Is Opt-out required in Ringless Voicemail?


As a marketer, you might be wondering, “Is Opt-out required in Ringless voicemail?” Well, to know the answer, we have to explore guidelines. Let’s get started.

Ringless voicemail lets you bypass the traditional ringing route and let you drop voicemail directly to your customers’ voicemail box. In this scenario, recipients don’t get disturbed through direct calls. They can check out the voicemail in their free time.

Now when you are using Ringless Voicemail Drops as a marketing tool, there are few regulations you need to keep in mind. A recipient’s personal space is vital. You don’t want to make your firm considered as spammers. Therefore, before you start using the RVM platform, make sure that your lead list is scrubbed off considering the DNC list.

Why is Opt-out an ethical approach?

In case, if recipients don’t want to receive voicemails, they can choose opt-out. After that, marketers can’t reach them. It is advisable to offer an opt-out to recipients and to stay compliant with rules and regulations by TCPA. Whether using the RVM tool or any other marketing tool such as email marketing includes opt-out policy. Most of the marketers include privacy policies, opt-out policy etc.

TCPA and FCC have provided many guidelines regarding opt-out and understanding the importance of recipients’ consent. Different countries are following different rules and regulations.

For example, in Canada, prior permission from recipients is a must. Where in some exceptions are given in the regulations. If you don’t offer an opt-out policy, you might have to face legal issues. Therefore, make sure to follow all mandatory guidelines.

Besides offering opt-out, we have listed a few suggestions you can follow as a Ringless Voicemail marketer:

  • Know about FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines. FCC didn’t announce any specific rules for Ringless voicemail service.
  • Stay informed about TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations to avoid any legality.

To know more about country-specific regulations, have a good read at Ringless Voicemail Legal or not?

· Work on technologies you are using for Ringless voicemail.
· Keep improving marketing strategies.
· Make the most out of DNC scrubbing functionality.
· Create an effective voicemail script to engage recipients.

Always keep in mind,

“Consumers want communication that is personal, mobile, quick, and convenient.”

Final thought:

Respecting the recipients’ personal space and offering opt-out is the right thing to do. We at LeadsRain, follow the same. To boost your marketing strategies with LeadsRain, contact us today to get the demo of Ringless Voicemail service.


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