How Opt-in with SMS can Supercharge your Lead Generation Campaign

Opt-In Marketing with SMS Lead Generation Campaign

In order to find success in today’s complex marketing landscape, you must pursue as many high-quality marketing channels as you can. This includes opt-in advertising. In fact, it turns out that opt-in advertising is one of the most robust and exciting innovations in the marketing space.

Let’s take a look.

What are Opt-In Leads?

An opt-in ad is an interactive ad that gives users the option to agree to future marketing messages. With selecting or sending options given for agreeing for further communications, consumers are permitting to send additional communications from you.

Speaking broadly, you can use this tactic to get signups for your email marketing campaigns, newsletter, and phone call campaigns. But one area in which this type of marketing is especially powerful is in SMS messaging programs.

The Hand Raising Effect

The power of opt-in advertising via SMS campaigns stems from the fact that your leads are pre-qualified. This is the so-called ‘hand-raising effect.’This type of advertising is extremely powerful.

Your leads are essentially volunteering to be marketed to. What’s more, they’re likely interested in what you have to offer. This is a powerful combo that can easily lead to an increase in sales for you.

Summary: if you set things up correctly, the experience is better for the user, and you’ll see an increase in engagement. That’s a win-win.

Generate Leads With Opt-In Texts

There’s another reason that SMS marketing programs are so immensely powerful: they occur offline. Your prospects are constantly bombarded by online advertisements. Even if they use an ad blocker in their browser, they’re hit with ads all the time. For instance, it’s now common for YouTube content creators to insert baked-in ads of their own in every video. Consumers quickly become numb to all this advertising.

But your SMS marketing program reaches them where they’re a bit off guard. Their ad fatigue is a bit lessened because they aren’t, at that moment, being bombarded by constant marketing. What’s more, your prospects carry their phones with them everywhere. This means your cleverly crafted opt-in ads can reach them wherever they are—at any time.

Now that’s powerful.

Even better, your opt-in SMS ads will appear in the same app they use to receive texts from friends, family and associates. This creates a positive association. When they see your number and text code, it feels more familiar and friendly than it would otherwise—if, for instance, your message was coming in via email. Plus, as mentioned, opt-in ads are non-aggressive. They provide a better user experience.

How does it work?

At Leadsrain, we make it incredibly easy to:

At Leadsrain, we proudly offer these advanced SMS features to compliment your opt-in campaigns:

  • Auto responder: Our intelligent auto responder automatically replies based on keywords, increasing engagement.
  • MMS service: This allows you to attach images, audio-video and GIF.
  • Local caller ID: Our local caller ID gives you a physical presence relevant to the lead.
  • SMS Drip: Don’t send all your marketing messages at once. Space things out with our comprehensive drip feature—and avoid annoying your prospects.
  • Inbound response reporting: We provide a detailed report of the recipients who responded to your opt-in message.
  • Opt-out management: We provide effortless opt-out management so you can avoid bugging uninterested folks.

So there you have it. Opt-in advertisements via SMS are a powerful, dynamic way to catch leads at a time when they may be more receptive. Just pair them with a quality product or service and your chances of increasing your engagement skyrocket. Give it a try today!