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Cross Channel Follow-up Automation

Product Summary

Owing to the growing need of our consumers, LeadsRain has designed an automated follow-up platform that gives you a voice that your customers wants to hear. Our platform allows you to micromanage your outreach and follow-up without any heavy lifting on your part.

With intuitive UI and robust backend processes, LeadsRain's follow-up automation enables you to design smart follow-up strategies and ensure flawless AI-based execution with zero grunt work on your part.

Our multi-channel follow-up automation also incorporates top voice and text channels with plans to add new channels in subsequent iterations.

Stay tuned and be part of the only follow-up platform that grows with you. It's time for lead generation to evolve to the next phase of automation.


Core Features

Cross-Channel Follow-up Automation with using SMS and Call.

Purchase Nation-wide Local & Toll-free Phone Numbers

Purchase nationwide local and toll-free number

Buy any long or short ID number directly from the platform. Use hyper-local numbers for stronger local presence.

Manage Local Caller ID

Manage local ID

Assign area wise local IDs to all your uploaded leads throughout your campaign to cater to diverse leads.

Upload and Scrub Mobile Numbers

Upload and scrub mobile numbers

Our inbuilt scrubber allows you to quickly scan your uploaded leads to scrub off landline numbers and limit your outreach only to mobile devices.

Lead posting API

Lead posting API

Our lead posting API now gives you greater control over the import and export of leads directly from your existing CRMs.

Timezone wise campaign management

Follow the sun dialing

Create your schedule and let our platform worry about implementation in 5 different zones. Give the best experience to every lead throughout the county.

Workflow validation

Workflow validation

Make the most out of our data, with our workflow validation, get a fair idea of what will work and what won't. Even before you run your campaign.

Send call / sms request based on Workflow

Workflow based Call/SMS request

Execute Custom Calls And Sms As Defined By Your Workflow.

Manage After-hours Responses

Manage after-hours response

Our platform comes equipped with an autoresponder and voicemail set up to cater to your leads even when you are not online.

External API integration like CRM/API/Enterprise Platform

API integration with all CRM

Add another feather without replacing your hat. Our API integrates with all the leading existing CRM to ensure there is no choice between quality and convenience.

Design follow-up strategy with outbound / Inbound call and sms

Design blended multi-channel follow-up strategy

Create complex follow-up routines that convert use SMS, call and many other channels in a single follow-up strategy to make the most tailored outreach.

Leads Segmentation

Lead segmentation

Enjoy clear segmentation of your leads based on the response, lead life cycle, and many other custom filters of your choice to ensure a highly targeted campaign.

Dynamic List Filter with SQL query builder

Dynamic list filter with SQL query builder

Create custom queries using our wizard to filter in leads that match your criteria from your uploaded leads. Now you can precisely target the segment of your choice with our easy to use query builder.

Live report on flow-chart

Live report on flow-chart

Monitor Your Campaign In Real-time With Our Live Report Flow Chart. This Live Visual Aid Allows You To Zoom Into Your Campaign At Any Point And Observe Your Campaign Execution.

A/B Testing with SMS template or Prompt file

A/B Testing with SMS template or Prompt file

Use Smart Inbuilt A/B Testing Feature To Automatically Find Out The Best Performing Sms Template Or Prompt File To Always Put Your Best Foot Forward.

DNC or Opt-out contacts

DNC or Opt-out contacts

Our Inbuilt Tools Allow You To Easily Run Leads Through Known Dnc Lists To Scrub Out Dnc Numbers & Take Care Of Opt-out Leads.

Customer Status or Lead Disposition

Customer Status or Lead Disposition

Now You Will Be Able To Monitor A Single Lead To Check For Status Updates And Manually Update And Customize The Status Of Individual Leads At Every Stage.

Lists Performance or Campaign performance report

Campaign and list wise performance report

View detailed reports on individual campaigns & lists. Get reports on all key factors and tracked parameters to gauge the impact of the campaign at every stage.

Channels like SMS, call Performance report

Performance report for all channels

Keep track of your performance for each individual channel used in your campaign with insightful reports tailored to highlight data unique to the channel.

Detain insight dashboard

Detail insight dashboard

Your dashboard will now hold a treasure trove of data presented to you in a consumable visual format. Get detailed insights into your reports right on your dashboard in forms of charts, tables, and graphs.

Billing transaction management

Billing transaction management

Manage and track all your billing transactions directly in your login. Our platform even allows you to now easily top up or make payments without leaving the platform.

Pay Per use

Pay Per Use Pricing

We believe in providing the best value for our clients. Providing value depends largely on the transparency of exactly what you are paying for. Our pay per use pricing model allows you greater control over your spending, keeps you agile, and flexible for the highs and lows of the market.

We strive to empower our clients and give them way out from bloated subscription models by providing a fair price for all the services used.

Follow-up Automation

Why We Developed Follow-up Automation

Find your happy balance

Marketers often overstay their welcome by overextending their reach, at the same time they are equally likely to drop a lead after a bare minimum follow-up. This haphazard outreach is a breeding ground for mishaps and dropped leads. Smarter outreach allows you to

  • Find a healthy balance in your follow-ups.
  • Have planned follow-ups.
  • Systematically nurture your leads.
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Avoid hyper reliance on a single channel

Why put all your eggs in one basket and handicap yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of a single channel. With multi-channel follow-up automation you can now

  • Play to strengths of multiple channels.
  • Minimize the risks presented by individual channels.
  • Cater dynamic audience with versatile channels.
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Create smarter flows with crisp execution.

Achieve the most complex goals with thought out strategies you know will be executed exactly the way you want.

  • Create a fail-proof strategy.
  • Have an automated execution.
  • Create goal-oriented processes.
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Understand lead life cycle and nurture accordingly

Every stage of sales funnel demands a different approach and so do the leads at that stage. Automation platforms allow you to segment leads and address their individual needs. The benefits of lead segmentation include.

  • Meet individual needs of leads.
  • Efficient lead segmentation.
  • Ensure timely follow-up at every stage of the lead life cycle.
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Product Development Time-Line

Marketing Automation Development

Future Scope

Once the core functionalities are beta tested and perform satisfactorily across live campaigns new modules will be added to the core. This second phase of development will focus on improving ease of use, more nuanced strategy creation, and incorporating additional channels like e-mail, push notification, and retargeting display ads.

Once all the channels are successfully incorporated the final stage of development will focus on strengthening cross channel bindings and implementation of AI models to help maximize the campaign result. The AI aims to augment campaign decision making by providing insights on three core verticals, strategy suggestion, campaign time, and improved touch-to-sale ratio.

Follow-up Automation Product Development

About LeadsRain

Established in 2009, LeadsRain is the brainchild of our founder and CEO Jay Thakkar. Since its inception, LeadsRain has strived to provide end to end communication and lead generation service to our clients.

Catering to direct marketing clientele worldwide, LeadsRain has carved a niche in voice broadcast, Rich Text Messaging, Ringless Voicemail, and Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer.

Our belief in seeing our customers as growth partners has earned us the title of industry favourite. Come join us for our shared growth. We believe in our mutual potential. Do you?

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