Telemarketing Outbound Sales Script for Gym Membership Marketing Campaign


Gym membership telemarketing campaigns have the potential to be highly successful. Scripts are an important tool that businesses can utilize to ensure customer needs are met consistently across the business. Effective telemarketing scripts help employees adapt quickly, overcome barriers, and close more sales.

The following guide reveals all the information that you need to build an effective gym membership telemarketing campaign.

This will include the key elements of every successful telemarketing script and ready-to-use scripts to convert consumers at any stage of the gym membership purchase journey.

Key Elements of Effective Telemarketing Scripts

A telemarketing script is a document to guide employees through a call with a prospective client. These scripts do not have to be followed word-for-word but should contain specific elements that increase the likelihood of a conversion.

  • Link benefits to pain points.
  • Ask questions about those pain points.
  • Sell the value of the membership rather than discuss the price.

Sales employees should also have several telemarketing scripts to choose from based on the unique needs of each prospective client.

Ask Questions

The sales staff must first connect with the prospective client to determine which sales script will be the most effective. This requires the staff member to ask questions to better understand the client’s fitness needs and which script would meet them on their sales journey. Sales staff should try to gain as much information about the prospective client in a natural way.

  • Why are you interested in a gym membership?
  • Do you currently belong to a gym?
  • What are your short and long-term fitness goals?
  • What are you looking for in a gym membership?
  • How much time would you like to commit to the gym?
  • How much time does your average weekly schedule allow for workouts?

Steering the conversation towards these questions is more effective than directly asking questions about a client’s personal life. The majority of prospective clients will enjoy talking about themselves and provide much of this information willingly.

Telesales Script for Gym Membership

1. Script for a Prospective Lead

Put this script into practice for prospective leads who have signed up to receive alerts and communications from the fitness facility. Remember, you don’t have much information about the prospective client this early in the sales journey. This means that it is important not to make any assumptions or be pushy.

Introduce yourself immediately and then allow the prospective lead to talk.

Telemarketer: “Hello, this is [your_name] from [gym_name] I see that you inquired online about joining the gym and wanted to touch base.
Do you have a moment to talk?”
Prospective Client: “Yes, I have a moment,”

This early in the sales journey it is best to ask questions and get to know the prospective lead. Do not make a hard sales pitch at the start of the conversation.

Overcome Pain Points

The purpose of providing staff with telemarketing scripts is to address any potential pain points that may occur during a call. These are barriers that prevent the prospective lead from investing in a gym membership.

Pain points during a gym membership sales call may include location, costs, unmotivated leads, lack of favorite equipment, etc.

2. Follow-Up Scripts

The following scripts are used after a prospective lead has visited the fitness facility for a tour, worked out as a guest, and/or after a free trial period.

The Reluctant Prospective Client

The prospective client knows what a gym membership can provide them but may be reluctant to sign up.

Caller: “Hello, this is [your_name] from [gym_name] and I am calling to see how you enjoyed our facility?”Prospective Client: “It went well. I liked the facility, but I need more time to think about it.”

Caller: “I respect that you need more time to think about it. But would you mind me asking why you are reluctant to join?”

Prospective Client: “I’m just not sure I am interested in a membership.”

Caller: “I can understand that. May I ask, are you happy with your current level of fitness?”

Prospective Client: “Not really, but I am not sure that I am motivated.”

Caller: “I understand that. Many of us struggle to find the motivation to exercise. That is the best part of joining the gym full-time. [gym_name] offers group classes that create opportunities for new friends and personal training sessions to help hold you accountable for your workouts. Can I help you sign up to start a new life of wellness?”

If Still Uninterested:

Caller: “I can feel what exactly you felt while making that decision, but when some of our existing members joined us, who have the same issues before joining, they found a cracking difference in their physical state in very less time. But I don’t want to push you hard on it. Put some thoughts on it. I’ll check back in a few days about the same with you. Would you mind if I connect with you next week?”

3. Script to Address the Cost of Membership

Caller: Hello, my name is [your_name] from [gym_name] and I wanted to touch base to see if you were still interested in investing in your physical health through a gym membership.Prospective Client: “I’ve thought about it. But it just costs more than I want to pay for a membership.”

Caller: “I completely understand you have a budget that you would like to follow and that is right too. If you don’t mind me asking, how much you are willing to pay for your fitness membership?”

Prospective Client: “I don’t know. Probably 50 a month maximum.”

Caller: “Okay, so a membership at [gym_name] is 65 a month, and I am sure you don’t have any issues walking an extra mile for your valuable health?”

Prospective Client: “It’s more than I am willing to pay.”

Caller: “I completely agree but what you need is to skip some food orders or outside dinners, that help you save the extra money as well as help you stay away from bad food habits, don’t you think it makes sense?”

Prospective Client: “I guess you’re right. It’s only 15 dollars and homemade lunch or an apple would be healthier.”

Caller: “Great, let me help you get signed up today for your full access gym membership?”

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