How to Manage Opt-out in Ringless Voicemail Service?

How Manage Opt-out in Ringless Voicemail

When you run an outbound marketing campaign, it’s very important you are aware of all the compliance issues and how to avoid or manage them. By constantly changing and getting tighter day by day, it’s very important that you carefully understand all laws like STIR/SHAKEN and design your campaigns accordingly. Especially leads.

In the current scenario, using the Opt-in leads can supercharge your campaigns

But what if you don’t have opt-in leads?

Is using cold leads not possible? Definitely, you can.

There are two option you can opt for:

First, Generate opt-in leads with multiple services like SMS or Email campaigns and then use the opt-in leads you get from that in other services like Ringless Voicemail.

Second, Give them an option to Opt-out. You must give them an option to notify you that they don’t want to get further marketing communications from you.

On Auto-dialer and in SMS campaigns it is easy to take Opt-out as both have inbound features. But most of the time those marketers who use Ringless voicemail have confusion on how to use opt-out in Ringless voicemail?

Manage Opt-out with IVR on Ringless Voicemail Service

To manage Opt-out in Ringless voicemail, we can set up an IVR.

When your customer receives voicemail if he is interested and calls-back on the caller ID we can set up give him a few options like Press 1 to Opt-in and Press 2 for Opt-out.

We can also give him an option to talk to a live agent when Press-1. Once the Press-1 call will be forwarded to an agent who is already logged in to the Cloud-based Dialer and discuss further with him.

In the case of Press-2 we can make him listen to a message that his number is added to the DNC list and we can add that number to the DNC list so that number will not be sent with voicemail again from that campaign.

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