How Outbound Marketing is better Lead Generation Strategy than Social Media Platform?

Outbound marketing channel vs Social media marketing

The Marketing Landscape is changing. Marketers are implementing different approaches starting with inbound marketing, outbound marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

Sometimes more options lead to more confusion. As some marketers are getting maximum benefits out of outbound marketing. Else are trying to grow their business with Facebook ads and other social media platforms. You might wonder – Which strategy is the best? Why is that strategy better?

In this guide, Your both answers will be covered. We will discuss – how outbound marketing can be better than Social media marketing? And what are the cons you missed out of Facebook ads and other platforms? Let’s get this show on the road!

First of all, the mindset of marketers is changing more than ever. Now they are focusing on quality leads rather than more leads. When you are looking for quality leads – your time, efforts, and budget matters a lot. Hence, we are sharing some of the reasons for choosing outbound marketing. Which will help you to maximize your marketing efforts.

Why should you focus on Outbound Marketing?

1 Cost-effective

The cost of the marketing strategy has always been a priority for businesses. One of the best parts of Outbound Marketing is that many strategies are cost-effective. Take an example of Ringless Voicemail & Voice broadcasting. In all these marketing strategies, your marketing budget will not be spent more than expected.

We at LeadsRain offer a Pay-Per-Use pricing model for all the services. This kind of model gives you the flexibility to spend your marketing budget as per the requirements.

2 High response rate

With the right outbound marketing strategies, you can definitely achieve a higher response rate. Let’s take an example of reaching prospects through text messaging. Nowadays, prospects prefer text messaging, as it does not disturb their routine life. With SMS marketing campaigns, your response rate will increase.

Traditional outbound methods like billboards or TV ads might not show you the high response rate in your progress chart as it takes time. Although other outbound marketing strategies surely help to increase the response rate.

3 For the targeted ones

Many of the inbound marketing techniques can’t target a specific audience. Or you can say there are some limitations in targeting. Wherein, with outbound marketing, you can have detailed targeting to reach the right prospects.

Let’s say you choose Ringless Voicemail for your next outbound marketing campaign. You would be having a contact list of prospects. You can select prospects as per your research and their response in the mail or any other platforms. For B2B marketing, Outbound marketing is a good choice.

4 You get what you spend

The battle of finalizing the marketing budget and sticking to it – is always a never-ending battle. Often, marketers choose the wrong marketing strategies and lose the whole marketing budget in the wrong place.

Instead, when you choose an outbound marketing approach like Ringless Voicemail or Voice broadcasting, your marketing budget will not fall out of orbit. You can balance your budget by choosing the Pay-per-use pricing module for the services. You are only supposed to pay for what you use. No fixed charges for the service. We at LeadsRain offer a Pay-Per-Use model for our services.

Let’s say you are starting out in the business. Initially, you want to reach 500 leads with a minimum marketing budget – go ahead, outbound marketing is your cup of coffee. Even you can track your ROI to get a better scenario.

And the winner is Outbound Marketing?

Hold on. We can’t directly say Outbound Marketing as the best approach. We have to discuss why Facebook Ads and other social media marketing platforms can drain your budget drastically. Let’s get into it.

Why shouldn’t you give all in for Social Media Marketing?

1 Ad Options

Once you start digging into Facebook ads, you will be surprised. There are numerous types of ads option available. Some of the benefits of the ad might tempt you to go for it. This can disturb your marketing budget.

If you don’t know which ad will be better for your product or service – you might end up investing in the wrong ad type.

2 Other factors matter too!

The cost of Facebook Ads and other social media marketing platforms’ cost is based on many factors. Like ad placement.

Where are you going to showcase your ad? Which format – audio, video, text – are you going to use for your ad? In which country are you targeting prospects?

The pricing varies based on the above and many other factors. Hence, your marketing budget might increase more than you expected.

3 The need for expertise

In case you are thinking of implementing Social media marketing, you should consider being an expert in it. Why? You will need a team of expertise for designing and content marketing.

To understand how social media platforms’ and strategy work – you also have to spend time and effort. All of these will require more money and more time.

Where in, outbound marketing strategies are easy to implement. Once you are familiar with the tactics steps – you don’t need a whole team of experts. In no time, you will be good to go for your first marketing campaign.

4 Relevance score

If you don’t have a detailed understanding of Facebook Ads, you might not know about the relevance score. Once you set up an ad campaign, your ad will be shared and shown to the users based on the relevance score.

If you haven’t used the right keywords and didn’t consider other factors like age, gender, country, etc. your ad will be displayed to irrelevant users. Users might end up clicking on “I don’t want to see this ad.”

This will lead your relevance score at a lower level. When your relevance score is less, you have to pay more for ads. Many marketers will not know about the relevance score, and they will spend a lot on ads.

This is just one example of not knowing enough about social media platforms. They are various hacks that you need to know while using Social media marketing. Well, on the other end, this does not happen in outbound marketing strategies. They are easy to understand and implement.

Outbound Marketing is better Lead Generation Strategy than Social Media Platform

Final thought

We hope this guide helped you to get clarity on which strategies can be more beneficial to you. As a marketer, you should always keep on trying new strategies to explore new possibilities.

You never know when you find the ultimate marketing strategy for your business. A combination of a few best marketing strategies is always a good way to start.

Do you want to learn more about how to make the most out of outbound marketing? Contact us today. We would be happy to assist you.