Preview Dialer Software

A preview dialer is a straightforward outbound dialing mechanism. The agent can simply look at the customer's record and decide to call them through the “preview” stage. Perfect for a complex sales process.

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What is Preview Dialer Software?

Visualize having an immediate associate who grants you to associate with your customers smoothly. That’s where exactly comes Preview Dialer software! With this incredible software, you can easily get a glimpse of your customer’s sphere.

Preview dialer software is used in contact centers as well as in the sales team to boost effectiveness. This software grants agents to preview their customer information such as name, previous interactions, etc before making them call. Also, they may also be able to skip to the next name on the list. It's a kind of automated dialing process which enables agents to stay in touch with the right calls at the right time.

Preview Dialer Software

What makes our Preview Dialer Software a beneficial tool?

Let’s showcase how easily our preview dialer software can simply revolutionize customer interactions, agent accomplishment and comprehensive results of business.

Smart time handling
  • Smart time handling

    By eliminating manual dialing, preview dialers help agents to save their time and efforts. This allows agents to focus on more relevant conversations and tasks.

  • Hike in contact rates

    Agents can make more appropriate and targeted calls with the capacity to preview customer information. This emerged as an increase in contact rates and enhanced connections with customers.

Hike in  contact rates
Revamp first call resolution
  • Revamp first call resolution

    When preview dialer enables situations needed to object queries or concerns related to customers instantly, it results in increased first call resolution rates.

  • Amalgamation of Multichannel

    Our preview dialer seamlessly integrates with numerous communications channels like SMS or email. This amalgamation empowers agents to captivate customers across their selected channels.

Amalgamation of Multichannel
Better Agent optimism
  • Better Agent optimism

    Preview Dialer impart higher job satisfaction level and upgrade agent optimism through efficient efforts and contributing agents with the necessary tools and information.

An Easy, Yet Dynamic Feature of Preview Dialer Software!

Cutting-edge Dialing modes

Cutting-edge Dialing modes

Approach various dialing modes like predictive, preview and power dialer. This offers flexibility to your businesses to select the most preferable mode for your particular campaigns.

Reserved Monitoring

Reserved Monitoring

Offering better coaching opportunities to boost performance permitting supervisors to silently monitor user calls in real time without breaking the conversations.

Do-Not-Call compliance

Do-Not-Call compliance

Regularly maintains compliance with legal rules and regulations by recklessly purifying out numbers on the National Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry as well as on Internal Do-Not-Call (DNC) Lists.

Assist  Real-time Analytics

Assist Real-time Analytics

Offering detailed insights in real-time for reports on key metrics such as call volume, conversion rates, agent interpretation and overall campaign success.

Encourage CRM integration

Encourage CRM integration

Supporting agents with real time access to customer data as well as call history along with notes through seamless customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Intelligent call picking

Intelligent call picking

We employ advanced algorithms to pick up the most preferred contacts for each individual based on several factors such as customer choice, call history and availability of agents.

Amplify your sales and customer service approach

Well, the powerful and dynamic solution which helps to streamline and upgrade your sales and customer service practices is only possible with the Integration of CRM and Preview Dialer Software. CRM system is intended to reserve and classify customer data, record and track interactions. Preview dialer is a calling tool which automatically programmed and maximizes outbound calling processes. When combined, preview dialer software and CRM systems both work dedicatedly. Let’s have a look at these functions;

Preview Dialer Software
  • This integration permits the preview dialer to easily grab and employ customer data which is stored in the CRM system.
  • Through the CRM system, users can commence calls directly with just an easy click-to-dial feature.
  • Call scripting and easy customization can be displayed to users during the call.
  • Automated call distribution can be simply done to users to certify optimal productivity.
  • Managers can track key metrics as well as call volume, conversation rates through real-time analytics and reporting.

QUESTIONS ABOUT Preview Dialer Software

The cost of a preview dialer depends on various factors, such as the features, the number of agents, the size of the call center, and the amount of usage and pricing depending on the plan you choose. Our Plan for preview dialer start from $200. Know More
With the preview dialer, you have flexibility to run multiple campaigns simultaneously.
LeadsRain is an exceptional choice because of its versatile features, scalability, CRM integration, compliance and security, and customizable options.
This depends on the complexity of the campaign, the agent availability resources, and particular capabilities of the preview dialer.
Preview dialer is more suitable for campaigns where personalized approach is given preference before initiating a call. It can be used in sales, fundraising and customer service campaigns.

Work Process Preview Dialer Software

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