How to Find Lost Dog Using Outbound Marketing Tools

find lost dog and animal using outbound marketing

The dog is not just an animal ——it’s a pet and a member of your family! Sometimes losing your companion might lead to a difficult situation for pet owners. In such circumstances, opening the doors of outbound marketing tools is considered one of the most effective approaches. 

It’s really sad, but this is the fact that over 10 million pets are lost or stolen every year in the United States. 

In this blog, you’ll learn about ‘How to locate dogs when they get missed out’. 

Why is the Pet-Dog Tracking Industry Growing?

The future outlook of the pet tracking industry is promising. With the increasing number of pet owners, coupled with raising concerns about pet safety and security, the demand for pet tracking devices is expected to rise in upcoming years ahead…  

Technological advancements led to tracking pet locations across the globe and that’s where it’s fascinating the demand for smart trackers. 

The global pet smart tracker market size was valued at $938.9 million in 2021 and is projected to reach $2.6 billion by 2031. 

Some of the primary drivers for pet-driving market expansion are; 

  • Per capita disposable income 
  • Growing swing in nuclear families
  • Rapid growth in the humanization of pets

Pet GPS tracker sales are expected to reach US $3.6 Billion by the end of 2031. 

Pet parents mostly use GPS-enabled trackers —to track and monitor their pets.  Nonetheless, In animals, ‘Dogs’ are considered as more popular pets than other animals like cats. 

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Humane Society, and, 38.4% of American households have dogs. In 2018, 76,811,305 dogs were owned by Americans.

To a great extent, dog owners are majorly paying, concentrating on purchasing pet-smarter trackers, and therefore the tracking industry is likely to increase in the coming years. 

Are old-school Techniques for Finding a Lost Dog Worth it?

Well, the straightforward answer is not worth it in today’s digital world. Do you want to know how people used to search for their pets in earlier days? They uphold old-school techniques like putting up dog posters on walls, talking with people like shop owners nearby watchmen, placing ads in local newspapers, contacting stray dog feeder groups.. and these methods have been used for years, but due to advancements in technology and alternative marketing tools have emerged that may offer quick results with less-time consuming and at a reasonable cost. 

Another thing to discuss is the cost associated with traditional or say old techniques like printing and distributing physical posters. The expense could be on materials, printing and physically posting them in several areas, plus it’s a more time-consuming process. Moreover, the reach of old-school techniques is limited to specific locations, thereby missing out on a larger network. 

In some situations, old-school techniques may still hold some value, but it’s important to adapt and uphold the evolving technology and innovative marketing strategies available. 

How to Find Lost Dog using Outbound marketing Tactics?

Worried about your lost dog? Couldn’t make any way to get back? Keep Patience and Leverage the Great essence of outbound marketing tactics to get back your furry companion and return home soon!

Join online pet communities 

Joining online pet communities is a powerful marketing tactic for finding a lost dog. It’s a great platform for sharing updates on your search efforts. When your dog goes missing, posting about it in online pet communities allows you to quickly spread the word to a wider audience. 

Online pet communities are often considered hubs ——-where pet owners and enthusiasts come together to share information, support, and advice. This outbound marketing tactic involves the active participation of members of communities, who are passionate about pets and willing to help you.

Create posts with pictures 

One of the creative and mind-blowing marketing tactics when it comes to finding a lost dog. Creating posts with pictures—-its visual content is incredibly powerful and captures people’s attention effectively. You can share snapshots of a dog’s action—–playing, cuddling, or participating in several activities. 

Utilize different platforms of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, community forums, and many more. Make sure to include relevant hashtags, and location tags, along with short & sweet captions. Don’t ignore the concept that ” Visual content grabs more attention, evokes emotions than textual content”. 

Enroll in automated services 

Want to be reunited with your missing furry? It’s high time to get matriculated in automated services to stay proactive in your search. You can look for high-tech services offering outbound marketing features— like automated calling or messaging capabilities for reaching out to wider audiences quickly. 

You can also schedule an outbound campaign to find your lost furry companion. Consider peak hours by selecting the date and time for automated calls or messages that are to be delivered. 

Utilize local pet websites

Contact websites or online platforms designed to connect pet owners and animal lovers in your local community. Share relevant posts of your lost dog with details and images on pet websites. Building connections and sharing your lost dog post with several websites can be invaluable in locating and identifying your furry friend. 

Some examples of local pet websites might include local animal shelter websites, community pet forums, or local influencers having a strong social media presence dedicated to pets.  

Announce your missing pet on-voice 

Do you want to get back your beloved dog? Search your missing dog by crafting a heartfelt message describing your missing dog’s name, breed, color, and some specific features along with contact info. Announce your missing pet using voice broadcasting —look for a reputable service provider that allows you to send pre-recorded voice messages to a wide range of audiences. 

Make sure to have a voice broadcast in the specific geographical area where your missing dog was last seen or where they might be. This outbound marketing tactic will ultimately notify neighbors which is more likely to increase the chances of finding your lost dog. 

Offer an Online Reward

One of the highly effective marketing tactics —offering an online reward. Start offering rewards by crafting a compelling post or flyer stating that “you will be rewarded with XXX$ for the safe return of your dog”. Make sure to mention all detailed information about your missing dog, contact information for updating you along with eye-catching visuals. 

Consider promoting your reward offer via targeted online advertisements and multiple communication channels. Keep the reward offer active until the dog is safely returned to you and keep updated and remind people that the reward is still available. 

Automatic Follow-Up with Community Networks 

Thinking of an automatic follow-up system with community networks is a smart marketing approach. Start by reaching out to local community networks surrounding your locality or pet-related organizations for lost and found pets. Afterward, set up automated follow-ups to keep them updated. 

We prefer email marketing tools to send updates about your search efforts automatically. Stay engaged and provide regular updates to ensure a sense of community. So utilize automated follow-up by using the Omnichannel marketing platform and keep the momentum going in your search efforts. 

Make unlimited delivery of audio messages within your local community 

One of the most innovative & creative outbound marketing tools for higher chances of locating your lost dog! Integrate with Ringless voicemail provider services and optimize ringless voicemail technology to send pre-recorded audio messages directly to voicemail boxes without causing the recipient’s phone to ring. 

Deliver voicemail messages within your local community or specific areas where you believe your lost furry might be. Collect all contact information and ensure that your voicemails reach the right people who can actively assist in the search for your lost companion. 

Make sure to create engaging and descriptive audio messages that capture all the important details of your lost dog. You can keep track of each voicemail message, act rapidly, and follow up on each lead. 


This feels very heart-touching and troubling when your dog goes missing. Do remember, to stay confident and just focus on ‘How to get your pet back’. It’s important to stay updated with new and advanced marketing strategies, which increase the chances of locating your pet quickly. Meanwhile, don’t lose hope ! Stay strong!