Promote your show, event, or performance among thousands of people using our voice broadcasting and text message service. Just upload your contact list and LeadsRain will broadcast your recorded message to your contact list. You can also get their responses and know their interest by using our press-1 campaigns.

  • Event notifications.
  • Promote your shows.
  • Use Press-1 campaigns.

LeadsRain offers you easy to use Hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service that enables you to rapidly increase contact frequency and create loyalty. Telephone surveys are very useful method to know customers interest area that help you serve them better.

  • Systematic collection of data.
  • Increase contact frequency.
  • Easy to use IVR Designer.

Inform people about your shows and events. LeadsRain's predictive dialer service increase your agent's efficiency by eliminating time of busy/bad phone numbers and move it to answering machine detection. Just upload your contact list and our predictive dialing system connect you to your contact list quickly.

  • Connect to live people.
  • Increase agent efficiency.
  • Easy to use system.

Buy local and national numbers at low cost and place on display ads, online ads and print advertisements. Activate phone numbers immediately and easily connect incoming calls anywhere. Track, record and forward your calls and monitor which source drive you the most phone calls.

  • Local and national phone numbers.
  • Call recording and forwarding.
  • Maximize your marketing efforts.