Best Tool to Accelerate Your Recruitment Marketing Campaign


Size doesn’t matter while recruiting. It may sometimes define your playing field but surely not govern it. What truly dominates and governs recruitment is speed and efficiency. A small business trying to bolster up your workforce or a large organization with complex HR needs, speed is crucial in onboarding the right talent. So how do you go about speeding up your recruitment campaign?

With the correct tool, of course.

Selecting the right tool broadly boils down to a 3 point checklist:

Ease of Use & Setup ✔️
Analytics ✔️
Pricing ✔️

Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer offers all three and some more, read more to find all the advantages.

First, let’s take a look at where you can find ideal prospects.

Finding the right talent

Finding the right talent is easier than ever. Candidates out there are looking for you, but can they find you?

Visibility brings with it a large talent pool for you to draw from. So spruce up your profile on professional networks and reach out on these five channels.


Connect with like-minded people, to make your network efficient. Don’t just connect with them. Develop engaging relationships with them as well.

Inbound Channels

Inbound channels are great at generating quality leads and integrate well with every channel out there.

Sending a flier? Add an SMS prompt.

Posting a job in a local magazine? Add a toll-free number. Now sit back and relax.

Job Portals

Another great place to find loads of CVs for your job opening. Although a bit expensive alternative, with correct filters you can find the right set of potential candidates.

Opt-in Cold Texts

This is great for larger organizations that have multiple openings in multiple roles. A text campaign with a link to apply for the job will fill your inboxes in no time.

Local Community Centers

Looking for bright local candidates?

This is a low risk, high reward option that not only helps you find grounded candidates but also strengthens your neighborhood and earns you solid street cred.

Plus Points of Calling with Cloud-Based Dialer To Speed up Recruitment in the first stage

Recruiting with a dialer is an experience in efficiency and convenience. It offers you unparalleled connectivity to hire remotely and unbeatable efficiency in hiring in person. Here are the key advantages of using recruitment dialer.

Intelligent Whisper

Perhaps it is the most appreciated feature on the list by recruiters as it allows you to hear calls and guide your teammate with intelligent whispers. This comes in handy especially when you are having a telephonic interview where collaborations among the teams are necessary. This smart tool allows the manager to be audible just to the interviewer, to monitor, guide, or prompt. Now you can ensure that candidates are vetted in real-time by the interviewer.

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Embrace Speed

Need to reach a large volume of applicants?

Predictive Dialer Tool is the lifesaver you were looking for! Predictive Dialer Software helps you dial smartly and reach out to up to 2x more applicants in the same amount of time. It even intelligently distributes calls among your hiring team using artificial intelligence algorithms. You can now configure the dialer to send a pre-recorded message automatically when you reach an answering machine. This automization of dialing, leaving a voicemail and cataloging is said to increase the contact rate of an agent by 50%

Easy To Use

Browser-based dialer offers an intuitive UI that is easy to understand and easy to use. A single time login and you are ready to start your day. The cloud infrastructure allows you to log in from any computer device anywhere.

Contact Anyone

And we mean anyone! The biggest and most crucial advantage of teleservices is the reach. Place, Device, Borders, etc don’t matter. The network is everywhere and decades old. This heritage makes it very friendly even for those that are out of touch with the technology.

Easy Setup

Setting up a web-based phone dialer is so easy now that you are not downloading or installing any software. Simply sign in and follow our easy setup. Upload your leads. And bam! You are ready to go!

Sign up for a free trial here and be called ready within minutes.

Even when you get stuck, our support team is there to guide you within a minute.

Fair Pricing

A good dialer platform ensures that its pricing is fair and transparent. Pay as you go pricing plan ensures you pay only for what you use, unlike when the per seat plans. Prepaid pricing ensures there are no end of month surprises. Furthermore, platforms without contractual obligations won’t hold you and your finances down.

Scale Easily

Gearing up for a boom in your hiring cycle? Scale-up easily by adding an agent for free. You can have as many agents you want working on the campaign and at the same time, you can drop agents without incurring costs. Whatsmore, the plans get more cost-effective. Yes, scaling up will cost you less!


Get detailed reports on everything. Yes, get reports on the number of calls connected, daily credits used, agents logged, call times, average call time, and much more. Analyze and adapt to the power of data backing you up.

Caller IDs

Hiring across borders?

In a different county or state? Get local caller IDs based on the location of your leads. A local caller ID is known to have a sure shot tool to increase in response rate (approx 30-33%).


Web-Based predictive Dialer is a great tool to speed up your hiring Campaign at a cost-effective rate. You would be hard-pressed to find another versatile channel that allows you to conduct interviews and contact applicants on the same platform. That too at competitive prices.

We at LeadsRain specialize in providing communication and lead generation tools to businesses worldwide. If you are looking for an online dialer tool, do check out our Web-Based Dialer. You may also contact our representatives at for any marketing tools or communication requirements your organization may have.