How to Grow Timeshare Lead Generation with Outbound Marketing Channels?

Direct marketing techniques for the Timeshare Industry

Timeshares have been around for a long time, and they continue to grow in popularity year by year. It offers people a chance to own premium property and uses it for a specified period of time. Timeshares may include resorts, condos, apartments, penthouses, etc. Usually, they are available for a week or even a month. However, a timeshare is only as popular as the way it is marketed.

Even if you have the best property, you can’t expect to get timeshare owners if you don’t have any leads, which are the foundation of any business. Therefore, it is crucial to employ suitable marketing methods and strategies to ensure that you can gather qualified leads for your timeshare business.

One of the best ways to do so is through outbound marketing channels, such as calls, emails, SMS, popups, Announcements, etc. This article covers how you can use these channels to grow lead generation opportunities for your timeshare business.

Current Trends in the Timeshare Industry

There has been massive development and growth in the timeshare industry, and it plays its part in the overall growth of the global economy. According to statistics, the industry grows by roughly 10% to 12% every year. In 2018, the sales volume of timeshares in the U.S. alone amounted to approximately $10 billion, whereas the rental value amounted to $2.4 billion.

Over the years, some key players from the hospitality industry also joined the bandwagon. Companies like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Disney, and many others took things much more prominent. This change led to a more diverse range of timeshare options with more flexible ownership options and became known as Vacation Ownership.

People have started advertising timeshare rentals through online classifieds websites, social media groups, and pages with the evolution in technology. This shift in marketing actions also enables people to secure timeshare ownership for lower prices. Moreover, it helps timeshare businesses to reach out to the younger and millennial generation, thus ensuring greater engagement.

How Can LeadsRain Help You Grow Timeshare Business?

When it comes to timeshare lead generation, you will need a platform that helps you reach your potential customers with ease and, at the same time to that channel where they are most responsive. Keep sending cold emails to your leads, It will definitely slow down your lead gen process, and if you are thinking on depending on the Paid campaigns, you have to wait for the customer’s action. Also, if you see the cost per click and Click-through ratio, your Average Cost per Lead will be significantly higher, and the cost per client will be more than that as the closing ratio will also be coming to the picture.

Then, what’s the way out?

Ans is Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the way of lead generation that helps you reach your clients at the point where they are available most, respond immediately and frequently, and at the same time cost-effective to reach. At LeadsRain, we offer outbound marketing platforms that empower the lead generators to reach their potential customers with Voice and SMS.

Let’s check out the Direct marketing channels for Timeshare Business.

1. Ringless Voicemails

No one wants to get disturbed when they are busy and not in a mood to hear about some specific topics when they are not in the state of mind to think about that thing. Timeshare is a topic which no one is actively thinking during their working hours, and hence you reach them during their working hours, they might avoid you. With Ringless voicemail, they can be with you when they are ready to listen to you.

Features of our Ringless voicemail that can help you boost your Timeshare Business:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to Scale-up
  • Schedule the campaign on a specific day or time
  • Take inbound response on your phone with Inbound call forwarding

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2. MMS Campaigns

Telling can be always better understood by Watching Relevant Images and Videos. By sending the Videos and Images through MMS marketing campaigns, you can share a better view of the things they are going to experience.

Features of our MMS Service that helps you share better experiences:

  • Power of Audio-Visual presentation
  • Interactive communication through Keyword-based Auto-responder
  • Analyze the Responsive Audio or Video with Real-Time Analytics
  • Better Reach and Responsiveness through Local and Toll-Free Caller ID Numbers

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3. Calling Leads

Reaching your target audience with SMS, Voicemail or Email sometimes helps you generate leads, but you need to push yourself towards them to get them closed in some cases. Your outreach can give you Warm leads instead of Cold leads, but calling those leads with a good team of closers through a Smart Cloud-based Auto Dialer helps you get more closing and decrease your cost per client as it can take your closing ratio to the next level.

Feature of a Cloud-based Predictive Dialer can supercharge your Timeshare Business:

  • On-the-spot discussion with Customers on Live call
  • Put your best of closers with Potentials clients
  • Leave your foot-step with a Voicemail on Unanswered Follow-up calls
  • Never miss an Interested Client with Blended Campaign set up

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4. Omnichannel Outreach

Every Channel has its own benefits, but sometimes it’s just not enough; you leave your prospect lonely where they are not responding and need to reach them where are actively listening and answering. Hence, sticking to one channel can reduce your chances of getting those clients closed, which is potential but need you to talk on other channels. Omnichannel Communication lets you reach your leads when and where they like.

Uplift your Timeshare Lead Generation Campaign With LeadsRain's Outbound Marketing Channels

Tips to Grow Timeshare Lead Generation

There are a few effective ways through which you can grow your timeshare lead generation process and get more customers ready to buy a share of the properties you are offering to them. Let’s have a look at these tips one by one.

  • Optimized Contact Lists

You may have a contact list or extensive database of customer information, but it is of no use if your customers don’t do business with you or the lead conversion process hits a dead end. Therefore, you need to fill up your contact list with high-value clients and promising prospects who can deliver exactly what you need.

  • Start Small and Scale-Up

There is no use in starting a huge marketing campaign in the beginning when you are just testing the waters. It takes time for your reputation and credibility to be built in front of new customers, which is why it is important to start small and build a marketing campaign that you can expand when the time comes for it.

  • Foster Relationships with Customers

Apart from outbound marketing channels, what will also help you reach out is building a strong and valuable relationship with your customers. They have a sense of brand loyalty and want to shop at your brand regularly. Not only will this result in more leads for your timeshare, but it will also ensure a lot of repeat business.

Ending Moment:

This brings us to the end of our article on timeshare lead generations and how outbound marketing channels may be used to bring them out to a higher number of people. It’s obvious that waiting for the customer’s action toward you, will lengthen your process and also reduces the chances of getting those customers closed who don’t like to take the first step and waiting for you to come forward. It’s time to come out and reach your target audience with outbound marketing channels to uplift your business.

To know more, how you can excel in your Timeshare Lead generation with outbound marketing campaigns, reach us at and get started today.