How do you do SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing

No one can dispute the effectiveness of SMS Marketing in “I would rather text” age. And if you are here then it means you realize that too. We have compiled a list of steps on how to execute SMS Marketing.

Step 1 – Define Campaign

Before you start any marketing effort, it’s critical to define a goal.

A clearly defined goal will not only bring better results but also help define metrics to measure the effectiveness at each step.

Step 2 – Define Your Audience

Find the correct people who would love to hear more about you, this demographic will make a huge chunk of your leads. Ask them to opt-in for your messages.

Ensure that you reach out to only those who have agreed to receive your messages.

Step 3 – Create Content

Almost every American considers their mobile phone as a personal and sacred space. Hence whatever you send needs to add value to the client. Create exclusive content or offers, keeping in mind the aim defined in Step 1.

Step 4 – Find the Correct Tool

Find a tool that allows you to send bulk messages and provides decent features. Try to choose a vendor like us that will nurture your lead with multiple channels through Umbrella Approach.

Step 5 – Sending Messages

This is how we send messages.

  1. Login to your LeadsRain account.
  2. Upload your message
  3. Select Schedule time
  4. Create a Campaign
  5. Upload your leads (list of numbers)
  6. Sit back and Relax!

LeadsRain will automatically start sending SMS to all the mobile numbers in the list as per your scheduled time.

Step 6 – Analytics

Measure the success of your campaign once it is done by analyzing the reports provided. We provide fully customized reports for each of your campaigns.

Step 7 – Follow-ups

Follow up after a while to keep your leads warm, this may also be an opportunity to feel out the audience before starting another campaign.

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