Biggest Challenges faced by Lead generators during COVID-19 Pandemic

Biggest Challenges Lead Generators are facing during COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has posed such a huge threat globally. Each of the sectors, be it healthcare, industrial, or government, has gone off track. All of these happened because of the panic-stricken ambience that has been created because of the deadly virus. The lead generators are also facing several issues because of this, and the concerns need to be addressed. This will help in taking precautions and proper steps to avoid extreme losses. Health comes before all, but at the same time, we need to focus on the near future when it comes to working.

How is this pandemic affecting the Economy?

This COVID-19 pandemic is touching the economy on every edge very badly. Due to this situation, we can divide the era into two parts: Before COVID-19 and Post COVID-19.

As per the recent situation, we can put up that the Post COVID-19 era belongs to Work From Home culture. Willingly or Unwillingly, most of the companies are forced to adopt this culture. As every coin has two sides, this COVID-19 pandemic also comes up with some Issues and Opportunities for Lead generators.

Let’s discuss some major issues and their possible solutions.

Biggest issues faced by Lead Generators:

These are tough times for lead generators for sure. There are several concerns that we need to keep an eye on. The issues might take months to solve, but if we are already aware of them, finding solutions early can lower the loss. Here are some of the most significant issues that are already being observed:

(1) Less accuracy of data

One of the vital tools for lead generation remains an up to date and a centralized marketing database. Some of the analysts say that having a comprehensive marketing database will increase lead generation by about 50 percent. Although, the time we are in today, uncertainty is on the rise. One can observe lower accurate data provided by people in the sales team. Instead, we can put it this way, that during the time of uncertainty, some excellent and precise data also became inaccurate due to the increased uncertainty in the market.

Moreover, productivity is declining, and the current market situation is difficult to assess. The teams must be suggesting new clients, and adding points to the data or refining the accuracy. This is the only way of avoiding an informational loop and better teamwork sense.

(2) Selection of Proper communication channel during COVID-19

Digital technology has made sales and business easier. But one of the important issues due to the pandemic is each communication channel may not be a proper communication channel for each client. Lead generators need to understand their Target Markets.

Based on the understanding, they have to be selective on using the communication channel. So it’s imperative to select a proper communication channel that doesn’t disturb and irritate the clients and still let you reach them with your message. Some of those channels are Text Messages, Ringless Voicemail Drops, Email Marketing, Cloud-Based Auto Dialers, etc. or the combination of them whenever it’s suitable.

(3) Converting Leads to Conversation:

The COVID-19 moment has made sure that leads are not converting as easily to sales as some time ago. There is a need for additional help for producing conversions. Due to the sudden change in the economic scenario, people became choosy in spending their hard-earned money.

Before Spending money, they are finding the best deal available in the market to satisfy their needs at most. To attract them, You can offer a special discount that’s time-sensitive for pushing leads into conversion. You don’t have to make outrageous offers, nor does the gift have to be of extremely high financial value. The average customer is generally not able to pass the offer or a discount that’s for a limited time.

(4) Less Responsive People:

There are fewer requirements for goods and services, as most of the places are under lockdown. Therefore response from people is on an all-time low. You can send mails by asking questions that need a reply. Instead of directly trying to convert them into sales, lead generators have to make them Responsive first towards their communication.

(5) Increased numbers of not Interested people due to more focus on Necessity goods:

This is one major issue. Most of the People are not focusing on any other expenses as they are more worried about day to day goods and necessities. Their prime focus of expense is a day to day goods. Due to that, most of the other needs they have put on hold. This creates an issue for lots of lead generators.

(6) Lack of Proper Follow-up Strategy:

In a situation like this, Leads generators must have a well designed Follow up strategy tool, which makes the customer comfortable and responsive first. At any point in time, a follow-up strategy should not look like a Pushy Selling strategy. Focus is supposed to be more on Relationship building first followed by need generation and product pitching.

(7) Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Sales Team:

COVID-19 has changed the way companies recruit and retain a qualified sales team. Remote work has become the norm. You have to have an excellent experienced and empathetic sales team, which just does not focus on sales, but looks on needs first. You have to Recruit a good dynamic team which can work dedicatedly as per the situation as and when needed. If you have a team like this, then the most crucial task than recruiting is retaining them. This team can be a Winning Key for your business.

As we discussed some significant issues above that Lead generators are facing, let’s also open the positive side and see some opportunities they have.

Opportunities that a Lead Generator should Grab:

Customer with a Good Free Time

During this COVID-19 time, most people are at home. This is an opportunity for Lead generators. It’s the best time when people are available and have time to talk to you. So as a lead generator or agent you can reach them on call, to speak with them to get an immediate response.

Good time to reach with Essential service

If you are reaching them with some essential service which you think can be useful during this time, they will be ready to listen to you.

Best time with Brand Switching possibilities

In the past, if you faced issues with some brand loyal customers to convert them in the lead, now, due to lack of resources, they can be ready to listen if you have a good deal to Switch their existing brand.

Open up new Campaign with High Demand Product/Services

It’s the best time if you can run a campaign that comes under the High Demand Product/Service like Medical Equipment, Medicines, Insurance, Sanitization process, or related product and service, etc.

Putting it all together

Almost all lead generators are having some issues that are listed above based on the campaign they run. Issues are not a controllable part, but realizing them and finding their solution without panicking is an asset in this COVID-19 time. A good Follow up strategy and well-designed combination of communication channels can be the best solution to most of the issues discussed above. The only thing is you have to Strategically and Sensitively Smarter.