with Leads you want to reach out and you will be good to go live within 30 minutes.

Create Acoount With Leadsrain
  • Create Account

    Go to LeadsRain Signup Page and Create an account for the Predictive Dialer Service. Verify your account with your Email and Phone number and get started.

Seal the Deal with Transfer to Closer Capabilities
  • Create Users

    Identify the people who are going to make and take calls from your dialer and create a User and Password for them to make them login into the system.

Seal the Deal with Transfer to Closer Capabilities
  • Set up your Campaign

    Create the campaign with all the needed settings the way you are planning to reach your target audience. Manage all the updates in the plan, with a well-designed easy to use admin section.

Seal the Deal with Transfer to Closer Capabilities
  • Upload your Leads

    Put all your contacts in a CSV file, you are going to reach and Upload them in the cloud-based system to call them automatically. Manage all your data with dedicated lists attached to relevant campaigns.

Seal the Deal with Transfer to Closer Capabilities
  • Login as Agent to Make Call

    Allow each user to Login on the dedicated Agent Dashboard with their unique Login Credentials. Power up them to make and take calls dialed automatically by the Cloud-based dialer system.

Why Choose LeadsRain?


It’s just a five-step process that can take around 30 minutes to implement the setup.
Absolutely, As this is a Cloud-based solution, your agents can work from anywhere in the world. What they need are a good computer system and a high-speed internet connection.
No, there is no dependency on any specific hardware to get started with this except a Computer.
Undoubtedly, It’s Completely Safe. With our IP authentication system, Access can be controlled by you yourself.
No. We provide Live Chat support and Call support at no cost.
Cloud Contact Center can Improve the Agent’s Efficiency by avoiding Machine calls with Answering machine detection, Transfer only Human calls to agents, more closings with Transfer to Closer, and many more benefits. By repeating all these benefits, the ultimate goal of higher ROI can be achieved easily.

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