Vacation Packages Special Deals – Telephone Sales Script

Telephone Sales Script

Opening Speech:

Hi, I need to speak with (Customer Name as it appears in the list).

My name is (Call Name) from *** Exclusive.

Your name was listed as a previous vacationer through one of your past travelling experiences that you list at one point in time.

Product/Service Positioning:

We are a membership club that provides up to 80% discount on services for when you go on a vacation.

Have you heard of the Wyndham Bali hai in Hawaii? it’s a 5-star luxury resort right on the beach.

The cheapest price we could find was through Expedia, the online discount travel set; they wanted $320 per night for a 2 bedroom condo. so for a seven-night stay that’s $2,240 for the week.

As a member, you’re able to stay at the exact same resort, at the exact same time for only $349, that’s not for the night, that’s for the week.

When was the last time you stayed in a 2 bedroom Condo, beachfront for $349 a week?

How would like to do that every time you travel?

And the resorts is just one aspect of what we offer, you’ll get access to over 5,500 resorts worldwide, stay in condos for as low as $189 a week with an average of $349 a week.

We just revolutionized the way people travel; it’s unlike anything you have ever seen!


Resorts range from $100-$900 depending on size, season, location. the average is between $299-$499


Since you are included in our list, we’d like for you to take advantage of our 12-month trial membership anywhere in the world for just USD 315.00. The trial membership is good for 3 vacation packages that you can use for a 12-month period.

When you decide to book your hotel, Cruise, Rental car service, or plane tickets, please give us a call. At any time you have the option of using the voucher to book yourself or we can book you into the resort of your choice on our list. We are also giving you 5 days to review the services so that if during this period you feel you need to cancel, you may do so. Our contact number will be included in the welcome packet that we will be sending you.

Info Gathering:

Is your email address still _____________? (verify spelling).

Thank you for the information.

To be able to access the trial membership voucher, one of our representatives will contact you within 24-48 hours and set up your PW and USER ID. This will allow you to choose from the various location at any time within 12 months!

We will also send you a welcome packet thru email to give you more information.

Most of our clients know the general time and destination of their vacation, so it is our job to find you accommodations in the surrounding area.

And remember, once you become a member our customer service staff will contact you and assign you your own unique user login and password…where you can begin immediately taking advantage of our Discount Saving Package…..

Vacation Packages Special Deals – Telephone Sales Script

Credit Card Extraction:

Okay (Customer Name), will you be using your Visa or Mastercard?

Can you please provide the 16 digit number starting from left to right and what will be the expiration date written on the card? How about the 3 digit code in the signature panel at the back of your card.

The name that I have in our list is ___________. What will be the name that is written on your CC?

And what will be the billing address for this card?


Okay, you are all set Mr./Ms. ______. Please be reminded that our service department will call you to activate your vouchers that will be sent thru your email. If you need to contact us, you may do so at (Phone Number). Our office hours are from ____ to _____ . Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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