Boost Your Solar Lead Generation with Outbound Marketing


The solar industry market is competitive and has a unique target customer demographic. Finding the right customers at the right time can be difficult for solar power businesses. Many of these companies rely on inbound marketing tactics. While these are important elements in marketing, alone these traditional methods are not enough to result in a significant number of leads, and ultimately conversions. So, how do solar companies generate quality leads?

Solar energy companies are discovering that outbound marketing is the answer to significant improvement in lead generation. It is important to choose the right lead generation tools in order for your contact and convert more consumers.

Importance of Lead Generation in Renewable Energy Business

The solar energy industry is thriving as a continuously rising number of Americans want to do their part by going green. Renewable energy sources account for nearly 12.6% of energy consumption in the United States. These statistics are expected to rise to 24% by the year 2023 as more individuals invest in solar energy and other renewable sources. To match this growing demand and reach more and more prospective customers with the solar energy solution, what Solar businesses need is a well-planned lead generation and smart approach for the same.

Major Challenges in Solar Lead Generation

Lead generation is a challenge for many solar businesses because of market saturation, brand relevance, poor quality of leads, and numerous other relevant industry issues. Many consumers simply do not know much about solar power or other sustainable energy sources.

1. Lack of Brand Relevance

Building a Brand name in the solar industry is a critical part of successful business growth. Consumers do not like to do business with an organization they have never heard of and/or that has not established a positive brand image.

2. Poor Quality of Leads

Inbound marketing tactics increase the number of consumers reached or bombarded with ads but do not focus on the quality of these leads. Many of the leads that solar businesses receive are not high quality and the consumers reached are simply not interested in solar energy solutions.

Outbound Marketing is to Rescue – Contact More to Convert More

With a well-trained outbound lead prospecting team for your Solar lead generation, you will experience the following benefits:

  • You don’t have to wait for the customer’s action to contact you. Contact first, contact more to convert more with outbound marketing.
  • Pipeline expansion at a higher rate than inbound marketing or developing partnerships
  • You’ll be able to test a larger range of messaging approaches because you’ll be able to investigate more marketplaces with more efficiency.
  • Obtain additional data and market insight to aid in the creation of powerful prospect profiles. Because outbound teams can validate prospect information earlier in the funnel, lead conversion is easier later.
  • Better segmentation results from more accurate data. This allows you to get your message in front of the correct people despite the saturation that exists on internet platforms.
  • From the first contact, one-on-one interaction enhances targeting and shortens sales cycles.

How Outbound Marketing Can 2X Your Solar Lead Generation?

Solar Lead Generation with Outbound Marketing

Solar businesses that implement outbound marketing in part of their lead generation strategy experience significant growth and success, whether stand-alone or in conjunction with inbound marketing strategies.

Outbound marketing has the potential to boost solar lead generation to 2x as effective as other traditional methods. There are several tools that solar companies can utilize to reach consumers, including SMS, Email, Ringless voicemail, and more.

1. Reach More People w/SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an incredibly effective tool to reach and engage with potential customers. Consumers are more likely to open SMS than any other form of advertisement. Develop an SMS marketing campaign that reaches consumers and allows two-way communication for calls and text messages.

2. Spread Awareness with Email Drip Campaign

Spread brand awareness by developing an email drip campaign. This is a tactic that anticipates the audience’s future brand involvement. Set up an email campaign that automatically sends precomposed emails on a schedule after subscribing to your newsletter and/or blog.

3. Generate More Opt-In Leads w/ Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is an incredibly effective tool to deliver custom-tailored voicemail messages directly to the inboxes of consumers. This allows solar businesses to reach leads quickly and non-intrusively. Consumers can listen to the voicemail pitch, pause, and replay messages at their convenience.

4. Don’t Forget the Power of Cold-Calling

Do not forget to utilize the power of cold calling as a method of increasing conversions. Cold calls can become warm ones with the implementation of a few tactics. Cold calling is a traditional but still highly effective tactic that solar businesses often neglect to utilize.

5. Talk to Warm Leads w/Press-1 Transfer

Press-1 campaign tool allows businesses to instantly connect interested potential customers with a live representative at their request.

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