7 Must-have Tools for Call Center Agent While Working From Home

Best Work from Home tools for Call Centre agent

Recent COVID-19 time Work From Home has been practiced everywhere by most organizations. In such scenarios, when a company declares work from home for its employees, it results in a dispersion of the entire staff. This, in turn, can increase challenges in management. So, to curb the hassles, equipping call center agents with the appropriate tools is the way to go.

Before going into the details of the tools to use, let’s first check out the impact of work from home on an agent’s productivity. We will also take a look at the pros and cons of work from home for call center agents. So, let’s begin.

How Work from Home Can Impact an Agent’s Productivity

Working from home saves travel time and costs for call center agents. They can utilize that time to accomplish valuable company tasks. Moreover, they can take short breaks whenever possible, to prevent monotony and burnout. The environment is more comfortable so that the workers can carry out their professional responsibilities with a relaxed mindset.

On the other hand, if the call center agents lack discipline, they can decrease productivity. Moreover, an office has backups and systems in place to cover up for damages in case anything goes wrong. The same scenario is not possible in the home of every agent.

Pros and Cons of Work From Home for Call center Agent

To understand the impact of work from home on call center agents better, let’s check out the pros and cons of the same.


  • Since a supervisor is not looking over their shoulder, employees feel independent.
  • Employees save money on office outfits and transportation. On the other hand, the company doesn’t necessarily have to have a rented or purchased office space.
  • Since the call center agents are more comfortable at home, they are happier.


  • The lack of competition can cause some agents to lose a motivation factor.
  • Distractions in the home environment can affect productivity.
  • No matter how advanced the world gets with technology, communication can never be as quick and efficient as in person.

Must have tools for Call Center Agent

Now, we have established that working from home has its pros and cons for a call center agent. To minimize challenges and make the most out of their time, Here are some must-have tools for those who run a call center from home so that they can work from home with less amount of hassles. Let’s check them out in detail.

1. Good configured Computer System

When a call center agent works from home, one of the most important Tools for Work from Home Call center is a fully configured computer system. This means that both the hardware and software should be in impeccable condition. Additionally, the processes of the system should be streamlined so as not to cause any unexpected errors.

2. Cloud-based Dialer Software with high quality of Tech Support team

A Cloud Predictive Dialer helps agents to avoid wasting time in speaking to the answering machine as it predicts whether the call connected is with a human or machine and will forward connected human calls only to the agent. This, in return, helps the agent to increase their productivity. Also, a Cloud-based auto dialer can help them to work from any place where they can have a computer, good internet connection, and a simple headset. Yes, on top of that, they also need an excellent support team from Dialer providers, so when they work from home and face any issue that can be resolved faster and keep them on work for a maximum time during productive hours.

3. High-Speed Internet

Most Virtual call centers to work from home use Cloud-based autodialer and web-based dialer or call center software. When using cloud-based or web-based software, internet connectivity is supposed to be excellent and high speed.

4. A good CRM software

Even when the agents work from home, they can’t afford to miss out on important customer-related information. Some vital customer data includes client demographics, phone numbers, email, chat transcripts, call logs, etc. A good CRM software aids in compiling this information so that the agents can stay updated regardless of their location of work.


5. Video conferencing application or Remote Access Softwares

Connectivity to other members of a team in a company is a mist for streamlining different business processes. Remote access software such as Anydesk and Teamviewer help in sharing real-time information to another party mostly via written communication. For verbal communications requiring visuals, nothing beats a killer video-conferencing application. Also, during any technical issue, a technical support team can be immediately helpful if they have such kind of software with which they can share the screen and get the issue resolved.

6. Two pairs of good quality Headset

Call center agents find it mandatory to wear a quality headset to have clarity of communication. This helps in keeping their voice stable and enables clear transmission of words even when their head moves in different directions. Since the mic and the earpieces remain in place, the use of a good-quality headset increases focus. It’s also important to keep one pair as a backup in case the first one stops abruptly and can avoid downtime in work due to such a silly reason.

7. Inverter – To prevent downtime in work due to Sudden power cut

All the equipment needed for work from home mostly depends on power. An unwanted and sudden power cut during productive hours can affect the productivity of an agent. In such cases, inverters are supposed to be there to avoid such issues. With the help of an Inverter call center agents will be able to prevent downtime due to sudden outages and power cuts.

Summing It Up

Professionalism has ceased to be about palatial offices, suits, a tie, and a briefcase. Nowadays, a majority of firms are leaning towards remote work, thanks to the cost-cutting benefits. It’s a relatively new implementation, which makes it all the more crucial to be fully prepared for the change. The above list of the must-have tools for a call center agent while working from home is sure to assist in unforeseen circumstances where setting up a proper office arrangement might not be an option.