How Text Messages can be a Game-Changer in Political Campaign?

How Text Messages can be a Game-Changer in Political Campaign

Political campaigns are not one-hit wonders, you have to keep up the momentum. Right from fundraising to GOTV, you need to get it right, every single time. So how do you make sure you get it right every single time? By engaging your voters and involving them in the campaign.

One way to engage audiences at large is by using Text Message Marketing. Text Messages are a tool that campaign managers across the partisan divide bank on. The efficiency and reach offered by Rich Text Messaging are unmatched, especially when you can leverage it at every stage!

We have compiled 5 verticals where text messaging is the booster you need.

Sending Updates

Information is surprisingly a big barrier in the information world. It seems quite paradoxical when you are bombarded with information dusk to dawn.

But do you know, a whopping 37% of supporters did not attend a rally or a meet because they did not have relevant info!

Furthermore half of them said they would have attended the rally if they had more information.

Hence, sending text updates regularly to your voters and team is crucial for your campaigns.

A simple text shown below is all the difference between a good and bad turnout.

Sending Updates Text Messaging POlitical Campaign

Better Insights

Most signups are either through events or via text prompts on a shortcode. To ensure you have maximum signups you reduce the barrier and ask only for their name and number. But that doesn’t have to be all! You can have autoresponders that ask for zip code, age group, and many more relevant demographics to have a better and targeted campaign. Also, save money in doing so!

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One of our clients in 2016 leveraged this feature to have accurate voter insight to increase campaign efficiency and reduce cost. Here’s what he did.

1. Had volunteers ask for signups at events with a value proposition of “we will keep you in the loop”
( Seems simple, but boy where we surprised with the response!!)

2. Sent this brilliant text.

We heard from you! We will make sure you get all the updates! Revert with the below-mentioned info to get customized updates.

Better Insights Political Campaign text message

Run opinion polls

RTM offers a quick one-stop solution to conduct large area-wide micro polls. It is quite easy too! All you need to do is set up a campaign with presets.

Here’s a quick look at one of the polls for the 2016 elections.

Run opinion polls for Political Campaign

Manage events

Another political vertical where Rich Text Messaging drops perform well is at managing rallies and events. Although a bit volunteer heavy, real-time communication with RTM is an excellent way to engage voters before pitching in high investment tasks like joining rallies. Real-time human to human conversation builds rapport and goes a long way in reducing the chances of saying no.

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Realtime volunteers are also great at handling a large crowd and coordinating with them. with our cloud-based text messaging platform you can set up camp anywhere or operate on the go. it can also act as a primary information distribution channel where a single person can easily contact hundreds of volunteers at the same time.


This is the point you have been working towards. the D day. Voter turnout plays a crucial role and hence this is the time where you go all in. The pace of your campaign increases and so do the stakes. Rich Text Message here plays a major role too. There is minimal canvassing on the final day, the idea is to have voters turn up at the ballot. It is understood that the lead base is already convinced. That’s not all, Here are three reasons why text messaging works great for your GOTV efforts.

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Easy Scaling

When you are going all out, your tools need to do the same. With bulk, Text Messaging drops you can easily scale up to match that surge. What’s more, it is just as easy to scale down, meaning you can treat every event just as same as GOTV.


RTM is completely hands-off after you have set-up your campaign. it is easy for one single person to manage the complete campaign with thousands of leads easily. Focus on other important stuff on your D day, we got you covered here.

(A word of caution, automated political messages are regulated under the same rules that apply to robocalling, consent of the receiver is a must. it is also advisable to look up local laws pertaining all the services or tools you may use )

Manage your political campaigns with LeadsRain’s text messaging platform

Easy registration campaign

Not all states allow on the spot registrations and hence registration drives also take up space leading to the D day. The idea is to get registrations from neighbourhoods that may think like you or to represent underrepresented segments.

Text message here helps float registration forms easily and also makes it easier to fil out virtual forms. Some campaign managers have even exclusively registered voters via text.


Text Message marketing is great for your political campaign. It is versatile and can be used at every stage with sharp results.

If you are looking for a text messaging platform, do check out our RTM platform by signing up here. We specialize in outreach and follow up automation, to know more about our political campaign services contact 844-ON-CLOUD.