5 MMS Marketing Ideas for Selling Vacation Packages


It goes without saying that 2020 has been a crazy year. Between a global pandemic, a nail-biting election, and so many people shifting to remote work, it’s safe to say that the general population is in desperate need of a vacation!

If you’re a marketer in the vacation industry, you have exactly what people need right now — an escape to refresh, relax, and rejuvenate. The challenge, though, is to ensure your potential customers are thinking about how much they need a vacation. You can do this successfully through a multi-channel marketing approach.

Find out how you can give your vacation package campaign the extra boost it needs through a channel you probably aren’t even using yet — MMS marketing.

Why MMS Marketing is a Win for the Travel Industry

MMS marketing is a great way to reach your audience of travelers. This channel allows you to not only text, but send images, video, audio, and more straight to your leads’ mobile phones. Discover how you can leverage this power in your own campaigns.

Stunning Visuals Sell Vacations

Travel and vacation planning is a highly visual experience. Would you plan a trip to a city that you’ve never seen in photos before?

No, probably not.

The most effective way to inspire wanderlust is through dreamy, beautiful visuals.

Your audience needs stunning photos, Instagrammable backdrops, and relaxing sights and sounds. They should envision themselves walking along a beach, hiking a mountain, fishing from a charter boat, or sipping hot cocoa in a ski lodge.

You can inspire these feelings by sharing images, videos, and audio clips via MMS.

Send Messages That Get Opened

Emails and Direct Mailers are often unopened, unanswered, and ignored. Text messages, on the other hand, have a jaw-dropping open rate of 98%, according to data from the email marketing company Campaign Monitor.

A 98% open rate means your leads will certainly see your message!

In addition to incredible open rates, texting is easy, quick, and unobtrusive.

Capture Millennials’ Attention

If you’re marketing your vacation packages to millennials, research shows that texting is the way to go! According to a press release from OpenMarket, 83% of millennials open SMS messages within 90 seconds of receiving them. The same press release reported that 60% of millennials want to be able to text their preferred business, and 80% prefer texting over calling and waiting on hold for customer service.

All in all, your customers want to be able to text you! And don’t worry, if your leads are no longer interested, opting out is easy and seamless.

How to Use MMS Marketing for Vacation Packages

With a wide range of capabilities, it’s easy for you to get creative with your text campaign for vacation packages. These are a few ways you can market your vacation packages using rich text messaging and MMS:

Use photos to inspire wanderlust

When you’re trying to sell a dream vacation, you need to show, not tell potential customers why they need to pack their bags right away. Use MMS to send gorgeous photos that incite the itch to travel.

Record virtual tours and send via video

Film a first-person walkthrough of your vacation rental or hotel so your leads can get a first-hand view of what their accommodation would look like. MMS allows you to easily share videos that put your recipients in the middle of the action!

Drop a pin to your location

Share the precise location of your facility, sites to visit, and more. All your recipients have to do is click, and they’ll be able to instantly open directions to their destination.

Send boarding passes, tickets, and reservations with QR codes

Make boarding and checking in a breeze by sending your customers passes with QR codes. Upon arrival, all they have to do is take out their phone and scan the mobile pass!

Send reminders and more

Do your leads need another nudge or reminder to book their vacation package NOW to get the best price? Text and MMS make it easy and fast for you to send a quick check-in.

As you can see, MMS campaigns are incredibly versatile and powerful. The examples outlined above are just a few of the types of messages you can send to leads and customers. Post in the comments other ways you plan to use MMS marketing for vacation packages!

Try Your First MMS Campaign

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