Top 7 AI Productivity Tools for Contact Center

Ai productivity tools for contact center

Do you want to complete more work for your company in less time, with less money, and with higher quality and accuracy? Your most substantial possibility is to use AI productivity tools. 

It is believed that by 2025, AI will enhance the productivity rate by almost 40%. 

Artificial intelligence has emerged as an indispensable tool for contact centers, offering an extensive range of productivity ideas intended to improve efficiency and promote output.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the top AI productivity tools with each piece of advice. Have a look at all AI productivity tools and choose one according to your requirements. 

What are AI Tools?

AI productivity tools are specific software applications that optimize artificial intelligence technologies to simplify tasks, automate processes,  and improve efficiency in terms of augmenting productivity. The tools involved in AI Productivity are Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and some AI techniques tools (predictive analytics, data analysis). 

These AI productivity tools are contemplated for adoption, learning, evolving, and enhancing their capabilities to meet certain consumer needs. The foremost goal is to save overall time, reduce manual work, and therefore increase the output in positive results. 

AI productivity tools involve various components, from virtual assistants who schedule meetings and email management to automation of data analysis and decision-making processes. 

How can AI tools help increase productivity at contact centers?

Call center AI is capable of improving productivity and efficiency while balancing cost implications and protecting employee engagement. It can also assist in handling customer complaints and exceeding consumer expectations.

Simplifying, contact center AI is centered around additional support. It sets the stage for more intelligent, data-driven interactions with customers and can additionally be used to automate monotonous tasks, thereby freeing up more time for your human contact agents to handle more difficult jobs.

Let’s understand how AI conducts the productivity rates at contact centers in different ways; 

  1. AI acts as a musical score, assisting each customer inquiry to the most eligible agent based on specific criteria like their expertise, language proficiency, and previous interactions. AI tools are likely to conduct seamless conversations. 
  1. Like seasoned composers preceding the next notes, AI analyzes huge amounts of data to predict customer behavior, trends, and preferences. 
  1. Similarly, as a skilled musician interprets the mood of a piece, AI exactly does the same by interpreting the sentiment of customer interactions in real-time. 

Thus, the essence of AI is mindfulness in contact centers, acting as the skillful master in terms of productivity, efficiency, and insights. Contact centers are well-equipped with AI exceptional intelligence service and satisfaction to customers.  

The 7 Leading AI Productivity Tools Contact Centre 

We’ll discuss some leading AI productivity tools that are reshaping the contact center environment and qualifying agents to deliver atypical solutions. An automated customer care AI solution has increased CSAT by 11% with 18% call containment.

#1. AI Chatbots: To Create Scripts for Instant Answers and Calls 

AI chatbots are software programs that are specifically designed to conduct conversations with human users. Chatbots are optimized for numerous purposes such as providing instant answers to user queries, automating customer support, and even making phone calls. However, AI chatbots improve customer service by simplifying the communication process. 

According to Drift, The optimization of chatbots as a brand communication channel has increased by 92% in past years. 

Best software for AI chatbots: ChatGPT  

One of the best software developed by OpenAI is ChatGPT, which is based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Due to its advanced natural language processing capabilities, versatility, and developer-friendly ecosystem, ChatGPT stands out as a leading choice for AI chatbots. 

#2. Automated Cloud-based Dialers: AI-driven solutions that improve call scheduling and efficiency with Predictive Dialer. 

Automated cloud-based dialers are intelligent and advanced AI-driven solutions designed to enhance call scheduling and efficacy through predictive dialing technology. These dialers analyze data, predict the best times to make calls, and automate the dialing process without any human interference. 

Predictive dialer software offers multitasking, such as streamlining the calling process, increasing agent productivity, automating repetitive tasks, and ensuring that agents connect with prospects at the most opportune time. 

Best software for Automated Cloud-based Dialers: LeadsRain 

Automated Cloud based Dialers LeadsRain

LeadsRain is the Top-choice software for predictive dialers, offering AI-driven solutions.  Its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities assist in making call placements easily. With leadsrain, businesses can modernize their outbound calling process, increasing connection rates and overall campaign performance.

It’s ideal for scheduling smart calls based on parameters like lead preferences, time zones, and agent availability. It’s best for scalable and cloud-based solutions, enabling easy deployment and management processes across multiple locations. 

#3.  Speech Recognition: Voice interaction transcription and analysis. 

Speech recognition is also called Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or Speech-to-text. It’s one type of application that enables a process of converting spoken language into written text, simply it’s a transcription. Speech recognition is utilized to convert words or acronyms into text format immediately. 

In simple terms, the technology enables computers to understand and intercept spoken language into text and analyze the text for selected purposes. 

Best software for Speech Recognition: Enthu.AI


The most preferable platform with advanced speech recognition capabilities for voice interaction transcription and analysis. Enthu AI supports real-time speech recognition enabling instant transcription and analysis of spoken language. The software is best for handling large volumes of audio data and concurrent requests.  

#4.  Customer Behavior Prediction Tools: Personalized approaches to customer engagement 

Customer behavior prediction tools focus on the customer’s journey throughout their buying decision (researching, selecting, purchasing), which simply reveals the customer’s motivations. This personalized approach assists businesses with leveraging advanced segmentation and targeting based on customer behavior, improving engagement ratio. 

AbsolutData recently disclosed that customer behavior analytics is utilized to boost sales by 69% of markets. 

Best software for Customer Behavior Prediction Tools: HubSpot


Hubspot is one of the finest platforms used for customer communication processes, nurturing sales leads,  tracking user behavior, and analyzing customer interaction. Hubspot is a CRM consisting of a marketing, sales, services, CMS, and operations hub, putting all customer interactions into one platform. 

#5.  Automated Lead FollowUp Tools: For Automated Scheduled followup 

A follow-up automation system adds a sprinkle of effortless follow-ups to your outreach approaches, ensuring higher productivity and engagement. A lead follow-up tool is a set of processes that enables sales reps to stay in contact and updated with leads to keep them engaged throughout the sales process. 

Regardless of how your sales prospects find you—via social media, search engines, networking events, or referrals—you need an automated system to facilitate communication with them. 

Best software for Automated Lead FollowUp Tools: FlowUp


One of the powerful platforms for automating lead follow-up processes. FlowUp’s automated system allows you to schedule detailed follow-ups with leads automatically without any cracks. This includes a follow-up sequence, setting reminders, and tracking each interaction. Lead follow-up can be conducted across voice and SMS channels for higher response rates and increased sales revenue. 

#6.  Automated ticketing system: To generate automated tickets on customer support  

The ticketing system is a helpline software for managing customer issues and concerns. Automating ticketing platforms consists of requests, questions, or complaints where customers are registered as tickets to grab a better resolution.

This automated ticketing software generates valuable customer service analytics and data. The system automatically generates updates or notifications so that each customer can stay informed about the progress of their ticket. 

Best software for Automated ticketing system: Zendesk


Zendesk is popular among all other software in terms of automated ticketing systems. It helps several businesses automate ticketing with intelligent routing and optical character recognition (OCR). Zendesk’s ticketing system is highly adaptable, making the process effortless for system administrators to offer better customer services, deflect tickets, and higher productivity. 

#7. Sentiment Analysis Tools: Recognize customer sentiment and feedback in real-time.

Sentiment analysis tools are AI software used in contact centers to analyze customer interactions and feedback. They automatically analyze the given text data, instantly helping you understand how customers feel about your brand’s products/services. 

These analysis tools can identify customers’ emotions, tone, and intent behind each message, and that’s why they are aware of which customers’ queries need to be prioritized first. 

Best software for  Sentiment Analysis Tools: MonkeyLearn


MonkeyLearn delivers a range of text analysis tools, such as a user-friendly sentiment analysis tool. Sentiment analysis software is dynamically popular in analyzing competitor communication and customer perception. MonkeyLearn features versatile data sources by analyzing public social media conversations, customer analysis, emails, surveys, and even internal documents. 


In the end, it is all about the innovative solutions that empower contact centers to operate more efficiently. AI is not just an upcoming trend in contact centers, rather it’s a vital tool and thereby becoming a necessity for almost all contact centers. Stay ahead in competition with the utilization of cloud-based solutions driven by AI technology!