Why is Local Caller ID important in Outbound Sales Campaign?

Importance of Local Caller ID important in Outbound Sales

If your sales team reaches prospects with the same caller ID every day, then one complaint would be common – I am sure. “The response rate of calls is decreasing day by day.” It is true in the case of using the same caller ID.

As people usually recognize a caller ID that is not from their local area, too, as a sales call. Instead of that, what if your sales team uses local caller ID to reach prospects? The response rate is likely to be increased.

The reason is one simple mindset of people. They are more responsive to local cell numbers, compared to out-of-state numbers. If the recipients can’t recognize the number, they tend to send the calls to voicemail. Therefore, the demand for local caller ID is increasing.

Time is changing. The methods of reaching prospects are improving. The way of telemarketing has to change too.

Therefore, let me share why local caller ID is vital in outbound sales.

Local caller ID is becoming part of the outbound calling strategy. When you plan to run the campaign, you can set up different caller IDs as per the requirements. We at LeadsRain, in our Cloud-based predictive dialer, provide local presence features. This feature will automatically fetch the relevant area code of prospects while dialing as per the campaign setup done for Local presence.

From our experience with our growth partners, we received interesting results.

The clients who used the local presence feature witnessed up to 20% increased response rate.

From our growth partners’ experience, we learned one thing – “How you appear on caller ID matters a lot.”

Why should you consider Local caller-ID for your campaign?

  • To improve the overall performance rate in your telemarketing efforts.
  • Using a local caller ID will increase the response rate, and eventually, it will lead to increased ROI too.
  • The genuine prospects who need your company’s support or service will be happy to answer your call as it will be a local caller ID.

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The perks of using local caller ID are pretty good, right. Now let me suggest some of the best practices for your campaign:

  • Reaching your leads at the right time is crucial. Therefore, set up a specific time duration. Then let the predictive dialer do wonders for you.
  • Don’t get the impression that people don’t attend unrecognized numbers. Business people do receive calls as they don’t want to miss out on any opportunities. Only the caller ID shouldn’t give an impression nor be recognized like a promotional call.
  • Let’s say you want to have a state-specific campaign. Select any caller ID for that state. Assign that caller ID for each area code of that state too. So next time, with that single caller ID, you will be able to make calls in the whole state. A good way to have a local presence. Isn’t it?

Now, when you choose a predictive dialer as your strategy tool, make sure to use a local caller ID feature.

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