Ignite Your Sandler Selling System with Outbound Call Center Software

Try Sales Dialer to Ignite Your Sandler Selling System

Sandler Selling System is a unique sales process whereby the company emphasizes building a relationship between the outbound sales representatives and the prospective client. It also focuses on qualification and closing the sale.

Perhaps the best way to carry out this sales strategy is by working with outbound call center software such as sales dialer software. Not only does this minimize the cost of calling, but it also enhances productivity. This is an essential resource for outbound sales representatives and companies that rely heavily on lead generation.

This article will shed light on the role of sales dialer software that can facilitate your Sandler Selling framework. Let’s get started.

Sandler Selling System And Sales Dialers Software

The Sandler Selling System helps sales reps act as consultants instead of pushy salespeople no one wants to interact with. Instead of pushing a product on someone who doesn’t need it, this strategy focuses on asking pinpointed questions during the qualifying process. The main idea behind this is to create a mutual understanding between salespeople and prospects.

An outbound predictive dialer is a sales dialer software that places outbound calls from agents to leads. This is a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), the process by which a computer communicates with telephone systems.

The two types of Sales Dialer software that facilitate Sandler Selling are:

  • Predictive dialer
  • Power dialer

Predictive Dialer

The prominent use cases for this type of sales dialer in debt collection, telemarketing, customer service follow-up, and market research, and predictive dialers are frequently used. If your sales team works on commission qualifying leads, predictive dialers will save them time on the phone prospecting — time is money, after all!

Power Dialer

A power dialer may be your best option to improve customer service while staying within your budget. It is frequently a less expensive solution than a predictive dialer. A power dialer only dials a number when a representative is available to take the call, so a customer is never left talking into “dead air,” as with predictive dialers.

How Can Sales Dialer Software Help You Stimulate Sandler Selling System?

1. Bigger Deal Sizes

Perhaps the biggest plus side of working with the Sandler Selling System is that it allows you to increase the size of your deal. This is because the Sandler Selling System encourages Rainmakers to only reach out to relevant buyers who are genuinely interested in making a purchase.

This is where the predictive dialer comes in. since it allows you to call multiple numbers simultaneously and only connect to those calls that are answered, this dialer is a game changer for Sandler Selling. Here’s how:

  • It saves the representative time in deciding which prospect to call. Moreover, you’re not required to dial the number manually. It does away with this repetitive manual work
  • Predictive dialers help you automatically log calls and take notes while on call
  • You can seamlessly increase the rep’s talk time and have more meaningful conversations. People respond better to outbound sales representatives who take a genuine interest in them rather than blindly push a product— this is something Sandler Selling is all about
  • You can monitor calls, reports, and analytics with a predictive dialer. These are things that predictive dialer software typically comes equipped with. Using these predictive dialer dashboards can help track the performance of campaigns and representatives.
  • Accurate and thorough notes provided by the dialer can be an effective weapon in your arsenal. These notes can be saved for the future when you are building your pitch. Working with predictive dialers means you get to save time that might’ve been wasted correcting human errors.

2. Dialers Get Your Larger Margins

Another significant upside to the Sandler sales methodology is that it allows firms to scale their profit margins. The system helps you communicate value propositions to your customers so that your product becomes the elixir to your pain points. Once buyers see your value, they will be more willing to pay higher for your product.

An excellent way to widen your profit margins is by using power dialing. Sales dialer software reduces costs by only dialing when a representative is available. Not only does this mean they can service prospects efficiently, they save the budget that would have been spent on cold calling.

Another way power dialing boosts productivity and profits is by monitoring activities using call dispositions, notes, and tags. With this help, contacts are maximized, and the chances of converting them to a paying customer are higher, thus raking in more profits.

3. Improved Forecasting

Expected sales revenue estimates how much you plan to sell in a certain period. The Sandler method lets you calculate this accurately since your representatives don’t have to doubt whether a lead is interested in your product. You can access a list of high-intent buyers interested in your product or service thanks to dialing methods.

Moreover, thanks to dialer dashboard features, reps can take notes while on a call with prospects and re-visit these when working on a pitch. This should give them a better idea of who will convert and who won’t.


The Sandler Selling System is a beneficial sales methodology focused on reducing effort and costs regarding your sales processes. You can further enhance this methodology by using LeadsRain’s sales dialer software. The main ones that seem to be of the most help are the predictive and power dialers. To know more about how LeadsRain can help you intensify your productivity by implementing Sandler selling system with our outbound call center software, connect with us at support@leadsrain.com or schedule your appointment now with our experts.