Boost your Sales with effective Life Insurance Sales Script

Life Insurance Sales Scripts

Welcome to our blog on Life Insurance Sales Scripts! As insurance professionals, connecting with potential clients effectively and persuasively is key to building a successful business. In this blog, we will dive into various insurance sales scripts that will help you engage with your prospects, overcome objections, and ultimately close more deals. So, let’s jump right in and discover the power of well-crafted call-calling sales scripts! 

Role of Insurance Sales Scripts in Cold Calling or Lead Generation

In the world of insurance sales, cold calling, and lead generation are essential for reaching potential customers. This is where insurance sales scripts come into play. These scripts serve as a guide for life insurance agents during phone conversations, helping them effectively communicate their message and capture the interest of potential clients. By having a well-crafted script, agents can confidently navigate through the conversation, ensuring they cover all important points and address any concerns or objections. 

Life Insurance sales scripts serve several important purposes during cold calling and lead generation. Firstly, they provide a structure for the conversation, ensuring that the agents cover all the necessary information about the insurance product or service being offered. This helps maintain consistency across different phone calls and ensures that no important details are overlooked. 

Secondly, scripts act as a training tool for new agents, providing them with a foundation to build their selling skills. They can learn from the script and gradually adapt it to their style and strengths. Lastly, scripts help agents overcome objections and handle difficult situations. By having prepared responses to common objections, agents can confidently address any concerns raised by potential customers and increase the chances of securing a sale. 

Follow these 9 Life Insurance Cold Calling Scripts 

By following these nine powerful insurance sales scripts, you will be well-equipped to engage with potential clients and ultimately close more deals. Each script is carefully crafted to address the unique needs and concerns of your prospects, ensuring that you are well-equipped to provide them with the right information and solutions.  

#1. Cold calling script for providing  “Overview of the product”

Agent: Hello, may I speak with (Prospect’s name)?

Prospect: Yes, this is (Prospect’s name). Who is calling? 

Agent: Hi (Prospect’s name), I’m ( Agent’s Name ) from (Insurance Company). Our insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage for life insurance, critical illness, and disability protection. It provides financial security and peace of mind for you and your family. Can I share more details? 

Prospects: Sure, tell me more. 

Agent: Great! Our insurance policy ensures your loved ones are financially supported in unexpected situations. For example, if something happens to you, our coverage provides a lump sum payment to help with expenses like mortgage, education, or daily living costs. 

Prospects: That sounds helpful. How do I get started? 

Agent: I’m glad you’re interested! Let’s schedule a call to understand your needs and provide a personalized quote. We’ll discuss different coverage options that fit your goals and budget. Can I have your email?

Prospect: Sure, my email is (Prospect’s email address). 

Agent: Thank you! Looking forward to speaking with you soon! 

#2. Cold calling script for “Offering a complimentary quote”

Agent: Hello, may I speak with (Prospect’s name)?

Prospects: Yes, this is (Prospect’s name). 

Agent: I’m (Agent’s name) from XYZ Insurance Company. I’m calling today to offer you a free quote on our insurance coverage. We provide comprehensive protection for life insurance, critical illness, and disability. Would you like to learn more? 

Prospect: Sure, tell me about the quote. 

Agent: Great! Our free quote will give you an estimate of the coverage you need and the associated costs. We can discuss different options tailored to your specific needs and budget. It’s a no-obligation opportunity to explore our insurance offerings. 

Prospect: That sounds interesting. How do I proceed? 

Agent: I’m glad you’re interested! To get a free quote, we can schedule a call at your convenience. During our conversation, we’ll gather some basic information and discuss your coverage preferences. We’ll contact you soon. In the meantime, feel free to visit our website for more information about our insurance options. 

#3. Cold calling script for “Presenting complementary insurance products”

Agent:  Hi ( Prospect’s name), I’m (Agent name) from ABC Insurance Company. I noticed that you’re already a valued customer of ours, and I wanted to discuss some additional insurance options that may benefit you. Would you be open to hearing more?

Prospects: Sure, what do you have in mind? 

Agent: Great! We offer a range of insurance products that can complement your existing coverage. For example, we have options for nearing retirement plans, or even umbrella policies that provide extra liability protection. These additional policies can enhance your overall financial security. If interested? Will review your current coverage to identify any gaps or potential areas for improvement. 

Prospect: Yes, please. Tell me how I can proceed. 

Agent: Let’s schedule a call at your convenience. During our conversation, I’ll gather some basic information and discuss the cross-selling options that align with your needs and budget. 

Prospects: Perfect! I’m excited to discuss these cross-selling opportunities with you. Thank you! 

#4. Cold calling script for “Highlighting the value proposition”

Agent: Hello, I’m (Agent name) from VXZ Insurance Company. I am reaching out because I have a valuable insurance solution that could benefit you. Can I explain? 

Prospects: Sure, go ahead. 

Agent: Great! At ( Insurance Company), we understand the importance of protecting what matters most to you. Our insurance coverage is designed to provide you with peace of mind and financial security. Whether it’s protecting your home, your vehicle, or your loved ones, we have comprehensive options to suit your needs. Would you like to hear more about the value we can offer? 

Prospects: I’m open to learning more. 

Agent: Excellent! We believe in transparency and will explain all the policy details so that you can make informed decisions. Would you be open to scheduling a call to discuss how our insurance can add value to your life? 

Prospects: Sure. I’m interested in looking at the demonstration of the value our insurance can provide. 

#5. Cold calling script for “Overcoming potential obstacles”

Agent: Hello, I’m (Agent’s name) from DEF Insurance Company. May I speak with ( prospect’s name)? 

Prospect: Yes, this is (Prospect’s name). What can I do for you? 

Agent: I wanted to talk to you about our insurance coverage and see if it might be a good fit for you. However, before we dive into the details, I want to address any concerns or objections you may have. Is there anything specific that has prevented you from considering insurance in the past? 

Prospect: Well, I’ve had some bad experiences with insurance companies in the past. They were challenging to deal with when I had to file a claim. 

Agent: I understand your concerns, and I’m sorry to hear about your past experiences. At our Insurance Company, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide a seamless claims experience. We aim to make the claims process as smooth as possible for our customers. Does that address your concern? 

Prospect: That sounds reassuring, but I’m worried about the cost. Insurance can be expensive. 

Agent: I completely understand your concern about affordability. At our Insurance Company, we offer competitive rates and flexible payment options to make our coverage more accessible. Insurance should provide value and peace of mind, without breaking the bank. You can visit our website for more information about our comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Prospect: Sounds good. Will further explore options and contact you regarding the same. 

#6. Cold calling script for “Providing life insurance”

Agent: Hi there! Is this (Prospect’s name )? 

Prospect: Yes, speaking. 

Agent: Great! I’m (Agent’s name), and I’m here to help you explore the benefits of life insurance. I noticed that you might be interested in protecting your family’s future. Can I discuss some options with you? 

Prospect: Sure, go ahead. 

Agent: Perfect! Life insurance provides financial security for your loved ones in case anything unexpected happens to you. How important is it for you to ensure your family’s well-being? Prospect: It’s important to me. 

Agent: May I ask you a few questions about your current situation to provide you with personalized options? 

Prospect: Yes, please go ahead. 

Agent: Thank you. Firstly, how old are you and are you married? 

Prospect: I’m 35 and married. 

Agent: Great. Do you have any children? 

Prospect. Yes, we have two kids.

Agent: Wonderful. Now, in the event of something happening to you, would you want your spouse and children to have financial support to cover expenses like mortgage payments, education costs, or any outstanding debts? 

Prospect: Absolutely, that’s important to me. 

Agent: With our life insurance policies, we can tailor coverage to your specific needs and ensure your family is protected. Based on your age and family situation, I would recommend considering our (specific policy name) that offers (key features/benefits). Would you like to schedule a time to discuss this policy further? 

Prospect: Yes, I’m interested. Can we set up a call next week? 

#7. Cold calling script for “Lead generated from the website”

Agent: Hello, I’m from WER Insurance Company. May I speak with (Prospect’s name)? 

Prospect: Yes, speaking. 

Agent: The reason I’m reaching out today is that you recently showed interest in our insurance services on our website. I wanted to provide you with some information and answer any questions you might have. 

Prospect: Oh, yes! I was looking for some insurance options. What can you tell me about your services? 

Agent: We offer a wide range of insurance coverage options tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s auto, home, or life insurance, we have comprehensive plans that provide you with peace of mind and financial security. Is there any particular type of coverage you’re interested in learning more about? 

Prospect: I’m interested in life insurance. Can you tell me more about your coverage and pricing?

Agent: Absolutely! Our life insurance coverage includes financial security, long-term savings, life cover against uncertainty, and tax benefits. 

Prospect: Sure, can you provide me policy coverage information with each benefit and their initial investment along with their monthly premiums? 

Agent: Sure, I will provide you. Would you prefer to receive it via email or discuss it further over the phone? If over email?  then please provide your email ID. 

Prospect: I would like to receive it via email first. My email id is (email address). 

#8. Cold calling script for “New parent want to secure their child’s future“

Agent: Hello, this is (Agent’s name) from ABC Insurance Company. Is this (Prospect’s name)? 

Prospect: Yes, speaking. 

Agent: I noticed that you recently visited our website for life insurance plans. Please let me know how I can assist you in finding the right life policy. 

Prospect: Yes, As a new parent, I wanted to secure my child’s future by considering a life insurance policy for him. 

Agent: Excellent! Well, Life insurance is the best way to offer financial stability to your child. Have you considered any specific needs that the policy should cover? 

Prospect: Yes, I want that policy to cover my child’s education expenses along with financial needs. 

Agent: Great! Let me know about your child’s future goals like his college plans or any other financial requirements, which will help us to tailor a life insurance plan. 

Prospect: Sure, will provide all essential information once we make a final decision on it. 

Agent: Wonderful! Will contact you in 1-2 days again regarding the same. 

#9. Cold calling script for “Young professional looking for financial protection” 

Agent: Hi, my name is ( Agent’s name), and I am calling from ( Insurance Company Name ). How can I help you? 

Prospect: As a young professional, I wanted to secure my financial future, and taking life insurance could be a good option. 

Agent: Yes, it’s a good option. Life insurance can provide you with financial protection. But, have you decided on how much amount of coverage you need? 

Prospect: Not yet. Just wanted that much coverage which is sufficient for my family when something wrong happens to me. 

Agent: Okay understood. Will first discuss your current income, expenses, and outstanding debts, and then we can determine the accurate coverage amount. 

Prospect: Sure, I will share all my financial-related details with you with an accurate amount. 

Agent: Good. After having all these details, we can find the perfect policy that suits your needs and budget. 

Prospect: Alright, that makes sense. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Insurance Sales Scripts

However, there are some common mistakes that many agents make when developing their sales scripts. So, let’s explore these pitfalls and provide you with valuable insights on how to avoid them. 

Lack of understanding of your target audience.

It’s crucial to research and understand your target audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points. Tailoring your script to resonate with their specific concerns will make it more effective and increase your chances of success. 

Overcomplicating the language.

Avoid using complex industry jargon or technical terms that may confuse or alienate your customers. Keep your script simple, using clear and concise language that is easily understood by your audience. 

Neglecting to highlight the benefits.

While it’s important to mention the features of your insurance products, focusing solely on them can be a mistake. Customers are more interested in how life insurance will benefit them. Communicate the value and advantages your products offer, such as financial protection, peace of mind, or long-term savings. 

Not addressing objections.

Anticipate potential objections that customers may have and address them in your script. By proactively acknowledging and overcoming objections, you build trust and credibility. Provide compelling answers that alleviate doubts and showcase the value of your insurance offerings. 

Providing too much information.

Avoid overwhelming your customers with excessive information in your script. Focus on the key points and highlight the most important details that are relevant to your audience. A concise and well-structured script is more likely to capture their attention and keep them engaged. 

Ignoring the power of storytelling.

Incorporate relatable stories or case studies into your script. Stories help customers connect emotionally with the benefits of their life insurance. Share real-life examples illustrating how your coverage has positively impacted individuals or businesses, making it easier for customers to see the value in choosing your products. 

Underemphasizing your unique selling proposition.

Communicate what sets your insurance offerings apart from competitors. Highlight any unique features, such as customizable coverage options, exceptional customer service, or innovative claims processing. Reinforce your unique selling proposition throughout the script to capture customer’s attention and differentiate yourself in a crowded market. 

Weak call to action.

A strong and compelling call to action at the end of your script is essential. Clearly state what you want customers to do next, whether it’s scheduling a consultation, requesting a quote, or signing up for a policy. Make it easy for customers to take the desired action and provide clear instructions. 


Congratulations! You’ve now gained valuable insights into the world of life insurance sales scripts. By utilizing these scripts, you can create meaningful connections, address concerns, and successfully sell insurance policies to your potential clients. So, go out there and confidently engage with your prospects using the power of these cold-calling insurance sales scripts. Happy selling!