Should You Leave Voicemails on Sales Calls?

Should You Leave Voicemails on Sales Calls

Obviously, the answer is debatable. Let’s discuss the scenario to understand the question entirely.

Let’s say you are making 500 sales calls a day.

What happens when some of the recipients don’t attend your call? How do you reach them? How can you let them know about the purpose of your call?

You have two options: Either you call them back. Or you drop a voicemail.

If you choose to call back, then there are possibilities, you might reach them or you might not. Just in case, you decide to drop voicemail. Either the recipient will listen to your voicemail later on and will attend your call next time. Or if the recipient is interested, then he/she will call you back.

I assume you are smart enough to choose the voicemail option. Well, when you select voicemail again, you have two options. Either you can send voicemail manually for each call you make during the day. Or you can use LeadsRain’s Predictive dialer. If the recipient does not answer your call, automatically pre-recorded voicemail will be sent to the recipient.

For that, you need to prepare the best voicemail script to create interest in the recipient’s mind. Through the quick functionality of Predictive dialer, agents’ productivity will increase, and they will save time. As every time an agent doesn’t have to send voicemail manually.

LeadsRain’s predictive dialer will automatically drop a pre-set voicemail to answering machine when recipient does not answer the call.

Let me tell you if the recipient doesn’t attend your call; then, your immediate action should be to send voicemail. The purpose of reaching them with any communication method should be your goal. Value your time for the efforts you are putting. Otherwise, recipients also will not understand the importance of your call and the services you are offering.

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In the conclusion of this answer, you should drop voicemail if you can’t reach them through a call. The decision of dropping voicemail also depends on the industry you are in, what kind of people are you calling? Consider all the factors and make a decision accordingly.

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Bonus tips:

1 Make your voicemail script short and simple.

2 Don’t forget to mention your contact details in voicemail.


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