How to Start a Virtual Call Center with a Cloud-based Dialer?

How to Start a Virtual Call Centre with a Cloud-based Dialer

In this Era, Service is the key to any business, and Call centers are one of the most important set up who help out in providing services and after sales services. But nowadays, most call centers are forced to find out the way to their existence due to the COVID-19 pandemic and have no other option than creating Virtual Call Centre and working from home.

Creating Virtual Call Centers nowadays is not a big deal actually as most of the call centers are using Browser-based Call Centre software, which is quite easy for the work from the home condition. But there are some points which should be taken care of before creating a successful Virtual Call Centre. Let’s discuss how Virtual Call Centers can be created.

Essential things to start Virtual Call Centre

1. Virtual Office Infrastructure:

When you are setting up a Virtual Call Centre, the first and foremost thing is to set up the Office Infrastructure. If you are looking to set up the center for Work from Home, what you need is a quiet and peaceful room with proper tools and furniture to work. It will create an office environment like a work desk, seating chair, computer table, functional internet connectivity as most Web-based Dialer has a prerequisite of excellent internet facility.

2. Team with Needed Skills and Tools:

The other most important thing to set up a virtual call center is a Team with proper skills. As we are focusing more on creating a Virtual call center for the Work from Home strategy, you must have a good team that is ready to work from home with a professional attitude to work. As in Work From Home, monitoring activity is the biggest issue most of the time. So it would help if you had a professional and dedicated team who work ethically from home. A Call Center Agent needs proper tools like Well configured computers, Internet, USB headset, etc.

3. Cloud-based Auto Dialer:

The most important tool in setting up a Virtual Call Centre is Cloud-based Dialer software which doesn’t need any specific infrastructure. This software is key to start this kind of setup.

4. Integration Software:

As people are not available at the same place and due to that MIS can be a big issue to tackle. So to provide data accurately and maintain ongoing work efficiently, there must be a good Integration software that integrates MIS with Cloud-based Auto Dialer.

5. Good Team Leader with proper Reporting Tools:

As we already pointed out that monitoring can be a significant issue while working on Virtual Call Centre, you must have a Good Team Leader who can build a good relationship with the team and take out needed work with excellent results. At the same time, it keeps the team motivated and keeps the Virtual working environment alive.


To maintain all this and proper monitoring, he must be available with some Reporting tools through which he can have productivity reports, call monitoring, call whispering, agent login-logout status report etc. Some Web-Based Dialers are having these functionalities available within the dialer only.

6. Internal Team communication tools:

To perform well a team needs to have proper internal communication. For Virtual Call Centre, where people are located at different locations as working from home, there must be a useful communication tool available for them, so they talk and discuss internally and also in the group.

Wrapping it up

Call centers in such pandemic situations can be easily converted into Virtual Call Centre. It’s really very easy, less costly, and can be done faster. The only thing is that you need the right tools and equipment to set it up.


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