How to Win Roofing Lead Generation through cold calling with Outbound Sales Dialer?

Roofing Lead Generation through cold calling with Outbound Sales Dialer

Whether a commercial roofing firm is well-established, brand new to the market, or somewhere in the middle, job leads are critical to its success. It’s impossible to overestimate the value of a strong commercial roofing lead generation plan. In today’s ever-evolving digital environment, the opportunities and strategies for generating leads through marketing are limitless, but finding the right market can be challenging, and measuring the outcomes of marketing efforts can be complex.

Despite all of the advancements, there’s something to be said about the old methods of prospecting and creating a stable customer base one customer at a time. One of these methods is outbound telemarketing. It’s a timeless classic of lead generation business because it establishes a personal connection with a lead, and when used in conjunction with the multi-channel marketing campaign, response rates skyrocket.

Why Cold Calling is important for Roofing Lead generation?

When you go door to door, you’re determining whether or not the homeowners are present. Going through 60 doors could take a couple of hours. When cold calling, though, you may quickly sift through phone numbers and speak with people. So, in order to optimize our revenue and create the most sales, we must think strategically about how we spend our time.

Following up on an outbound marketing campaign with outbound telesales has been shown in studies to increase response rates by 50% or more. Few things in sales are more appealing than the power of a human connection.

What Characterizes a Successful Telemarketing Campaign?

To create rapport, consider the demands of customers and a service-oriented attitude.

  • Prospects should be able to understand the value of your product or service.
  • Outlined discussion points to entice people to come in.
  • Belief in the quality of the product or service.
  • Messages should be conveyed in the daytime when the prospect is likely to respond.
  • A conversational approach with a lot of listening to the demands of the customer

What is the Purpose of Cold Calling? – Make it Clear before you Start making calls

Before giving the script to your callers, you should make them clear about the purpose of the phone call. Why are they calling?

The first purpose is to start a conversation. We want the person we’re calling to pick up, and we want them to start the conversation

We don’t want to try to spit out the entirety of our pitch all at once. One of the most common cold-calling blunders made by rookie salespeople is this. When someone picks up the phone, they strive to get everything out. They speed through it, causing the person on the other end of the line to get overwhelmed. It’s excessive.

Instead, all we want to do is begin a conversation. That is all there is to it. We simply want to have a discussion. Our second main goal is to schedule an appointment based on that conversation.

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To achieve both of these purposes followed by roofing lead and then sale made on it, certain fundamentals of outbound calling need to be understood and followed accordingly.

Let’s check it out on it.

4 Fundamentals of Roofing Cold Calling that Win you an Appointment

Fundamental #1 – Personalise your Opening

Let’s dissect why this works and how you can easily adapt it to residential roofing sales or any other roofing lead you’re pitching. First, we’d like to start a conversation with a brief introduction. Simple things, such as referring the neighbors or mutual friends, can be used.

“Hey, my name is Tony, and I was about to leave your neighbor’s house a few doors up the road when Jason introduced me to you. I was just at Jill’s or Suzy’s house, one of your mutual friends (or whatever the name is), and I wanted to call because I believe I may be able to assist you in the same manner I assisted them.”

Fundamental#2 – Make It a Conversation

Now, BOOM, we’re back to the same pitch we were using at the entrance.

“I’m assisting residents in your community in obtaining complete approval for their roofs. I’m specifically assisting people who had their insurance company come out after the hailstorm and didn’t receive the results they needed.

May I inquire as to how your insurance claim has gone?”

Now we’re having a discussion. I’m going to check to see if:

  • Yes, it was turned down.
  • No, It had already been approved.

Guess what?

It makes no difference what happens or how they respond to that inquiry. We’re having a discussion right now. So, begin a conversation by mentioning something, a neighborhood, or a few names. Don’t even bring up the roof initially.

Fundamental#3 – Use Open-ended Questions

To start a conversation, ask an open-ended inquiry. You can say: After you’ve said something familiar, you can say:

“The best approach for me to assist you is for me to climb up onto your roof, review your insurance documentation, or sit down with you and educate you on your alternatives.

It’s an appointment with no strings attached. When would be the ideal time for me to visit your home?”

“When is the ideal time?” I’m wondering. NOT “When is convenient for you?” or “Is it all right?” By asking “When is the ideal time?”, We’re now channeling them. Instead of being led to reply “yes” or “no” by the query “do you want me to come by?” Now they’re considering a day and a time as their answer instead of trying to avoid or rejecting you to meet them.

Fundamental#4 – Try to be Flexible on Schedule adjustment

If they suggest a time that doesn’t work for you because you’re a busy seller, simply say,

“Oh, no!” It appears that I am booked at that time. “How about this time?” Then you choose a time that is convenient for you.

You’ll give the idea that you care and are willing to work around their schedule if you use this method.

Put them all in Practice with a Smart Cloud-based Outbound Sales Dialer

Fundamentals and scripts all is your homework you need to do before you actually indulge in call with your lead, but when you actually want to get started with calling them, the first and foremost thing you need around is a smart and intelligent outbound roofing dialer solution that is comprised with all the needs and features your outbound sales representatives need the most on their call.

At LeadsRain, we offer all the dynamic features in our outbound sales dialer that rescue your outbound sales representative while they are on call and later to you for every kind of analytics.

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