Use Cases: Entertainment Industry

Use rtm for entertainment

Leave no gap in communication with the Rich Text features.

The Rich Text Message replicates the entertainment business on a mobile platform so you can speak the language that your audience understands.

  1. Introduce your latest works, trailers, invitations and so on, through the rich media content. The entertainment business is sure to benefit from this service. Speak the language of visual communication better than ever before. Not only will this tempt your audience, but it will make your marketing campaign must easier to manage, and at absolutely no additional costs.

  2. Send the movie tickets, the location of the theatre and more with the Rider Content of RTM.

  3. Use the QR code features to send coupons and give incentives to your audience to engage with your production.

  4. Now conducting a survey about your adience’s response is not so easy. But LeadsRain’s new service will give you reports on your surveys immediately. The QR code can be an effective feature for a service. You may also use the link preview option for the same.

Use predictive dialer for entertainment

Make sure that you are always present for any doubts, and queries from your customer base with the Cloud-based Predictive Dialer.

What is the quickest, most reliable, and yet cost-effective way of staying in touch with your customers? Well, Cloud-based Predictive Dialer of course. Here is how it can help you.

  1. With the predictive dialer, you can empower your agents and with them, your business by reaching out to all your customers easily. You can address their concerns and guide them where they need your help. Often, the online platforms that the entertainment industry is currently established on, face some glitches and bugs. In times like these, the customers need your company’s representatives the most. Now don’t keep them hanging, by using the predictive dialer. It is an instant solution when your customers need you.