LeadsRain Introduces Web Based Phone Dialer

LeadsRain Introduces Web Based Phone Dialer

LeadsRain is proud to announce Web Based Phone Dialer and it is ready with a Beta version to be used by our existing users.

LeadsRain provides LeadGen services with Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer Software to the SME’s to outreach their targeted audience. It is a Cloud Based Auto Dialer, which helps in enduring the fast and quick services to our clientele for enhanced productivity of their agents. This Web-Based Phone Dialer has enabled our existing users to shift from Softphone to WebPhone Dialer for outreaching their leads with better user experience.

Previously, with softphone, it was a daunting task with dual login platforms like the first log into the softphone then to Agent Dashboard for calling leads. Whereas, this browser-based phone shrinks down this dual login process into one. Thus, Web Based Phone Dialer provides zero dependencies compared to traditional dialer.

With introduced Web-based Real-Time Communication experience, the agents get served 2 easy steps like:

  1. Login into Dashboard
  2. Start making calls

Thus, all in all, this Browser Based Phone Dialer provides the following benefits to its users:

  • No more requirement of Softphone configuration
  • Provides agents the ease of access by a single login
  • Agents can now focus on productivity than on technical issues.

We are happy to invite our users to check the Beta version of Browser-Based Dialer on our platform and enjoy the hassle-free experience.

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