Ready to Use Cold Calling Scripts for Financial Advisors


Engaging in sales techniques is a significant part of a financial advisor’s job, allowing them to recruit clients and boost revenues for their organization. When making cold calls for sales and marketing purposes, financial advisors often leverage scripts to prepare to convert a quality lead into an actual paying customer.

Scaling your financial advisory business requires a robust lead generation and marketing strategy. While financial advisor promotion progressively focuses on digital platforms, there is still something to be even said about making a simple phone call.
Cold calling is a time-tested, oldest marketing approach, particularly effective for new financial advisors seeking to generate leads efficiently and cost-effectively.

Having some cold calling templates and scripts for financial advisors can make it simpler for them to implement and leverage this marketing tactic.

Why is Cold Calling Important?

Like any other marketing tactic, cold calling is not ideal for every situation. However, it can be a robust way to scale your financial advisory business when implemented strategically.

Cold calling experiences can be a viable way to strengthen your capabilities and develop and hone negotiation, networking, and communication skills.

This is because a cold calling experience can be a crucial drive in helping you build relationships with potential clients. Speaking with prospective clients regarding their financial needs or goals can help you foster personal connections, which isn’t always easily achievable via emails.

Moreover, cold calls can open up opportunities and space for an ongoing dialogue, enabling your potential clients to play a direct part in their finance-related decision-making, along with you like their professional guide.

Potential clients may be aware of their need to get help to shape their financial blueprint, and your cold call can act as the trigger, prompting them to take the desired action.

Cold Calling Scripts for A Financial Advisor

When drafting a script for cold calling to leverage for marketing purposes, there are particular elements that you must consider and integrate. Ultimately, you can customize and tweak a cold-calling script to suit your needs.

However, if you are looking for a standard template for cold calling script to follow, here are some essential components that can help you get off on the right foot.

1. Introduce Yourself Properly

Your cold calling script should start with a proper introduction. This intro should include who you are and state any previous contact you may have had with a potential client, if applicable. As a result, it helps you achieve two things: delivers a lead-in for the cold call and establishes your identity (who you are).


“Hi, I am Smith John, a financial advisor with ABC Company, and we spoke briefly at an XYZ virtual webinar a few weeks ago.”

2. Get-go with the call

Next, it is essential to mention other company-related details. Make sure you avoid being generic but don’t overwhelm the prospective client with too many facts. In marketing and sales circles, this aspect of cold calling scripts is often known as the value proposition, and it should be particular to and focused on who you can help as a financial advisor and how you can help.


“Our organization works with individuals like you who are navigating their peak income years and looking for ways to maximize retirement savings as you balance other financial goals.”

3. Elaborate

After making a brief warm-up introduction, ask the prospect you are calling if you can have their time (5 to 10 minutes). If they give the go-ahead, expound on your warm-up statement in a detailed manner.

This cold calling script part is where you make most of the conversation. However, remember, you don’t try to tie up your prospect’s time. Instead, use this as a foundation to have an in-depth conversation.


“One of the major aspects I do is assist customers in pinpointing their significant challenges with retirement planning. I’d like to have a word with you regarding some of the issues you may be encountering with formulating your financial plan.”

4. Give The Floor To Your Prospect

Once you have outlined the reason you have called, give your prospect a chance to speak. This is where it is pivotal to ask them questions that you know can spark conversation.

Navigate clear of no or yes questions, as those won’t make the conversation fruitful. And leverage your prospect’s answers to draw conclusions and find their pain points.


“Are you trying to keep track of achieving your retirement savings goal? If you aren’t, what is keeping you from reaching there?”

5. Close with a request for follow up

When preparing to end the call, ask your prospective client if you can follow up with them at a specific date. This cold calling script demands you request more of your prospect’s time. And there is a possibility that they could refuse.

However, if you have demonstrated some value, getting the person to think about the type of help they may require by following the script can lead to a longer and healthier discussion in the future.


“Thank you for your time for talking about the retirement plans with me today. Can we reconnect any time next week to discuss some techniques I may be able to help you in a more detailed manner?”

Effective Cold Calling Techniques for Financial Advisors

Here are some viable cold calling tips for financial advisors to help them get and stay on a potential client’s radar.

Show eagerness:

The individual you are calling can help you demonstrate an enhanced personality, setting a positive tone early on. Aim for professionalism, talk to prospective clients in a way that is approachable and friendly

Set with the appropriate mindset:

Before you pick the phone to make cold calls, ensuring that you are in the right headspace is pivotal. Your attitude plays a significant role when you are making cold calls. Also, it is easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed, so don’t let fear or hesitation ruin your day

Be polite:

After you have given a concise intro, ask your prospective client if it is an excellent time to talk. Cold calling may come across as a form of interruption marketing. Therefore, it is vital to be respectful of your prospect’s time

Be upfront regarding why you have called:

One of the quickest ways to get your prospect to hang up is to be vocal about why you have called them. So when someone is taking your cold call, be sure to tell them the reason for your call briefly

Common Cold Calling Mistakes Financial Advisors Should Avoid

While having a cold calling script can be beneficial, there are some errors that can cost you a potential client. For instance, delaying an initial call after someone has shown interest could be expensive. So, by the time you call them, they might have moved on to some other financial advisor.

Also, it is crucial to bear in mind that cold calling alone might not be adequate to persuade a prospective client to leverage your services. The script for cold calling is the first touchpoint of the prospect’s journey, so make sure you have transparent follow-up steps prepared for them in your script.

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Text messages, social media, video messaging, or email can all be utilized to back your cold calling efforts. Practice your cold calling scripts, plan what you intend to say, and communicate to the prospect.

And if you cannot generate leads or get an enthusiastic response, consider changing your approach or improvising it to ensure desired outcomes.

Wrapping Up

Cold calling may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It is imperative to understand that cold calling demands good practice and research on your end to master it and leverage cold calling scripts for your financial advisory business. Most importantly, remain persistent and consistent with your efforts to get a payoff.

And timing is everything. So, if someone dismisses your efforts, politely tell them that you will stay in touch with them in case anything they reconsider their decision. Connect with us at to know more or schedule a call with our expert today..!!